Thursday, February 17, 2022

soul alchemy v. Planet Disney

This below is one way to view humanity on Planet Disney:

A channeled message about Earthly incarnation.
Spirit Guide 😇

The following was made clear to me and I believe it during many sessions over the last four years.

1. Earth is a very unique and special place historically

2. It's a great place to earn experience

3. It's cut off and very dark/off track

4. We are protected from ourselves

5. It's incredibly exciting as incarnations go

6. There's a waiting list so to speak, and it's in demand

7. We have more celestial hosts present as witnesses than we could ever imagine.

8. Among genetic variations in all the worlds, we're in the top 10 percent. Lots of diversity in ascending beings and flora/fauna.

There's so much more but I thought I'd share. Basically the point is, this is a good place, and you are exalted, revered and loved in the highest regard by the visiting hosts.

Re-read 3?


For better and/or for worse, starting early 1987, in my 45th year, I was directly captured and redone and redirected by angels, who did not tell me, or anyone, what I, or they, wanted to hear about me, them, humanity, etc. For me, the transition and ensuing journey was and often still is difficult beyond my wildest imaginings.
Although there are people who are advancing, evolving spiritually, in the main, humanity is devolving, by cloning itself spiritually, by being cut off from the feminine, by being half, or less, of what they could be. This is across the board, regardless of spiritual or religious persuasion, or lack thereof.
I was given a second set of eyes, ears, sensors, etc., so that I see human goings on as I used to see them, I hear as I used to hear, I sense as I used to sense, I think as i used to think, but I have an entirely different way of doing all of that, and it is truly like being from another planet on this planet.
Above so below, below so above, is very much in play on this planet and around it in other realms. That's why I asked did you re-read #3?
This jumped out of me in spring 1994, which rang true for me and cast God into a light seemingly unfamiliar to today's religions.

"Earth, the sacred prism through which souls are refracted into their elemental parts, purified in Holy Fire, then one-forged and sent on their way to not even God knows where, simply because they are all unique emanations of God, evolving..."

Later, I got to meet Evil, the Devil, Lucifer, demons, up close and personal, in myself, in everyone else.
As within, so without; as without, so within.
Soul alchemy is not a picnic, not a party. It is very hard, persistent, endless work.

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