Tuesday, October 22, 2019

how about prosecuting the prosecutors in the murder prosecution of a Key West homeless man it appears was framed by the legal justice system

Reader comments to yesterday's the investigators under investigation in Key West murder case post at this blog:

If you had studied in law school learned somthing you would no it matters not a rats ass who stabbed matt. Matt was stabbed and killed in commission of a felony. Under felony murder law ALL PARTYS are equally guilty and subject to capital sentence. waste of ink time and for no reason except to paint leos in bad light. more muckraking yellow journalism.
  1. That is correct. All parties equally guilty. Can't help but wonder if that's why so many sheriff personnel attended Ty Tucker's status hearing before Judge Mark Jones? They are worried what might happen, if Judge Jones or a jury decide Ty was framed? What that will uncork?

    It appears in the blue paper article that the stabbing was done by a right-handed person. It ain't beyond my imagination, even if I didn't go to law school and practice law, to wonder if it was convenient to pin it on Ty, since he was homeless and who gave a shit about homeless people?

    Well, lookee, lookee how that turned out? A very rich mainland lady, who once had known Ty, got wind of it and hired a team of real lawyers and investigators.

    The same Horan law firm once was hired by Charles Eimers' children to do about the same to KWPD in a federal court lawsuit after several KWPD offices killed their father on a city beach and then the blue paper blew that cover up wide open. The city commission gave the Eimers family $900,000, after hollering all along their cops did nothing wrong. At a city commission meeting, I told the mayor and commissioners not to do it, they were throwing those cops under a bus. They did it, because their lawyers had told them, if they didn’t pay that settlement, which the city’s $1,000,000 liability insurance covered, a jury might award much higher damages, which the city’s insurance would not cover.

    The KWPD cops thought Eimers was homeless, living in his vehicle. Actually, he had retired and just arrived in Key West to check it out as a place to live.

    I heard the Horan law firm represents a Key West live-aboard boater, who, unarmed, was shot several times in the stomach on a friend's boat by a Florida Fish & Wildlife officer, after the live-aboard had gone to F & W headquarters in Tallahassee and threatened to kill himself if Key West area F & W did not stop trying to prevent him from living on his boat, his only home.

    Looks to me the common underlying theme is local law enforcement, in cahoots with the county and city governments, committing atrocities against citizens who do not pay rent.

    I don't have to drag in the homeless guy, Jesus, and Key West claiming its official philosophy is "One Human Family", to say this all Looks to me like a heap big flock of homeless karma chickens coming home to roost, and maybe that’s just the front wave.
  2. With all due respect, if a person being accused of stabbing was not at the crime scene, how could they be accused of felony murder. Ty was not at the scene of the crime. He was home asleep.
  3. Tyrone was not at the scene of the crime. He was home sleeping. An eye witness saw "the white suspect" leave the crime scene and says with 100% certainty it was not Ty. There is no evidence of Ty's involvement. DNA ties Rory Wilson to Paula and Matt Bonnett. Ty's name did not ever come up until three days later when he was seen at Metro PCS, with Rory Wilson, paying his phone bill. I've been trying to figure out WHY they are framing Ty since he was arrested. They have the two suspects who did the crime - Rory Wilson and Travis Johnson. Why they brought Ty into this and continue to prosecute him is beyond me - and is truly sickening.
  4. For more details about the crime and the investigation check out: https://freefranklintucker.com/crime
  5. Thanks, LJ. So far, I watched the officer's cam video through the 15-minute mark, past Paula being at the ambulance. Then, I read all of the narratives in "Free Franklin Tucker". Based what I saw in the video and the narratives, this former Alabama practicing attorney, who, before practicing law, clerked for a U.S. District Judge in Birmingham, who presided over every federal criminal prosecution in north Alabama, wonders if Ty's defense counsel filed a motion for Circuit Court Judge Mark Jones to recuse himself, and a motion for a circuit judge to be brought in from the mainland to preside over Ty's case and set a reasonable bail? And, a motion for the Monroe County State Attorney Office to be removed from the case and a special prosecutor from the mainland appointed by the Florida Governor, to investigate Ty's case anew and decide whether or not to prosecute or file a motion to dismiss? If such motions were not filed by Ty's defense counsel, I wonder why not?
  6. Also, have you talked with the FBI and/or the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida about investigating Ty's case? You also might wish to ask the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee to the Florida Supreme Court to investigate. https://www.floridasupremecourt.org/Opinions/Judicial-Ethics-Advisory-Committee
  7. As for Ty being home asleep, that is what he says, which is evidence the prosecution has to overcome. As for where Ty slept nights during that time, I understand it was in a warehouse owned by another local circuit judge. Did Ty have permission to do that? Was Ty paying or providing services to the landlord in lieu of rent? I understand from Arnaud Girard, who wrote the blue paper article about Ty's case and is a good friend of mine, that Ty is homeless. I can tell you for a fact that homeless people in Key West and on the county side of Stock Island do not enjoy the same treatment by the local criminal justice system that people who own or rent their homes enjoy.

    I don't know if the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in Ty's case will ever been seen in a Key West courtroom, because I can imagine that truth is far more awful than the local criminal justice system and mainstream Key West can tolerate. That's why I think the local justice system needs to be replaced in Ty's case, and investigated by justice systems having no ties to Key West and the Florida Keys.


  1. I know everybody involved if I had to bet my life on it I would bet Rory Did the Stabbing and TY cooked up the plan. He had been running streets with rory for several weeks. Give me a break. I had actually told a case worker and co worker ince that Rory was gonna kill someone so it does not surprise me in the least. I would be looking into rorys prego gf whereabouts if I was Dennis ward, She is no shrinking violet either.

  2. Interesting comment, "Mud Dawg". Looks to me you accused Ty of murder with your eyes wide open. If Ty wasn't homeless, that would be viewed a libel, per se. Looks to me you bet your life, and your soul, that Ty cooked up the murder plan.

    Since you say you know everyone involved, that causes me to think you should be questioned by law enforcement authorities that have nothing to do with Key West or the Florida Keys. Say, the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

    If I were Dennis Ward, I already would have asked the Feds to take over the investigation, including investigating the Monroe County Sheriff Department and my prosecutor, Coleen Dunn. I also already would have asked the Florida Governor to appoint a special prosecutor from the mainland to replace my office as the prosecutor. I also already would have asked the Advisory Committee to the Florida Supreme Court to investigate and recommend a circuit judge from outside the Florida Keys be assigned to preside over the prosecution henceforth.

  3. @kdawg68 - If you know Ty, you would know that he was making money and had no reason to rob anyone. You would also know that he was not a crackhead or a violent person. All evidence points to Rory and Rory was with Travis Johnson that night. Not Ty.

  4. @sloan, As of now, ASA Colleen Dunne has been removed from the case as has Captain Penny Phelps. Two days after Colleen was removed, Ty was offered a bond deal from the state - something we have been fighting for for 1.5 years. The whole situation is being investigated. Hopefully with the bad seeds out of the way truth and justice will prevail.

    1. Based on what I read at Key West the Newspaper and https://freefranklintucker.com/crime, Ty's case should be dismissed by the Monroe County State Attorney, Ty has a mega-civil rights damage lawsuit in federal court against the Monroe County Sheriff and State Attorney Offices, the Florida governor should appoint a mainland State Attorney to criminally prosecute Phelps and Dunne, and the Florida Bar should disbar Dunne.