Saturday, April 20, 2019

Donald Trump, a true patriot

Stolen from my Dear Good Friend Twaula Smith ! I am in total agreement with this !

  • Sloan Bashinsky Great patriot:

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    • Sloan Bashinsky I didn't vote for Obama or Trump, nor for HIllary, nor for either of the Bushes, nor for Bill Clinton. Somebody asked me last night if I was a Democrat? I said, You could not pay me to be a Democrat. Well, then, you are a Republican. Couldn't pay me to be a Republican, either. Trump was praising Mueller recently, for "exonerating" Trump. Now Trump is blasting Mueller. I can't imagine anyone fawning over Trump, who has eyes that see and ears that hear. Now he's being called Biblical. That he is. But in what way? Time will tell. That Saudi prince Trump bowed to is the guy who had the Saudi journalist sawed up. The journalist who had spoken poorly of the Saudi prince. A different Saudi saved Trump's bacon financially back a ways in time. But for Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin, America most likely would have a President Hillary. Trump was all praises for Assange in 2016, now Trump has to deal with Assange being captured by American law enforcement and brought to America to be prosecuted for, well, getting Trump elected. What, 5 hours after Trump tweeted, or whatever, that he'd love to see Hillary's lost emails made public, Russian IT experts were all over it. A true patriot, indeed. Trump. That tax cut he got passed by Congress probably made him a billion dollars with the stroke of his pen signing it into law. Draft dodger, wasn't he? Welcher of debts, wasn't he? Upstanding family man, loyal to his wives. I give him credit for not drinking booze, ever, if that's true. I agree with him about illegal immigration from Mexico needing to be stopped. I'd bring the troops home from the Middle East and station them along that border, in camps, and let them protect America in that way, instead of fighting rich white men's wars for corporate profit that never should have been started, as the results certainly prove to anyone who did not see ahead of time those wars never should have been started.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Heard from a friend yesterday, that voting ballots in Switzerland have places to mark for each candidate and below that is a place to mark for NONE OF THE ABOVE, and if NONE OF THE ABOVE gets the most votes, then there is a new election and the defeated candidates on the ballot cannot run again. Maybe it was a spoof. I'd love to see it work that way in America, though.

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