Wednesday, April 24, 2019

random acts of patriotism

From an old member of the Florida Keys Resistance, meaning he views this photo below as a joke:
From Sancho Panza, who voted for Obama and then for Trump, a link to an amusing video on going "Full Bush":

Don Quixote replied:
Wonder what, if anything, G.W. "Full" Bush learned during his 8 years in the Offal Orifice?

Barack Obama?

Will Donald Trump learn anything? 

Will the Republicans?

The Democrats? 

Saw "Hellboy" tonight at the local cinema. Had put it off, but am glad I took it in. The world really needs a good devil to battle evil. 

The film features an evil sorceress and a passel of lesser monsters, not lesser in size by any means, but much lesser in power. The sorceress is a super unhero, but, dang, Hellboy didn't use Excalibur as the charming lady had hoped, to take over the world. Instead, he used the mythical blade to cut off her head - which King Arthur once had done - but this time, instead of chopping off her arms and legs and hiding them and her head in different secret places England, as King Arthur had done, Hellboy sends the woman spurned's screaming head down to eternal combustion nethers, as all the nice demons of the fairest in her own eyes Hellboy had released in a weak moment under her alluring spell, are sucked back down through the cracks and crevices he had opened with Excalibur, into the internal combustion nethers. All in all, a good flick for aspiring devils and sorcerers to see and take pointers. Perhaps starting with current White House occupants and members of Congress?

From a Vermont Amiga and Bernie Sanders fan, whom I met in 1987 in a different universe far, far away:


From a Florida Keys boat person:

Terry Hazel is feeling determined.
April 21, 2019
I prefer to keep my politics off FB. But this is a defining national moment and our country's future hangs in the balance. I agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren. It is a moral imperative for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings immediately. Every second counts. It is the DUTY of Congress to impeach—only this deliberative body has the keys to the cherished checks & balances given by our Founding Fathers.
According to my reading of the Mueller Report, a criminal is at the helm of the American Ship of State and he has been flirting with a foreign enemy run by a murderous dictator who regularly targets the international press. To say, "...well, that is just Donald being Donald" is to be complicit. History will judge the silent harshly. I am not, nor ever will be, a "good German." Do we deserve our hard won freedom? Or not? I have stood up... I am STANDING up and saying aloud and in public that I support the rule of law and that I think it is the duty of all law-abiding citizens to rise up (legally, with full due process) against anyone attempting to tear down the very same Constitution they have sworn to uphold... even the President of the United States.
Freedom isn't free. It must be paid for. Do I want to post this? No, of course I do not. But I must. Citizens have duties, just as presidents do—and part of that civic responsibility is to tell the truth as one sees it, to read the Mueller Report, and to have a dash of courage. Is there a personal risk? Of course there is. But our children are watching. The entire world is watching. Our freedom, democracy, and our entire way of life is at sake—right now, this very moment.
Stand up now or soon get down on your knees.


  • Jeffrey L Langley I agree... you should keep your politics of FB. Because you have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Michael Scott Perrin Bull shit. Terry Hazel, you don’t have a clue
  • David Burks I agree with Jeffery and Michael
  • Michelle Karen Yeah, I'm with the comment folks
  • Patrick Kennedy There was a two year investigation by the highest level of prosecutor in America and they didn't find a single crime. But you're the expert.

    • Tim-Laura Frost Patrick KennedyYou should read it for yourself and not accept the word of Tucker, Sean and Rush. Do this - interject Clinton anytime you see Trump and then tell me what you think!

  • Chris Laletin This is the second time today I’ve seen this exact post. If is a copy paste attempt that’s pretty week. If it was unintentionally spam generated from a hacked address book that is even a few rings down the moral boundary scale. If anyone ever sees this post come from me please let me know. I unfriended the first one I saw and now wondering if he really sent it.
  • Steve Miller Terry, you're perfectly right to have your opinion and it is shared by many. However I believe that this is premature. Yes there were many disturbing and borderline illegal things in the report. None are strong enough for those charges. There are 14 other investigations going on that are referenced in the report. I don't think that this will be over any time soon.

  • Jay Handfield Hi I’m Elizabeth sitting bull Warren I’m currently polling at 5 percent. Let’s see how I can move up. Hmmmm. Okay impeach the President! Is it working? Are stupid people posting this on FB? If only I was a real Indian.

    • Sloan Bashinsky I liked Pocahontas in 2016, before I knew she was making a fuss about being Native American; she said Hillary wasn't fit to be president, but then she was later on TV with Hillary, arm in arm, promoting her. Bernie Sanders did the same, without claiming he was Native American. I wanted him to get the Dem nomination, I dreamed he was God's candidate, but he lost me when he did a 180 on Hillary.
  • Mark J Reinhardt What a load of crap. Your rambling is what is wrong with this country. Blind leading the blind. Your comments have no basis of facts to impeach. Just another listening to the corrupt media. Sorry if my words arnt kind. People now have platforms thru fb and should be held accountable. So un-American.
  • Kathryn Watkins Norris Keep fighting the good fight, you’re on the right side of history
  • Ahmed Wattassi There is no democracy in USA. Freedom of speech is suspended by Zionists. You have no right to criticize Israel which is draining your taxpayers' money. Look at the AIPAC. Some Congress members are crying aloud that the government is not ok, but none cares
  • Peter Detore Yes, what she said. Terry is a pillar of the boating community in the Florida Keys and, I'm proud to say, my friend. She is normally not an outspoken person but when she speaks one would do well to listen.
  • Joseph Lorenczi Friggin loons...
  • Richard Woods Hear say. And one man's opinion. I say bull shit has been called.make America great again!

  • Merrick Merk Westlund I’m sorry but this post is so wrong and the person you’re quoting is a lying racist piece of scum in the first place
  • Jeff Bowman Fortunately you just can’t impeach someone because you don’t like them. There was no collusion, I’m pretty sure there is no obstruction of justice. What’s left, a bad comb over? Sorry Terry Hazel, I know your determined but the best way to get Trump out involves some serious soul searching of your Democratic Party and get some real leadership in. Your a bit too late for 2020 maybe 2024?
    • Sloan Bashinsky I think you are correct, Jeff. The Democrats need to wake up and field a good candidate, which they did not do in 2016, and they have nobody but themselves to blame for that and Trump being in the White House. Personally, I think Hillary and Trump both should be locked up, but I don't see that happening, or Trump being ousted by a Republican-controlled Senate. I think the Republicans would not convict Trump even if Mueller had found both collusion and obstruction. And since Mueller did not find either, what does Warren, or anyone, expect from House of Representatives impeachment proceedings? Did not the Dems learn from Bill Clinton being impeached by the House, but the Senate did not convict him? Well, Clinton did not get elected by Russia, then, did he? Wonder how Trump will tweet regarding his Attorney General prosecuting Julian Assange, who looks to me got Trump elected. What a zoo. American politics.
    • Steve Breck Late? C'mon Jeff, America will be camped at the polls to send this reality show off.
    • Jeff Bowman Steve Breck you may be right. No matter whose side your on the more people who show up at the polls the better it is for the country.

Another from my Vermont Amiga:

Now we have Trump and his son and son-in-law and other of his cohorts blasting the Mueller Report, after they had said they would let Mueller interview them, then they said it wasn't going to happen, and they loved what Trump's new AG said about the Mueller report, and then they found out what actually was in it, and, well.

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