Thursday, April 4, 2019

various political fact checks, lamentations and citizen and cosmic solutions from Snarktopia, USA

An old friend I met during the Hakomi body psychotherapy training in Boulder, Colorado, in 1987, posted something from Snarktopia yesterday. We were told Hakomi is an ancient Hopi word no longer in use, which means, "How do I stand in relation to all these many realms?"

Paula Heikens-Mathewson

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  • Sloan Bashinsky

    Sloan Bashinsky Can you give me GPS coordinates for Snarktopia?
    • Paula Heikens-Mathewson
      Paula Heikens-Mathewson La La Land, Vermont 😜
    • Sloan BashinskySloan Bashinsky Heh, I shoulda figured it t'was you or one of your gang members 🤣

      Apparently, members of Robert Mueller's team finally had enough of President Trump and his pet Attorney General William Barr:

      Robert Mueller’s Team Says Report Had More Troubling Details About Trump Than William Barr Revealed

      Robert Mueller’s Team Says Report Had More Troubling Details…
      Robert Mueller’s Team Says Report Had More Troubling Details About Trump Than William Barr Revealed
    • Sloan Bashinsky
      Sloan Bashinsky Meanwhile, regarding sexual harassment in Snarktopia:

      Here's what intrigues me. Prominent Democrats said they believed the first Biden accuser (and perhaps later accusers?). Prominent Republicans and President Virtue followed suit. Believe the accuser. But, when this happened during the Bret Kavanaugh public inquiry, the women who accused Kavanaugh were all said by the Republicans to be liars and the Democrats put the women up to it. On top of that, people who had known Kavanaugh in school came forward and said he was lying about his drinking and anger issues and abusiveness toward women during his school days, and none of that did the Republicans or President Trump accept.

      I wonder if Biden and the Democrats are prepared to never here the end of this, if Biden runs for president?

      I wonder who the women accusing Biden are backing for president in 2020?

      More pressing perhaps:

      I wonder if the Democrats are ever going to stop behaving like the Fukawi tribe, which is forever getting lost and its members gather together in a circle and sit down and hold hands and chant, "Where in the fukawi? Where in the fukawi?
Paula Heinkins then posted a video in my Facebook chat, "Plan B", which would make terrific sense if it did not require elected politicians to implement it. My response in blue background.


So, the foxes in the hen houses are gonna pass laws that stop the foxes from raiding the hen houses? It ain't just the Congress foxes control, it's the state legislatures and county and city commissions, too. How about instead, the reformers hire a bunch of witches (real witches) to cast spells (real spells), which put into motion whatever it takes (literally) to cause the elected local, state and federal politicians to, well, start behaving as if, hmmm, the FEAR OF GOD had suddenly been installed in their bodies, emotions, minds and souls. 😛😎

A definite plan B, real witches

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