Saturday, April 6, 2019

a special place in hell is reserved for developers (and their accomplices and supporters), who buy trailer parks and evict the tenants

Arnaud and Naja Girard, who pubish Key West the (Blue) Newspaper ( did yet another Pulitzer-deserving investigating and whistle-blowing about people for whom I think a special place in hell is reserved.

Mobile Home owners at Stock Island trailer parks get developers to settle...(Find out where the County got the name of the "expert" who filled his relocation study with Craig's List scams...)

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  • Steven Atherton The Blue Paper Rules. The people need you 😎😎😎
    • Sloan Bashinsky For sure. Alas, most of the thousands of blue paper readers don't back that up with contribution$ to the blue paper.
  • Wes Hunter I would compare Bart Smith to Rick Scott, but they BOTH would take it as a compliment. Evil people......
  • Wes Hunter $20,000 nineteen times is a pittance to pay for the further rape of Stock Island. M-Fs win again.
  • Anne C Casner Shit another park will be gone to greed...
  • Lindsay Harper Now find out how the DOT signed off on the 280 apartments being built in Rockland/Big Coppitt.500 +more cars a day with no new road,should have required a flyover to the 4 lane section of US1.
  • Tyler Goodere That’s why when you buy a mobile home you should own the land. Secure your own future. I don’t blame the developers.
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Tyler Goodere There is a State law in place that protects mobile home owners in these parks. Their constitutional property rights are explicitly recognized. Should the developers and the County respect the law to the best of their ability in good faith or is the way they carried this out in this instance (delays in mandatory relocation study until many have left the Keys entirely— finding nowhere affordable to go here - and finally when there is a “relocation study” done it is a fraudulent one - done by an “expert” whose name was provided by the developer? Is that A-ok? I ask because this is going to happen again and again and maybe - just maybe - our local government officials should be having a conversation about this - you know - for next time. What do you think?
    • Tyler Goodere I am not sure where the Blue Paper was when the County was discussing goal 109 for increased density. If you really wanted change you would have been for increased density. If you really wanted more people to have affordable/workforce housing in Key West/Stock Island you would be a supporter of affordable housing. There was only one Commissioner who was not blinded by the past and her name was Commissioner Carathers.
    • Tyler Goodere I am not against someones property rights but I am for safe affordable housing with increased density in the right area (near the work zones).
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Tyler Goodere You didn't really answer the question but that's ok. Whether to Increase density by building 3 and 4 story structures filled with boxes for faceless "workers" is not the same issue as the one raised here: Whether officials should in good faith abide by laws that are meant to protect existing residents, residents who have all their savings at stake in these mobile homes and many who have lived here for decades and who already work for existing businesses and who have children in our school system. These are people - not boxes - and this situation was very very serious and distressing for these very very real people.
    • Tyler Goodere Basically you are saying to keep dilapidated mobile homes instead of develop and create 200 plus units which are safe affordable housing units. More people will be able to afford to stay in the Keys and this will fill over the 3000 homes lost post Irma. If you don't like the look of a 3 or 4 story structure and want less people it is a mute point. This is why the County has height restrictions and density requirements. My main point EVERY person is responsible for their own future. If you don't buy the land you have to rely on the GOVERNMENT good luck. This comes down to personal responsibility. What if IRMA came through Key West and Stock Island and destroyed all the mobile homes in question just like the KOA in Cudjoe? Would you still be a in favor of keeping low level housing or would you rather pay the tenants now and have safer housing for the future? I have compassion for the people and families who live or have lived there but aren't they FIRST to be moved in or first on the list to be in the new units? These residents would also be able to apply for the project on Big Coppitt ( I believe they are accepting applications currently).They also are getting paid for there units correct? This was a good thing giving these tenants money to move on and purchase their own land/piece of paradise.
    • Alan Hanley Tyler Goodere as blue papered said answer the question. Your answer seems to be screw the law n the people. You seem like a hole.
    • Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Tyler Goodere You seem to be confusing things. Yes it was a good thing to give these people money to compensate them for their loss of investment. No one said it’s better to keep the dilapidated mobile homes and that the developers should not be allowed to build better housing. What you are not getting is that the developers fought tooth and nail NOT to compensate these people and the County helped them by ignoring the law. Actually they did worse - the County based their actions on bad law. (Old case law that had long been superseded by legislative amendment). The County should be trying their best to adhere to the law that protects the low-income mobile homeowners. Instead they did their best to help the developers get around it; developers who were trying to get rid of everyone before the law was recognized. They only paid out because there was too much pressure - pressure from journalists and their attorney who used the courts. The County needs to change how these projects move forward. The study should not be delayed while the developer pressures mobile home owners who don’t know their rights to leave and the required relocation study should not be a fraud.
    • Tyler Goodere Alan Hanley classy personal attacks are the way to go.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Tyler Goodere Hmmm. $20,000 will enable the displaced trailer park residents to "purchase their own land/piece of paradise?" That was a joke, right? I can't help but wonder what song you would be singing, instead, if you were one of the people the developers are giving $20,000 out of the goodness of their hearts. I'd like to be there, to observe you trying to find a piece of land for $20,000 anywhere in the Florida Keys. I'd like to be there to observe you trying to find a new apartment, or trailer, to rent for double what you were paying for the trailer you were made to leave by mainland developers whose god is how much money they can make. Who could have cared less about you or what they had caused you to experience. As a trailer park resident was quoted in an earlier blue paper piece on this trailer park eviction, wasn't it? This is worse than a hurricane. Now, thanks to the blue paper, it's $20,000 better than worse than a hurricane.

      Barton Smith was trained by Jim Hendrick, a former county attorney who became the shrewdest land use/developer's attorney in the Florida Keys. I recall a county commission meeting in the Marathon Government Center in 2007, I think it was the year, when Jim, representing Buddhist mega-local-developer Pritam Singh on a trailer park redevelopment on Stock Island, as I recall the location, something like, "A special place in hell is reserved for developers who buy trailer parks and then evict the people living in the trailers."

      I think the same special place in hell is reserved for people who applaud such developers. And for local government elected and hired officials, who let such developers do what these developers were allowed to do, until the blue paper blew the whistle. I think the same special place in hell is reserved for Barton Smith, about whom one of the 5 county commissioners, Sylvia Murphy, said perhaps 3 years ago in a county commission meeting, something like, "If Barton Smith is for something, it has to be bad for the county and I'm against it." I know Barton somewhat. He's personable. Yet, I have come to think, when he is acting as an attorney or developer, for himself, his family, or anyone else, if his lips are moving, then Sylvia Murphy's lead should be followed. Vote against it.
  • Barbara Tosto Still sad, what is this people supposed to do with $20000? A mobile home on Stock Island costs $ 240000!
  • Chris Richert ...and there it goes. Find the price that was settled upon based on $20k x 19. That's your answer. They are here. They have been in the Upper Keys for over a decade.
  • Kevin Rooks It seems piracy has came ashore
    • Sloan Bashinsky Kevin, piracy came ashore a long time ago. This is a later stage of its devolution.

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