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Sancho Panza said he would vote for Tulsi Gabbard, instead of Donald Trump, but the Democrats won't nominate Tulsi

Sancho Panza, a retired Lucent Technologies scientist and consultant, fluent in several languages, including Latin, responded to yesterday's post containing his and Don Quixote's multi-dimensional banter about Donald Trump allegedly pulling the American military out of Syria:

You often remark about Trump supporters being at list complicit if not equal to their President... I would ask the same for those who voted for Hillary Clinton and cried when she lost, including 99% of the MSM .... are they all the same as Hillary? In a recent interview Hillary attacked the person you voted for in 2016, Dr. Jill Stein and labeled her a Russian operative! She also labeled presidential hopeful,Tulsi Gabbard, the same, a Russian Operative... now, I might be cajoled into voting for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard if she was the Democratic Nominee, but that will never be and you very well know why that would never be... so in a way, you are complicit when you tacitly support the DNC, parrot the MSM propaganda, and refuse to call them out like Tulsi has done here in this video and in many other public forums! 

Don Q replied:

Shucks, I really like Tulsi, so far, and have ritually bonked Hillary and her devotees since 2016, which you certainly know from reading my blog posts. I think the Dem Party is still really fucked up, but I did like most of what I heard the Dem candidates say, except for Bidden, during early debates. I did not see later debates. 

Here's something recent re the Dems, Paula Heikens is a friend from when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. She lives in Vermont for quite a while and really likes Bernie Sanders.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is expected to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for president and join him at a rally on Saturday.

  • Sloan Bashinsky

    Sloan Bashinsky Hi, soul sister. Interesting, I dreamed before dawn of receiving a pony. I associate horses in my dreams with political candidates I fell back asleep and dreamed that I lined up with Sanders. After fixing breakfast I opened my laptop and looked at my Facebook page and found this from you at the very top. Now, I will read it and then get back to you.
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson

      Paula Heikens-Mathewson Good Morning <3
    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky And to you, Paula. OK, I read it. First, I think Sanders' recent heart attack will cost him votes, because some people fear he will die in office, if he is elected. However, if I had those two dreams, then I imagine The Powers That Be ain't fretting about that. I think Bernie would be wise to do what I recently suggested under a previous FB post of yours, that all the Dem candidates do. He should say now, who he would pick as his vice-president, from the other Dem candidates, and who he would pick as his Sec. State, from among the other Dem candidates, and whom he would pick as his Attorney General, Sec. Defense and other cabinet members, and Homeland Security Chief, and Ambassador to the UN from among the other Dem Candidates, and Marianne Williamson for White House Spiritual Advisor. I think Sanders' best choice for VP is Elizabeth Warren, who terrorizes Wall Street and Corp America and Big Pharm. Other picks. The lady prosecutor from California for Atty Gen. The lady combat vet from Hawaii for Sec. Def. The Mother Nature-loving Washington state governor for head of Environmental Protection Agency. The Texas U.S. congressman for head of Homeland Security. Bidden looks to me like a white Republican in Dem garb, and his son's dealings with Ukraine remind of Trump and his son-in-law's dealings with Russia and Ukraine. For that reason, I think Bernie should offer Bidden the National Security Adviser position. Such a coalition named in advance would best unite the entire Dem Party against a fractured Republican Party who don't, in the main, like Trump, but, in the main, back him because they very much put the Repub Party ahead of what is best for the American people and for America. I need to take care of other stuff now. Perhaps I'll be back later. Don Quizote, over and out.
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson

      Paula Heikens-Mathewson All sounds good to me. Any members of congress being considered also have to consider where they do the most good; voting on the floor and committees or an appointment. I'm not sure I would want Bernie jumping out of the senate. But Williamson really needs to be folded into the government somewhere. Would not even mind her for VP. Heading the Dept. of Peace!
    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps then, make Williamson Sec. State? I was wondering who might fit that job best among the Dem contenders. Yes, the Dems don't want to lose seats in Congress due to them taking cabinet positions. But then, If they lose the White House, again, because the Dem ticket was divisive, again, and the pres. candidate has plenty of dirty laundry, again?
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson

      Paula Heikens-Mathewson but but but … they won't! 🥺
      • Sloan Bashinsky

    • Sloan Bashinsky The Dems were positive in 2016 that they had it in the bag. They need to be a lot smarter this time. I can see Trump paint a Bernie ticket as socialism vs. American values. I think there has to be a really strong Dem coalition, which represents all but the very rich white and the ultra right Christians.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
      Sloan Bashinsky Meanwhile, I want to know if Bernie intends to end American troop involvement in foreign wars, totally, unless part of UN Peacekeeper Force? I think Trump did the right thing,pulling the few US Trumps out of "Kurdistan", but why didn't he already pull all US troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Is it because he still intends to try to monetize those countries natural resources for MID (military industrial complex).

Sancho Panza wrote:

I liked Sanders until I saw him embrace Hillary in 2016.... same for Warren.... just don't like career politicians, same for Lawyers or most Doctors, except for trauma surgeons, come to think of it.... I don't like people! Emoji Emoji Emoji

Don Q replied:

I had same sentiments about Sanders and Warren, who declared Hillary unfit to be president, but after she and the DNC dirty-tricked her getting the Dem nomination, Sanders and Warren, at different times, were on TV smiling and endorsing Hillary.

I thought Warren's chronic Native American lineage claims were beyond ridiculous and Trump will Pocahontas her silly if she is the Dem president candidate.

Based on what I saw in the Dem debates and read online later, my personal favorite candidates were Tulsi and the Washington state governor, who is on the planet's side and seems to know how to turn that into a money-making enterprise.

I can't imagine a worse president than Trump, except perhaps Hillary. It appears The Powers That Be favor Bernie. I'll let you know if that changes.

If you don't like people, does that make you a champion for The Powers That Be terminating this strain of humanity, including yourself, and starting all over, again, including a new bible?

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