Sunday, October 27, 2019

waterfront developer friendly Florida Fish & Wildlife Capt. David DiPrie shoots Key West houseboater several times after he posted on Facebook and told Fish & Wildlife headquarters in Tallahassee that he would kill himself if Fish & Wildlife in Key West didn't stop trying to take his home away from him

Arnaud and Naja Girard, publishers of Key West the Newspaper, dropped yet another nuke on paradise pretend yesterday, which I kinda doubt is winning Oscars nominations from Florida Fish & Wildlife. 

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Below the video are various juicy reader comments.

Not in the video is Fish & Wildlife is prosecuting Arnaud Girard for a derelict vessel, which is no more derelict than your automobile sitting unattended on public land. Arnaud is challenging the definition of derelict vessel in a state court declaratory action lawsuit he filed pro se in circuit court, in Key West. Formerly a lawyer in France, Arnaud does not practice law in America and cannot legally represent other people. Yet, the outcome of his declaratory action will affect every liveaboard boater in the Florida Keys. 

Here is my comment under the video at the blue paper website. 

Sloan Bashinsky
When I spoke on the phone this morning with a homeless woman friend in Key West, she said she was unable to sleep last night, because she felt the presence of enormous Evil around her and all over Key West. She thought some of it had to do with Fantasy Fest, but it seemed much larger.

I reminded her of the Tree House murder-by-stabbing case recently broken by the blue paper, in which the Monroe County Sheriff Department, the Monroe County State Attorney Office, and the state court circuit judge presiding over the case are prosecuting a right-handed homeless man, even though they know the stabber was left-handed.

I told her that I had dreamed last night of Pritam Singh, a mega-real estate developer in Key West and the Florida Keys, and of the new blue paper video, “FWL Captain (David DiPrie) shoots live aboard boater”, and that it has been my impression that F&W has been in cahoots with local real estate developers. My friend only has a flip phone, so I told her to try to find someone with a smart phone, type in and bring up the video and watch it.

This being Sunday, it wouldn’t surprise me if Florida Fish & Wildlife Capt. David DiPrie and other state F & W officers in the Florida Keys, attended church today, and they actually believe what they do to live aboard boaters, who are not docked at and pay rent to city or county-owned marinas, is God’s work, blessed by their homeless savior, Jesus, who is reported in the Gospels to have said, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

It also won’t surprise me if the unarmed live aboard boater DiPrie shot 4 times, does not turn the other cheek, but sues DePrie and F & W for enough money to buy a nice yacht and pay its crew for many years, and DePrie and F & W swear on a stack of Bibles that DePrie either acted in self-defense, or he was trying to stop the live aboard boater from killing himself, because he was been terrorized by F & W.

Twice before, the blue paper busted DiPrie. As did I, to State Attorney Dennis Ward.

The first bust came after DePrie starred in a video produced by the Bernstein family, who claimed to own Wisteria Island, which the blue paper challenged by convincing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that the U.S. Government owned Wisteria, which dispute ended up in federal court and BLM prevailed, so far.

However, that future was not known when DiPrie starred in the video promoting the Bernsteins being allowed to turn Wisteria Island into Sunset Key Deux. When I told State Attorney Dennis Ward about the video, Ward said DiPrie ought not to have done that. Later, Ward told me he spoke to DiPrie, or with DiPrie’s superior officer about it, and DiPrie was admonished not to do anything like that again.

The second bust came after DePrie doctored a Wisteria Island trespass arrest, by including in the case file a no-trespassing sign from the other side of the island, to prove the accused knew he could not be in the island. The accused’s defense was there was no no-trespassing sign on the side of the island where he landed his boat. Florida law required a trespassing sign to be there, and he did not know he could not be there.

When I spoke with Ward, his chief prosecutor, Mark Wilson, and DiPrie about that on the telephone, with the three of them in Ward’s office, in Key West, DiPrie said the no-trespassing sign photo in the case file was was a scrivener’s error, he did not mean to put it in the file. I said I didn’t believe him. Ward said he believed DiPrie. I told Ward he should prosecute DePrie for evidence tampering. Ward said he believed DiPrie.

As for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the blue paper proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in the Charles Emiers murder in Key West Police Department custody case, that FDLE’s mission is to protect wayward law enforcement officer, including wayward KWPD and FDLE officers. The blue paper also proved beyond a shadow of the doubt than the State Attorney Office, Dennis Ward was not the State Attorney then, was no different from FDLE in the Charles Eimers case.

As for Fantasy Fest, the most evil thing, by far, I ever saw going on there, was religious fanatics shouting and waving posters saying everyone else there would die and burn in hell forever. Key West police officers nearby allowed the fanatics to spew their hatred, but prevented anyone from speaking their minds back to the fanatics.


  1. Monroe County sure is "special" in the amount of corruption that is allowed. Dennis ward is going to be a busy man explaining things moving forward. I bet it would not take much investigation to find yet another time the police/sheriff's department and State Attorney's office are engaged in straight up criminal activity.

    Id like to mention, wrt the Treehouse Murder. It is not just that they are prosecuting a right handed man for a left handed murder, but they are prosecuting a right handed man that was not even at the scene of the crime. Mr. Tucker also got jammed up with the whole "abandoned vessel" BS leaving him "homeless."

    The extent MCSO and the State Attorney's office have colluded in framing Mr. Tucker is staggering. It's time Dennis Ward does the right thing in this case - or the whole house of cards is going to tumble right on top of him.

    I do not know how deep the corruption goes, but it has to end somewhere.

    1. I agree with you. I keep hitting on the stabber was left-handed and Ty is right-handed, because those are empirical facts. Where Ty was when it happened is his testimony alone, unless someone else was there with him. I can imagine attempts will be made by sheriff personnel to pin something on Ty as part of destroying a huge lawsuit he seems to have against the Sheriff Department and State Attorney Office, to force Ty to sign a release of claims against those two agencies and all charges against him dropped and he gets out jail. It can imagine Ty is not safe in the Sheriff's jail on Stock Island, or any other Sheriff jail in the Florida Keys. The Keys are famous for people disappearing and never being heard of or from again.