Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Who is really running Mexico? Drug and human traffickers? Karma? Santa Anna's revenge?

Before accepting a new friend request this morning from someone showing over 200 mutual friends with me, I went to the applicant's Facebook page and found this at the very top:
I am beyond excited about an upcoming opportunity shared with me by a reader!
This spring, I will travel with a small group to spend 8 days at our border. The inclusive mission includes meeting with humanitarian workers on both sides of the border, speaking with Border Patrol agents, talking with immigrants who are seeking a chance to cross the International Bridge as they work with the legal system, hearing from immigration lawyers and those who are working in the judicial system, gaining a greater understanding of the challenges faced by those who are protecting our border, and sharing Jesus' love with the refugees seeking asylum.
It's all about building bridges, not walls, with a community in desperate need.
  • Brenda Denny Tracy
    Brenda Denny Tracy Good for you! Everyone needs to hear the facts. Looking forward to your report.
    • Frankie Nantz
      Frankie Nantz I have had many conversations with workers at the border - from a mission standpoint and from those who work for our government. I look forward to meeting with them face-to-face and gaining a greater perspective from what has already been shared in my two novels.
  • Jeffrey L Langley
    Let us know how the conversations go with the drug smugglers and human traffickers
  • Gary Brown
    Spending time down in Tucson and eventually closing on a house 50 miles from the border, I have read the stories and heard them first hand from park rangers that have actual footage of traffickers. It is a major concern for people who live down here. 
  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky Nancy, humanitarian effort, or research for 3rd novel on which you hope to make money? Perhaps you and your reader should live on the border a year or two. Or, live in Mexico a year or two. With the poor. With the mules who traffic people and drugs. I think Trump and Hillary both should be locked up. However, there is a real problem on the southern border, which, from all I've read, is acute for Americans living near it. I doubt a great wall is going to end that problem, although it might diminish it somewhat. I think, if the people running Mexico had sense, they would be doing all they can to prevent people from below Mexico, entering southern Mexico, and they would not let them travel northward to USA, and they would be trying to stop Mexicans and Central American refugees from crossing into US. Not sure who is really running Mexico. Perhaps drug and people traffickers? Meanwhile, here's a map of old Mexico, which I found at Wikipedia. Perhaps what's happening now is some kind of weird karma, Santa Anna's revenge?
  • The territorial evolution of Mexico after independence, noting the secession of Central America (purple), Chiapas annexed from Guatemala (blue), losses to the U.S. (red, white and orange) and the reannexation of the Republic of Yucatán (red)


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