Friday, April 12, 2019

tolerance, coming together, Trump draining the swamp, and serious poetry: Trump and Assange

Accepted a new friend request on Facebook last night, and this came up at top of my "news feed" posted by the new friend:

Liana Gonzalez Blanco
April 12, 2019

Good morning and happy Friday! I have a message for those of you who really dislike MAGA hats. When I think about the word "Great" what it reminds me of is that our country, while having many flaws, always strives to be better. The best in the world, in my opinion! I am not a Nazi or condone anything like that. I do get bothered by stuff as well. For example, Che Guevarra is a murderer who ruined many countries, yet people think it is cool to wear his image on their clothing
I view that like I view a swastika. What I wish for everybody here on Facebook to do is to respect each other's point of view, if for no other reason that the alternative is VERY ugly. The other option is SUPPRESSION and INTOLERANCE. Who wants that? If you say "all republicans are like this..." or "all dems think like that" or if you support "one human family" yet put people in groups you hate, well then, you are part of the problem also. I try to deal with people individually, then go from there. You always have a chance to have a good discussion about anything with me, because Im not threatened by dissenting points of view. I welcome them because I know who I am, and your words cant change that. Peace and love to you all. PLZ remember this as we enter the political season and folks start flipping out on FB!

  • Bill Linda Wickers Jr. I agree that this country must find Common Ground for it to move forward. The polarization of both parties is dangerous to our nations future. When our elected leaders cant talk to each other in a reasonable and rational manner and try to compromise on the issues facing our nation our country faces a very bleak future. I have been hoping for an independent Candidate with common sense and a willingness to discuss our issues in a rational tone. Someone that can reach across to both parties.and compromise so we can move this great country of ours forward.
    The last time political polarization occurred like we see iin Washington today and there was no civility and room for compromise the system broke down and ended in a Civil War.
    Hopefully that is not where we are headed.
    When Democracy breaks down we all loose.
    • Liana Gonzalez Blanco Bill Linda Wickers Jr. yes. I agree. I have this feeling that most of us want civility and compromise. I havent lost hope yet but for sure Washington, DC is broken, and i mean both parties there.
  • Ann Warren Thank you!
  • Louie Blanco Blee Blee blah blah! Stop wasting your time with them Trump haters my sister,they will hate and tear America down just inspite of making Donald Trump look bad. I particularly didn't like Trump ,but common man he is waaaaaaaaaay better then that p.o.s hil"liar"y clinton and that corrupt ass Obama that endorsed her sorry ass. So I'm hopeful Trump can clean up the swamp and all them sorry ass losers that want it thier way no matter what.
    • Liana Gonzalez Blanco Louie Blanco i have liberal friends who are wonderful. It is the extremist that you talk about here and yes some have snapped, use violence, insult others, but i think most people arent down with that level of hatred. If i met someone like that, i would have to just keep on walking like u say.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Good points, however I imagine it will take a mega neutron bomb to drain THAT swamp. Other possibilities. An alien invasion causes all Americans to line up shoulder to shoulder, Every American has a "road to Damascus" experience. I, too, think a new American Civil War is possible. At my age, 76, not no big a deal. For my children and grandchildren, a very big deal, what lies ahead in America.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Meanwhile, some serious poetry, the Ecuador Embassy did not let Sweden extradite Julian Assange charged with rape, but did let US take him because he helped Trump get elected, and and he collaborated with Chelsea Manning
    • Sloan Bashinsky Manning the traitor, who revealed US atrocities overseas, who declined to help US prosecute Assange, and now Trump is put to tell his AG how hard, or not, to go on the guy who wrecked the Dems and Hillary in 2016, when Trump said he really liked Assange. Serious poetry.

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