Friday, October 18, 2019

Sancho Panza to vote for The Dis-Ruptor-in-Chief again!, and related great disturbances in the Force

The indefatigable Sancho Panza, in "real life" a retired Lucent Technologies scientist and consultant, fluent in several languages, including Latin, dropped this below on Don Quixote yesterday:

Re: Everybody piles up on Trump for not going to war, yet give Obama Nobel piece price for starting regime change wars in Syria and Libya! WTF?

Hey, Sloan, haven't seen any missives from you lately, hope you're OK! 

I was watching this video and I thought of you and how you've been sort of taking the side of the Democrats in Congress, even though you and I both know that they are as corrupt as the other side or even more so because they claim to be for the poor and oppressed(but are supported by and carry water for the rich and the elite) and because they have the entire fake media on their side as guardians of "justice", when all they are is a propaganda arm of the Status Quo! 

I told you I voted for Trump in 2016 because I was hoping he would be the disruptor-in-chief and reveal how truly corrupt all these people in government are! Given what he's doing now by taking on both Dems and Neocons on this Middle East Mess, I am voting for Trump again and this time based on this issue of foreign interventions and his willingness to look out for the lives of our people first and to allow other countries to manage their own affairs as long as they do not affect us directly! This video is right on, IMO! 

The video below is a great exchange between a reporter carrying water for the Neocons warmongers and Trump that is worth watching: 

Don Qixote replied:

Hi, fellow gadfly.

Well, what can I say?

A Key Westerly amigo recently tossed this at me, to which I cried out, "Oh, no!!!"

If I lay it all out, what all I've been doing instead of shooting off my fool mouth online, then I will have to kill you, a retort to an inquiring mind sometimes heard Key West and the Florida Keys, where nearly every person not born there, and some who were, are on the lam from ... something.

However, maybe I recently finished writing a book for people young in spirit, who perhaps have yet no clue what stepping onto the spiritual path might hold in store for them. The book isn't fiction, but much of it will be so accused, if anyone ever reads it. That, or I'm bat shit crazy and need to be locked up for the status quo's own good. Polestar gadfly Socrates was accurately convicted of corrupting the youth by filling their minds with thoughts disagreeable to the status quo. 

I suppose it took a totally corrupt president to prove via a fish rots from the head down (res ipsa loquitur) how totally corrupt most of high ups in the US Government, elected or hired, are. But then, what does that say for people who voted for the great corruptor, who already has made America even more corrupt? And, now you are going to vote for him again, to insure you also have that to explain at the Pearly Gates you pretend not to believe exist?

I've watched other of the podcaster's anti-Democrat YouTube rants. I wonder where he was when The Great Bush Decider tricked America into two fake wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), to complete his kinder, gentler nation Republican president father's tricking Saddam Iraq Hussein into invading Kuwait, so kinder, gentler could protect the American way of life by saving Kuwait's oil and pissing off America's old Afghan anti-Soviet ally, Osama bin Laden, so much, that, well, some say the Saudi sheikh was behind 9/11. And, he said he was behind it, and The Great Decider Bush was easy to bait.

The podcaster said there were only 50 US troops in "Kurdistan", so, well, what's the big deal? How do just 50 American soldiers protect the Kurds and fight ISIS? Maybe they were drone operators? No, aren't they in Texas, or under Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado? So, maybe the 50 were enhanced android soldiers, or super hero mercenaries? Or, advisers, like were used to start the false flag Vietnam War, so Rich White Men USA War, Inc. (military industrial complex) could replace the French in Vietnam and gain access to its rubber tree plantations and other natural resources?

I think Trump did the right thing pulling the 50 US Troops out of "Kurdistan", but why didn't he already pull all US troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Is it because he still intends to monetize those countries' natural resources to pay for Rich White Men USA War, Inc.'s colonization efforts in those two countries? 

Gosh, gobs of oil in Iraq, gobs of minerals in Afghanistan, and a deep longing for a trans-Afghanistan pipeline into southwestern Asia gas fields long lay buried in plain view in Halliburton's great big heart, where Dick Cheney ran things before he became The Great Bush Decider's decider.

I think Trump is a big fat weenie. He said in 2016, when he was en route to ushering Hillary The Bad into even further denial, that the Iraq war was a faked war that never should have happened. So, why didn't Trump pull all US troops out of Iraq after he got elected? Why didn't he pull all US troops out of Afghanistan? Do ya think he figured he would be killed pronto, if he did that? But, who gives a shit about the Kurds? What is in "Kurdistan" that can make Rich White Men USA War, Inc. more greenbacks?

You told me you voted for Barack Obama, because you hoped he really meant it when he promised hope and change. You said you were disappointed he turned out to be yet another false flag in the White House. Years before he tinkered in Syria, then in Libya, he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing The Great Bush Decider's fake wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. So, you are right, the Democrats are war hawks, too. I didn't see any doves nesting in Hillary's bonnet.

I wish the podcaster had called for the immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Why didn't he? Is he a weenie, too? Afraid he will end up disappeared? By his own government acting for Rich White Men USA War, Inc.? I wonder how those "illuminati" feel about Trump pulling 50 American troops out of "Kurdistan"? 

You saw me write a number of times on my fools errand blogs that 3 nights before 9/11, I was asked in my sleep by a familiar voice (Archangel Michael), "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?" Which, upon waking and wondering what that was about, I did, and soon I figured I knew why. A few days after 9/11, as I left the U.S. Post Office in Key West, I knew angels were around, and I heard, "America should get out of the Middle East altogether and let Islam and Israel work it out, or fight it out, and in that way learn if either of them are God's chosen people."

A year to the night after I made the requested prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, I was asked again in my sleep by the same voice, to make the prayer again, which I did in my sleep, that time, and I added to it, "and let it begin in me!" What did I know? Perhaps humanity was so far gone down bottomless rabbit holes that not even a Divine Intervention could help it, so I was moved to at least try to get help for myself. What fun that turned out to be, and still is.

I wish it happened to everyone in high places. If it did, things really would be shaken up and humanity would be very different. President Trump and every elected and paid US Government employee would be so thoroughly turned inside out and every which a way but loose, that your wildest status quo American Armageddon dreams would come true. Ditto, every where else on this humanity-threatened planet.

Meanwhile, here we are, with a weenie president, who very definitely corrupts America's youth by his example, yet thinks he is America's savior. As do lots of his fellow Americans think he is their and America's savior even though most of them are sure Jesus saved them. While the Dems claim they are the messianics. 

Me, right now, I think the Democrat presidential candidates, in the main, are making a lot more sense, over all, than are Trump and his captured fake Republican Party, which puts its own self ahead of what's best for all but a very few Americans. I hope the Democrats are different now, but we will never know if you get your wish and Trump wins another term, and perhaps is crowned King for Life (Fuhrer).


Don Q

Sancho wrote:

I am glad to see your pen is in perfect lyrical form and that you are doing what you love, writing! Hope this new book takes off and makes you rich and famous Emoji

Yeah, I don't agree with you at all about Trump, he's much  smarter than you give him credit and what drives him is not that different than what drives you, the difference is that he is a rhinoceros and you're a corvus senex!   Oink!

Don Q replied:

A friend told me a little while ago that Trump really didn't pull the US Military out of "Kurdistan", and before long Congress will have to fund keeping a thousand troops there. Call them advisers. That's what they were called leading up to the false flag Vietnam war. 

I never said Trump is not smart, at least not in the IQ sense. Perhaps he has a very high IQ. He's also street smart. What he seems to lack is a moral compass, ability to see himself, regulate himself, be introspective, humble, have remorse. His vanity, need for applause, power, money and sex hunger, and addiction to spinning facts to suit his ego, drive him, based on what I have seen of him in videos and read his tweets and many news articles in which he was quoted. He's a terrible role model for American children. Looks to me he's still trying to prove himself to his father, or his mother, or both.

Glorify him in your own mind, if that makes you feel better. I'm glad I didn't vote for him, nor for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, G.W. Bush, John Kerry ... What drives Trump doesn't drive me. What drives me is trying to stay in the reasonably good graces of a band of angels I can't imagine Donald Trump, nor you, for that matter, nor anyone I know, other than my friend Young Prophet, would care to have anything to do with. I'm their pack donkey, and I suppose a crow, too, since I sure caw a lot about what the band of angels arrange for me to experience and rub up against. They arranged for you and I to cross paths, what, in 2002? 


Sancho wrote:

Well, I am very happy I am not you or that "friend" of yours... and I am definitely glad I am not Trump or have anything to do with politics! Trump is pretty transparent, it doesn't take a genius to see what you see in him, especially when you yourself "know" the type from your own family tree of winners... the trouble I have is with those that claim to be something they are not, the hypocrites, wolves in sheep clothing, etc.........  our poor daughters, they'll have to figure it out... our time is more or less up... and gone!

Don Q replied:

My oft-beleaguered family tree did not rise to anything like Trump. If he is as transparent as you say, what does that say about his adoring MAGAs? What does that say about the Republican Party? Same applies to the Obama and Hillary adorers. 

I agree, you and I are nearly past history, and it's the younger folks who face whatever the future holds. History says humanity is about the same as it always was. Just different variations, complicated by technological advances and many more people and a planet they are killing. 

If someone like Jesus was not able to turn around humanity, in the main, certainly he did reach and still reaches a minority, what makes people think they or their organizations will make any real difference? Yet, and I believe this, it is important to keep trying to make a difference, including and most important, growing and changing personally. Trying to change the exterior world tends to avoid trying to change oneself.

What intrigues/puzzles me is, it makes no sense to kill the planet. Yet the people in power and the people under them, including you and me, are guilty of doing it. If the planet dies, and humanity along with it, how does even Lucifer gain from that? Shouldn't Lucifer be hollering, "Screw making America great again. Save the planet!"?

Meanwhile, my friend said the 50 and the 1,000 actually are slated to be deployed elsewhere, but where is not being told.

Sancho wrote:

Automation, AI and perhaps Cold Fusion, LENR, will save Humanity, but I am not sure we have time! Here's some info on Cold Fusion if you're interested:

Don Q replied:

I heard of cold fusion some years ago, wrote about it on my blogs not knowing much about it, nor do I after reading the introductory article the link you provided brings up with other articles. 

All the hoopla I read online about ETs giving the US Government technology for war planes, why come the beneficiant aliens don't give the US Government cold fusion, or something that replaces making energy from fossil fuels and split atoms? 

Surely the ETs have such technology, given they defy Einstein's hard rule that nothing travels faster than the speed of light. 

Given all I read online about ETs mining this planet's natural resources and doing Dr. Mengele genetics on the planet's so-called dominant species, surely the ETs want to keep humanity and the planet alive and well? 

But then, it seems your President Trump could care less than a tinker's damn about the planet being killed in plain view.

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