Wednesday, October 9, 2019

life review for all, in Key West and elsewhere

Monroe County (Florida Keys) State Attorney Dennis Ward emailed me about the Kari Dangler and his office’s part of yesterday’s select Key West karma lessons post at this blog:
I don’t prosecute city ordinance violations. Tell your friend to learn the facts before engaging.

I replied:
That’s on me, Dennis. This time, Kari was arrested under the city camping ordinance, which is selectively enforced against homeless people. My friend said nothing about SAO, which prosecuted Kari a number of times for trespass, while other homeless people nearby were not arrested by city police.

Dennis responded:
         Hopefully, the next time the prosecutor will look into it.

I replied:
Hopefully, you will see to it that the prosecutor looks into it.

Kari has told me several times, that when people put money into her commissary account after she’s been jailed again, the jail takes $20 right off the top, and $1 a day thereafter. This practice causes inmates to spend everything they receive in their commissary as fast as possible, even though they have no safe place to store it so that it is not pilfered by other inmates.

I wonder if Key West police would arrest and jail homeless people for camping, trespass, open container, all of which are selectively enforced only against homeless people, if the sheriff charged the city for the homeless inmates’ room, board, infirmary, meds, etc.?

Text from Key West friend, about whom Dennis Ward wrote to me, re the day before's the razor's edge living, politics and 2020 hurricane season in Key West post at this blog:

It’s very unfortunate that Jim Hendrick didn’t use his intellectual brilliance to serve the greater good of the community instead of special interests.

With respect to Kari and Hurricane Irma, I think many people attribute our good look to the Grotto.

I texted back:
Where the soup kitchen was until a priest and the good Samaritan parishioners caused it to be moved away from the church of their beloved mother of their beloved homeless savior.

My Key West friend texted after reading yesterday’s select Key West karma lessons post at my blog:
Hi, Sloan, I just finished reading your latest post on your blog. I suspect that what you wrote about Jim is not what his widow, and Todd, for that matter, had in mind when you were asked to write something about Jim after his passing.

I texted back:
I told Todd I didn’t want to write anything. He insisted. I said I’d had different experiences with Jim than other people in his circle. And, I was glad for Jim that he had crossed over, because he was really suffering, which seemed so in Gloria Reiser’s dream about Jim, which I published.

I texted my Key West friend this morning:
However, after I replied to your text yesterday, Young Prophet called and reported a dream he had yesterday afternoon, not knowing of my blog post yesterday morning. In the dream, Jim came to YP’s home and they had a conversation in which Jim said, I’m summarizing, he either has to deal with his actions in heaven, or down below in the other place, and he is not happy with either option. I think I recall Jim did 5,000 hours of community service as condition of his federal probation, and it really helped the local community. But would he have done it without the federal prosecution?

Gloria Resier’s report of her dream shortly after Jim died:
All good points. Though WAIT.... remember last weekend when you had mentioned Jim in texts to me. And I then texted you my experience early morning on August 25? See copy below:
I was slipping back into sleep and a man came to me with a message immediately. I have not met Jim nor seen photo of him that I recall. But feel certain it was him. Communication was telepathic. Big globs of info conveyed in a package. Once package of info translated in my mind into words then more info sent. See next text. Don't want to lose any of this
Part 2. He was trying to explain that he is attempting to communicate with you directly. To let you know that he was in and out between this world and other worlds and spirit before "officially leaving life" perspective broadens immediately when physical body finally shed. See next text
Part 3. Not to worry about him. He has much to do to resolve karma (not the word used but translates to karma in larger sense) but understanding is so clear now. He is resting in preparation for that work. See next text
Part 4. There was the essence of a female form traveling with him. She seemed to be an ancestor like a grandmother or great grandmother though her appearance was that of younger than him. Her energy very soothing. I'm losing bits and pieces of this experience even as I write it. I remember he expressed he will continue to attempt to communicate with you directly so you can hear it from him. See next text
Part 5. Sloan this is my take away from the experience. He is amazed at hugely heightened awareness after leaving earth form and is processing not only surprise and wonder of that but also the meaning, learning and interplay of energies comprising his life as Jim.

The above are direct copy pastes from texts sent you on August 25 between 7:25 am and 7:39 am. I had been unable to fall asleep until after 3:30 am for some reason. Then a sound woke me around 6:30 am. I was attempting to return to sleep for hopefully a couple more hours when in slipping toward sleep the experience reported above took place.

Young Prophet’s report of his Jim Hendrick dream yesterday afternoon, October 8, 2019:

I have an old Komatsu D20-PL6 as well as 1964 International TD-340. They sit near an Indian mount. I followed a crow as it was flying, and I saw a man in a business suit sitting on the Indian mount.

An old fellow with a comb-over hairstyle, mostly if not all grey, was sitting there. I said hello and asked him what his business was.

He said that the farm was a nice piece of property. I told him I agreed.

I asked him who he was, "Jim Hendrick".

I asked him what he was doing. "Admiring this piece of property and waiting for the man to come around."

I asked him if he was related to locals, and he said no, he was from further south, he was up from Key West way.

It hit me who he was, so I asked him, why he was around. He said he had vexing business up there, pointing to the sky, or some things to fess up to and he then pointed down. Not to the ground. He pointed down.

So I said "And you've got nothing better to do than give me a visit?"

He said he was just admiring the property and it was just a shame- it'd make a nice development. Nice place to raise a family. What would I do with it?

I told him I'd see every tree replanted, that had been cut. I told him that if every acre was mine to do with, I'd see it all replanted in hardwoods.

He said "Huh"

I asked him what his plans were? He said, "I got business above and below, and if I'm not bothering you here, I reckon I'll admire the view. It's nice this time of year."

I asked him: "You know the man will be around eventually."

He nodded yes, and he had "basset hound eyes" when he nodded, with tears in those eyes.

I said, "Be better to face it one way or another and just be done with it, right?"

He stroked the grass, avoided my gaze and said, "I'd just as soon not face it head on right now."

I said "I'll leave you be. I wasn't quite where I thought I was" - down at the gate into my family's land, to see if any real estate agents or developers were trespassing, which they do.

He kept stroking the fescue and I wandered off. I saw a red tail hawk in a distance, and he drew my attention away. Next thing I knew, I was awake and aware.

(Young Prophet said, before the dream, he did not know what Jim looked like. I said Jim did have basset hound eyes. The angels who boss me around impressed on me many times that all people do a life review in heaven, to the extent they did not do it before they died. YP's and my life reviews have been intense. I think I recall Jim Hendrick did 5,000 hours of community service, as a condition of his federal probation. Perhaps that mitigates his situation in the afterlife? Perhaps that guides him to do public service in his next life?)

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