Thursday, September 5, 2019

another Jesus rebellion would change everything and bring Christendom back to the future :-)

Wayne Lewis again served as a proxy for Christian fundamentalists on Planet Earth, which humanity is destroying, along with itself. Perhaps what is needed is yet another Jesus rebellion, but this time it happens to everyone, which would change everything and bring Christendom back to the future.. 
  • Wayne Lewis He was no Prophet of God

    • Sloan Bashinsky Says who, you? I'd love to hear of your encounters with angels of the Lord.
    • Wayne Lewis Buddha is not God therefore he is not a prophet of the only one true living God
    • Sloan Bashinsky Buddha said he was not a god, but was merely a man, and a teacher greater than he would come, or, that is what I read somewhere and Buddhists I knew said they had heard/seen the same. I still look forward to you sharing your direct experiences with Jesus and/or angels of the Lord, as opposed to you rote-reciting passages from a book that did not exist when Jesus walked and taught in Palestine, as if that book itself is God, when John wrote that the Word was Jesus and God, not a book. Meanwhile, if Buddha did predict the coming of a teacher greater than he, and Jesus then came, that looks to me like Buddha indeed was a prophet of God.

    • Sloan Bashinsky My homeless girlfriend called me at 3:30 a.m. this morning, to report yet another prophetic dream. In my spirit code, 3 is the number for the Holy Spirit. The timing was no accident. In her dream, she saw a whole lot of protesters carrying posters saying "Stop the hate," and then the protesters were swarmed by brutal police. I said thought the dream might herald what is coming to America because Donald Trump is president. He fosters a lot of hatred.

      A few nights ago, I dreamed I was at the southern border of Texas, looking up at America, wondering what I was doing there? Wasn't long before I read online news that President Trump had diverted $3.6 billion from domestic and overseas military construction funding to pay for segments of his border wall. He didn't divert funding for America's losing rich white men's corporate for profit wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which never should have been started.

      I wonder how it would have gone if Jesus had been president, instead of chicken hawks Daddy and Baby Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump? I bet the same would have happened to Jesus as happened to him in Palestine.

      All along I have agreed with Trump about the southern U.S. border needing to be secured. It's the only thing I have agreed he sized up correctly. But not his method. Nor his lies that Mexico would pay for the wall, which looks to me is what got him elected. What he should do is end America's foreign wars and bring home those troops and requisition other foreign and domestic American troops and station them all along the southern border, where they defend America from drug and illegal alien imports.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Jesus started a revolution in Palestine, which time and events and people watered down and turned into a religion that spends a great deal of time looking backward and praising itself, than at what is presently happening will affect the future of humanity, which seems determined to ignore Jesus, in the main, and to destroy the planet on which it is permitted to reside, for now. That's macro. Micro, is what is each person, Christian or not, doing and not doing, and how does that affect each person's standing with God? For what we do, or don't do, here today echoes in Eternity. If you, Wayne, are of the Christianity sect view that works have nothing to do with salvation, then you ignore how Jesus and his disciples lived. You ignore his brother James' letter, in which he wrote to ask him not about his faith, but look to his works and there see his faith. Without Jesus and his disciples works (Acts), there would be no Bible. There would be no Christianity.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I keep saying what is needed is yet another baptism in fire and spirit, but this time, it happens to every person on this planet, who has not already experienced it. That would change everything and bring Christendom back to the future.

Meanwhile, the most poetic moment in my relationship with Jim Hendrick requires going back to the beginning, when Jim told the county commissioners a special place in hell is reserved for developers who buy trailer parks and evict the tenants. Jim was representing a mega-real estate developer, who had bought a trailer park and then submitted an application to redevelop it for high-end residences. Jim convinced the commissioners that his client was not making the trailer park tenants leave, and that the development was grandfathered under a Florida statute, which had been repealed by the state legislature. (Eventually, all the trailer tenants would leave.)

As a registered Independent, by a 3/1 margin, I had recently lost my first county commission race to the Republican incumbent commissioner. My mantra during the race was: "No more new development, period, the end. The Florida Keys already are way over developed, and there is not a person living here who can look in a mirror and honestly argue otherwise." I introduced myself to Jim as he was leaving the commission meeting. He knew of me from the commission race. We exchanged email addresses. Our friendship began.

As time passed and things happened, I came to think the mega-developer was possessed by Lucifer, and I published that on my blogs a number of times. Then one day, Jim said he would prove to me that his client was not possessed by Lucifer. I invited Jim to put on his case. Jim said his client was the best salesman he ever met. He got people to look at what he wanted them to see, and not at what he didn't want them to see. I said, "That's how Lucifer sells. I rest my case.

Also at the poetry reading were Jim’s wife, Todd German, and Jim’s future wife, who one day would ask Todd to ask people who had known Jim to write about him. Be careful what you ask for?”

Jim said he and I would play a game of chess. I said it was not time for that, we were with people who didn’t care about chess. Jim insisted, I again tried to beg off. Jim insisted, got out his chess board, set up the pieces. I relented.

Jim said he was going to tell me his strategy as we played, and he still would beat me. That’s what happened, as he criticized my play. Jim said we would play another game, and the same would happen. I again said it was not the time for that, and he had proved his point. He insisted. I gave in. Same thing happened again, as Todd, Jim's wife and future wife watched on.

I viewed the chess games as Jim and Lucifer’s reaction to my inviting Jim to put on his case and my then saying he had proved his client was possessed by Lucifer.

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