Saturday, October 26, 2019

More than you ever wanted to read about the Tree House murder community in Key West

Today's post recaps my and three Key Way West of Weird people's participation in the Key West the Newspaper Facebook page discussion of the much stranger than fiction Tree House murder. The blue paper is well known for rocking the establishment boat. 

I don't think I know the commenter Sean Hynes. Lauren Jenai is the mainland friend of the Key West homeless man, Tyrone Franklin Tucker, "Ty", being prosecuted for murder, despite evidence he was not the stabber, because he is right-handed and the stabber was determined to be left-handed. The reader comments won't make much sense, unless the blue paper article is read first. 

Here's a link to the article:

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TREE HOUSE MURDER: The Investigators Under Investigation Oct 192019   Captain Penny Phelps interviews Rory Wilson, Nov 22, 2017 by Arnaud Girard… For two years Ty Tucker has claimed he’s being framed. He’s accused of stabbing Matthew Bonnett to death one night in November of 2017. It’s a Ke...
  • Sloan Bashinsky Not to worry, brave soul, if you didn't investigate and report this saga, maybe you would be in dutch with God? Besides, the blue paper has a l-o-n-g history of rocking the local law enforcement boat, And, criminal cases are debated in the local, state and national media ongoing. I debated criminal cases in Key West, Florida Keys, and mainland on my blogs ongoing.

    A friend sent me this parallel dimension criminal trial in which the judge herself ended up being tried by the accused, and she finally left the courtroom and the defendant walked out a free man, as he had claimed all along he was.

  • Sloan Bashinsky I heard a number of times when I lived in Key West that Colleen Dunne was a heartless prosecutor, she tried to get the maximum sentence for every person she prosecuted.

    Now here is something else.

    If Paula Belmonte is the skinny short redish-hair Paula I have known since 2001, or a little later ... We met on the streets of Key West when I was homeless. I saw Paula often at the soup kitchen after it moved from St. Mary Star of the Sea on Truman Avenue out to the St. Mary's outpost on Flagler Avenue above Key West High School. I had many conversations with Paula over the years. I heard said she was a crack whore, which hurt my heart, because I only had good interactions with her.

    That personal history aside, if Paula Belmonte, in fact, was a crack dealer, it's not hard for me to wonder if local enforcement knew it and kept an eye on her and for crack, or whatever drug, she or the Tree House received and passed along. Received via offshore boats that run inshore to Stock Island or via motor vehicles that drive down from south Florida.

    Under that scenario, it's not hard to wonder if sheriff personnel were trying to catch bigger fish than Paula?

    Nor is it hard to wonder if some sheriff personnel were making money from drugs that came to Paula or the Tree House?

    I guess it would be too much of a stretch to wonder if Colleen Dunne has been in cahoots with any sheriff personnel involved the Tree House case? But then, if Colleen did, in fact, withhold important evidence in another case she prosecuted ,,, this Alabama lawyer who quit wonders if Colleen will be prosecuted? Perhaps a special prosecutor from the mainland, as I can't imagine the State Attorney Office prosecuting her. Too close to the bone.

    I got to thinking along those lines after pondering the prosecution's side of Judge Mark Jones' courtroom being stuffed with sheriff personnel in street clothes. Why? To try to intimidate Judge Jones? To try to impress on Judge Jones that Ty Tucker has to be sent to prison and executed, because some of them, or friends of some of them, or their snitches might get prosecuted, convicted, and sent to prison and executed, if Ty doesn't get sent to prison and executed?


    • Sean Hynes What were they going to rob Paula for? A Metro Pcs phone?
      All of the petty street level dealers she threw under the bus cannot make up for the man who lost his life because of her presence on the street, at the tree house, whatever.
      And from the looks of it, she's about to go ghost, watch.
      Because the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan in a big old way.
      Make a deal with the Devil, gotta pay the due eventually. Bad news all the timd5

    • Lauren Jenai Sloan Bashinsky - you are on to something. And yes, Colleen Dunne is in cahoots with Penny Phelps and Matt Pitcher. This dynamic trio will be held accountable for the myriad of lies they have used to arrest and confine an innocent man for almost two years. It is sickening and terrifying that something like this can happen.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Sean Hynes Whatever your view of Paula Belmonte, the blue paper article is about what the local justice system has done and continues to do to Ty Tucker. You might wish to see the reader comments under a post at my blog, link below, and open the link in commenter LJ's comment and read the narratives provided by LJ, ,whom I think is Ty's mainland friend who hired the Horan law firm in Key West.

    • Sean Hynes Sloan Bashinsky True. Be it a judge, law enforcement officer, or prosecuting attorney; if that public official is operating outside of the law in any way, that constitutes a flawed and broken system. It's only logical to remove and replace the broken parts or components. It was only a matter of time before a chain of events like the " Tree house murder" with it's Causal agents and unforseen chain of events.
      Very simple: if the MCSO hadn't allowed her to run amok for favors, she would be in jail with the rest of them. But someone died due to the negligence. You see, Sloan, the cover-ups, the corruption, and all of the truly unethical practices have gone on for way too long. The dirty secrets are being exposed to the rest of the world, bubba. Why do you think Dunne is so hasty in attaining the conviction? Because given time, the players involved, as well as their harrowing deeds will be exposed.
    • Sean Hynes Sloan Bashinsky you do know what a Causal agent is, right. Let me type it out for you: if Paula hadn't ripped those dudes off, the fucking death would have never happened. Ty would not be facing the dilemma he is currently facing. Dunne would still be abusing her authority and it would be "business as usual" Its a fucked up situation from start to finish.
    • Sean Hynes Sloan Bashinsky what the "local justice system" did was cause the man's death as well as violate and interfere with an individuals right to plead his innocence.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Sean Hynes From all you wrote about this case, I could think you are in the thick of the neighborhood, community, citizens involved. As such, I could think you are an excellent witness, and you should go straight to the FBI office in the US Courthouse building on Simonton Street in Key West and, under oath, tell an FBI agent there everything you know. I also think you should file sworn complaints with the Governor of Florida and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement telling everything you know.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Sean Hynes And, if you watched the sheriff deputy's body cam video of the scene right after Paula Belmonte was stabbed in the neck and the man was stabbed and killed, see link provided by Lauren Jenai just below, you saw a thoroughly freaked out and traumatized Paula. At my blog, you can see Mike Tolbert's (kwdawg's) comments in the October 24, 2019 post, and his comment under that post and my reply, about Paula and all the people involved. Tolbert claims he knows them all. I told Tolbert the same I told you. Go to the authorities and tell them under oath what he knows.

      no country for shrinking violets: The Tree House murder prosecution in Key West

      no country for shrinking violets: The Tree House murder…
      no country for shrinking violets: The Tree House murder prosecution in Key West

  • Lauren Jenai For More detailed information about the case and the investigation, check out

    The Crime — Free Franklin Tucker
    The Crime — Free Franklin Tucker
    The Crime — Free Franklin Tucker
  • Sean Hynes A body turned-up just outside "frail old" Paula's tent in the mangroves at mm 5 (ramp) in 2008, too.
    But the man was poor and homeless, so no storybook ending for him. Died of a heart attack? Who you think supplied the rock, smoked it all up and then dragged the man's corpse outside next to the tent? Sure he would have appreciated a little dignity?
    I can name 3 people that sat in jail behind Paula's lies and tomfoolery after she robbed them? And then concocted some narrative complete with tears and award winning acting to boot. All roads lead to frail old Paula, and her "handlers" that allowed such an atrocity to go unchecked for so long- until an innocent man wound-up dead. Unacceptable.

  • Sean Hynes Karma. About time the cover-ups are exposed. Bye bye, Colleen; "Bon Voyage". keep digging, Blue paper. Keep digging. You will find Human rights violations, civil rights violations, and more un-ethical, illegitimate abuse of position and authority than you can shake a stick at. ⚖️

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    • Sean Hynes This is what happens when a person inhales mass quantities of burnt chore boy on a daily basis. They take on the look and texture of a dead, dried iguana.

    • Sean Hynes Lauren Jenai let the truth be told

Below are Mike Tolbert's comments under the how about prosecuting the prosecutors in the murder prosecution of a Key West homeless man it appears was framed by the legal justice system post at this blog:

  • I know everybody involved if I had to bet my life on it I would bet Rory Did the Stabbing and TY cooked up the plan. He had been running streets with rory for several weeks. Give me a break. I had actually told a case worker and co worker since that Rory was gonna kill someone so it does not surprise me in the least. I would be looking into rorys prego gf whereabouts if I was Dennis ward, She is no shrinking violet either.
  • Interesting comment, "Mud Dawg". Looks to me you accused Ty of murder with your eyes wide open. If Ty wasn't homeless, that would be viewed a libel, per se. Looks to me you bet your life, and your soul, that Ty cooked up the murder plan.

    Since you say you know everyone involved, that causes me to think you should be questioned by law enforcement authorities that have nothing to do with Key West or the Florida Keys. Say, the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

    If I were Dennis Ward, I already would have asked the Feds to take over the investigation, including investigating the Monroe County Sheriff Department and my prosecutor, Coleen Dunn. I also already would have asked the Florida Governor to appoint a special prosecutor from the mainland to replace my office as the prosecutor. I also already would have asked the Advisory Committee to the Florida Supreme Court to investigate and recommend a circuit judge from outside the Florida Keys be assigned to preside over the prosecution henceforth.

  • Below are Mike Tolbert's comments under the no country for shrinking violets: The Tree House murder prosecution in Key West post at this blog. The Tree House is located on the ocean (county) side of the key, which is patrolled by the Sheriff Department, the headquarters of which are on the city side of the island. Key West's homeless shelter, KOTS, is located on the the sheriff's land. 
    1. Your a Idiot I knew them all from KOTS TY was Homeless and worked for me after KOTS! TY cooked up a robbery plan Most likely Matt was only killed when he intervened And tried to protect Paula. Jesus Dude you are really out there. I am actually surprised I was not contacted by law enforcement since I did Run Kots while they all stayed there and employed both Johnson and TY. I would never work Rory because I was convinced he and his Wife were both dangerous people.
    2. Looks to me you should be sitting down with the Sheriff Department, the State Attorney Office, the FBI, etc., and, under oath, telling them what you wrote in your comments at this blog, and anything else you know about the people involved.


    1. Fuck you Sean were arrested HOW MANY times in Key West.
      Stealing from Publix to go trade items to drug dealers..Your beef with me comes from me not wanting to have sex with you ever during the five or so years you would be creeling around mi e and Mallys boat jerking yourself off while smoking crack

    2. And double Fuck You Sean
      .Paula didmt rip off anyone..All three arrested admit Anathea Clay is responsible

      1. I, Sloan Bashinsky, shared both of your comments under Sean Hynes' comment at the Key West the Newspaper FB page report on the Tree House murders, as follows:

        'Sean, I covered blue paper FB Tree House murders report and reader comments thread, including your and my comments, at my blog,

        Today at that blog post were two comments from "Unknown" directed to you. I don't know who made the comments, but she appears to know you. The older comment is on bottom, the the newer on top.'

        "And double Fuck You Sean .Paula didmt rip off anyone..All three arrested admit Anathea Clay is responsible on More than you ever wanted to read about the Tree House murder community in Key West
        at 11:02 AM"

        "Fuck you Sean were arrested HOW MANY times in Key West. Stealing from Publix to go trade items to drug dealers..Your beef with me comes from me not wanting to have sex with you ever during the five or so years you would be creeling around mi e and Mallys boat jerking yourself off while smoking crack on More than you ever wanted to read about the Tree House murder community in Key West
        at 10:56 AM"

      2. Unknown posted, "All three arrested admit Anathea Clay is responsible." - That is not true. Tyrone did not say Anathea was responsible. He does not even know Anathea. I do not believe that Travis said anything about Anathea being a part of this either. The people saying Anathea was involved are victims and witnesses and Rory Wilson does mention her as being involved in one of his many varying statements.