Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ukraine represents desperate times ... and desperate measures?

A response to yesterday's the Russian bear is a genius, because it knows America and Western Europe have really small hands

Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
In thinking about this we Americans should all be willing to spend $6 per/gal at the pump for at least 18 months if that will enable us to squeeze Putin’s cojones every freaking’ day. I know, this is worse than asking a Republican to give up three rounds of golf in a year. However, if we really believe in Democracy and the right of self determination…
Oops! I just realized that like Putin, Fascist loving Republicans HATE Democracy too…
Sloan, I think we are in desperate times for more than obvious reasons.
Sloan Bashinsky
People in Europe and Great Britain have been paying much more for gasoline all along. They will pay even more for gasoline and natural gas, if, say, Russia's oil and natural gas pipelines were to be visited by lots of, say, hellfire missiles. Europe and Britain and other areas then would have to find oil and natural gas elsewhere, and that certainly would, I think, drive up the price of gasoline at the pump in America, Canada, and elsewhere. While Russia doesn't retaliate, of course. But how would Russia retaliate? Well, that's kinda an unknown. A scary unknown even.
I don't see a solution anyone will like. Desperate times indeed.
Someone said today, if Europe and Great Britain and America and Ukraine had not pushed for Ukraine to join the west and NATO, none of what is going on in Ukraine right now would have happened. But then, we have the Russian invasion of Georgia a while back to remind us that the Russian bear dances to its own tune.
I think its fair to say that money still talks, and the way to respond that will bother Putin and Russia the most is their pocketbooks. Biden and the western country leaders have barely started $queezing the bear's cojone$$$ via $anction$. But then, back to the hellfire missile strikes. Imagine the bear without oil and gas pipelines to the west, east and south.
Meanwhile, consider this in a Reddit group into which I waded my mouth before engaging my brain.

We Can Literally Reduce War Through Meditation
Whenever you're feeling like there's no hope in the world, however overwhelming it may be, remember that such hopelessness is only one dimension of consciousness. There is another dimension of consciousness that we can freely tap into whenever we like; it's the dimension of deep peace and unity.
In fact, during these times, it is even more necessary to tap into. There needs to be people on this planet who hold that frequency, for if there were none who did this, we would surely plummet into a much darker reality.
Look into 'The Maharishi Effect'. There were various studies in the 90s and 2000s where scientists measured the number of meditators praying for peace against the statistics of violent crimes. They found that the more people who were meditating, the more violent crimes would decrease. We can literally reduce war through meditation, this has been scientifically proven, yet nobody talks about it.
So in times like these imagine the effects of when bad news is reacted towards with even more pain and suffering on a global scale... Clearly, there needs to be neutralizing forces.
This all implies how each one of us has a certain level of responsibility to hold a certain vibration of peace in our state of being. We directly affect our environment in ways we can barely imagine. Our thoughts create our world, as Buddha put it 🙏
See these resources:

How do you know this?

Did you even bother to click the links op shared?

You got me there. I just now did that. I read of such studies some years ago. Perhaps Reddit should send these two studies to President Biden, who holds himself out as a devout Catholic?
I saw in the news that prayers and thoughts were being sent by President Biden and Americans to the people in Ukraine. I wonder if that had any effect on progress of the Russian invasion?
I wonder if America and all nations should each create government funded mediation groups of 1,000,000 people, whose full-time paid job, with medical and other job benefits, is to meditate for peace unceasing.
I understand there are groups that pray for peace and for other beneficial things unceasing.
Meanwhile, the people of Ukraine are facing what I think the entire left side of America may some day face if Donald Trump is reelected, and perhaps even if he is not reelected but remains active in American politics. All the more reason for President Biden to pay 1,000,000 Americans to meditate unceasing for peace in America (first take the beam out of our own eye), and elsewhere?
As for the beleaguered people of Ukraine, it seems right now they could use a force majeure intervention, a miracle of some kind, that causes Putin and his troops to pack up and go home. Perhaps a monster blizzard?
Perhaps President Biden threatens to blow up all of Russia's oil and natural gas pipelines from Russia to other countries? Perhaps President Biden actually does that and the Russian people join the people of Ukraine and Western Europe and elsewhere in their misery and they revolt against Putin?
Or, hmmm, instead of all of that, Putin has a massive coronary and dies? And the next day, Donald Trump has a massive coronary and dies?

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