Friday, May 6, 2022

Overturn of Roe v. Wade yet another nail in separation of church and state coffin.

I have a Christian lady lawyer friend, who served 10 years as a county prosecutor, then ten years as a county judge, then she worked in President Trump's Justice Department under Attorney Generals Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr, the latter she calls a good friend. She lives in Washington, D.C. She emailed me the other day after watching the "What About the Unalienable Right of Unborn Babies to Be Raised by Mothers Who Want and Love Them?" episode of The Redneck Mystic Lawyer Podcast.

breath of life [Genesis 2:7]
Gods courtroom 
Good one - I am fascinated by all the discussions on this topic.  Breath of life.  That gave me pause. I think this is a federalist issue and not actually about pro-life/choice.   It simply gives states the right to decide.  However, now that it leaked, with all the pressure,  I am sure some justice will change their mind. It's a mad house in DC.  
I think this is a federalist issue and not actually about pro-life/choice.  It simply gives states the right to decide.  However, now that it leaked, with all the pressure,  I am sure some justice will change their mind. It's a mad house in DC.

My reply to her:

It’s a separation of church and state issue driven by religiosity. Before modern medicine, capitalists and religious know it alls teamed up, midwives and medicine women attended to birth matters, including potions that induced miscarriage. 

Many years ago, George Wallace argued states rights to justify racial segregation should be left for the states to decide; and after losing that civil war, Wallace launched a significant States Rights Party and was shot in the gut while campaigning, and that slowed down that movement considerably. 

Later, Wallace had remorse for how he had treated black people when he was Alabama's governor, and while his wife was governor, and he spent a lot of time trying to repent to them. How that affected Wallace's ongoing trial in God's Courtroom, I cannot say, other than I imagine the trial was not going so well for him for a good while. Wallace was not, to my knowledge, particularly religious. An Alabama Law School graduate before I got there, Wallace pandered to deep-seated KKK philosophy.

Raised in the Deep South, I know religious fanatics when I see them. Donald Trump is about as religious, in the Jesus sense, as Julius Caesar. However, Trump saw very clearly a huge advantage in pandering to the American religious right, promising them their own federal judges. They loved him for that, and cast him as an Old Testament bad but holy man, while he played them like fiddles and got a lot richer thanks to them. He's getting even richer, thanks to them, and he really does want to be America's version of Vladimir Putin. He even said so after he was sworn in in 2017 and then Putin was made President of Russia for life.

Look at photos of MAGA rallies and the January 6, 2021 insurrection- seas of white faces, with token other color faces mixed in. Make no mistake, Trump aroused in America what Abraham Lincoln tried to get rid of. It is what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison did all they could to keep at bay. It is people who use the Bible to try to control America. 

The Bible was used to justify slavery in the southern states, and to expand slavery from there. The Civil War was plain and simple about slavery, because without slaves, the southern states would go bankrupt and there would be no cotton for northern textile mills. So, I used the Bible in the podcast, to show how the Bible is selectively accepted and used by Bible people. I was God's prosecutor in that podcast, and my soul was on the line, if I ducked or tried to take the easy way. 

America is in a civil war now, rooted in the Bible, and the civil war is heating up. God and Jesus have nothing to do with the civil war, despite the Bible people claiming otherwise. I probably won't see this civil war play out, but my children and their families will, and that worries me for them. I hope God will intervene, but when I look at American history, I don't see why that would happen now. 

A woman friend in Illinois sent me the below link to a Planned Parenthood article about the history of abortion in America. Abortion apparently was rampant in America before the Civil War, but white slave holders tried to suppress it among their black chattels- bad for business. 


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