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the kind of political or spiritual adviser no American president wants

Recent discussion with somebody I seriously doubt any American president would care to have as a political or spiritual adviser:
Sloan Bashinsky
Some time after Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson, aka LBJ, was sworn in, I saw him on national television promise he would not send America boys to die in a war in Asia. Sometime after that, LBJ sent lots of America boys to die in a war in Asia. I can't help but wonder if LBJ got to thinking about what had happened to President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby and Dr. Martin Luther King after they came out against war in Vietnam. I can't help but wonder if someone reminded LBJ of what happened to those three men after they came out against the Vietnam war.
Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
Sloan, I was one of the boys vacuumed up in the draft in 1969 - I actually ended up in Vietnam w/ the Army for a total 18 mos. In a sense the era we are talking about might best be analogous to a feature film where my time “in-country” was like the last 20 minutes of a 90 minute work. So, everyone tends to view the realities based largely on when one appears in the scene.
What I want my readers to understand is that the ideological conflict was simply about the invisible power elite who were driven by a genuine fear of Communism, not as threat to “freedom” as much as it was a threat to their wealth, power and rampant Capitalism. That vs. People (some also in he elites) that simply wondered if there might be a better way to reduce tensions than covert policies of assassination and dirty little wars.
In the instance of LBJ, prosecuting the war and the deaths of JFK/MLK/RFK had to underscore the reality that he too was ultimately dispensable if he “went soft” on Communism. You see this in his aggressive and rather bipolar policies of “The Great Society vs. Being the first President to lose a war. The latter became the focal point of much of this thinking and actions in the final year of his Presidency.. In the end he simply removed himself from the position of having to lead the U.S. to victory in a never ending and untenable war.
The hidden elites were already working diligently to dismantle his domestic agenda and as Grover Norquist is often quoted, “drown it like your grandmother in a bathtub.”
Even after Johnson left office in 01/69 documented attempts to kill Castro ( the Commie Poster Boy) continued w/ Nixon through Clinton.
Sloan Bashinsky
There very definitely are powerful people, at the deeper recesses, a cabal of powerful people, pulling the levers. In olden times they were called the Illuminati. Or, the Rothschilds. Beneath all of that is Lucifer and that realm, which is a bit much for common folk, corporate executives, politicians and most clergy to ponder.
Did you ever read "World Without Cancer?" The author investigated why laetrile to treat cancer was squashed flat and he ran into IG Farbin, the giant German chemical company. For a while during WW II, American rubber companies would not make synthetic tires for the U.S. Military, due to IG Farbin's patents. After the Allies defeated Hitler, et al, they set up HQ in an IG Farbin HQ, which mysteriously had not been bombed, while everything around it was bombed. The top American military occupation officers stationed there had been top executives in American corporations, including Rockefeller companies, which shared interlocking directorates with IG Farbin, which had built some of Hitler's concentration camps.
The human hidden elites will get their comeuppance sooner or later - karma. Meanwhile, it's really tough, I find, to wake people up to what's going on in plain view, if they had eyes that see, ears that hear, and brains that are not so programmed that they can't operate as designed.

A friend about half my age frequently reports what angels tell him. He does not belong to any religion, but he did attend church a few years when he was a boy. He emailed this a little while ago, and when we talked the phone he said the man of steel was Joseph Stalin.

The Book of the Coming Cull
A fierce beast will quench its thirst, awash in red-man's own blood to drown them before anything may kill many.
The arrow that flies around the whole world and pierces the back of the Archer is his but unknown to him. Lies fitted with boots will run the distance of the Earth, razors affixed to the boots shall reduce truth to a bloody pulp.
Two Suns shall rise forth. One of man, one of God. God witnessing this abomination shall now know truly man has elevated himself most high and shall believe themselves superior among all the stars.
Man's Sun shall ignite a burn that the learned minds will fail to quench, fail to cool, and the learned man shall plead ignorance in face of extinction. Man shall be boiled as hippos in tanks, man shall see mountains of salt that will make the reality of Gomorrah an undisputed fact.
Already three false prophets have risen. One is a shade and pale memory in conscious of man. One called himself Man of Steel and is fallen and forgotten. Most recent is a mad power broker whose team of elephants could level Rome and all of Italy, he is selling National Socialism as he once sold his name to innkeepers and dens of game of chance. Those most dangerous in his herd of elephants know their way to shackle man and rob choice.
The coming of the first false prophets broke one Seal of Seven. There is not one black pope but many. A white pope cannot cannot undo the work of the black papacies past, or black papacies to come.
Man's choice is to accelerate the advance of the end. Man shall shrug and deny the Creator in favor of their own vanity and belief in their ability to define creation.
Man shall be as a shattered bone- many pieces and they shall impact each other.

As for me, at the rate of speed man is killing this planet, man will not find it easy to live here maybe 200 years from now. Will angels, ETs, let man migrate elsewhere and destroy it, too? I hope not.

Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
Sloan, there is so much to unpack in your reply that it could easily constitute an entirely new substack or podcast (hmmm worth serious contemplation). But I believe my coming post will address the “conspiratorial” aspect of my thesis without a can of worms from iIluminati to QAnon and dozens of others that lie between.
Sloan, I hold little respect for “revealed” truths be they from Christianity or self induced inspiration. It just completely throws into doubt the genuine recorded actions of individuals and the proof evident in modern recordings, and documentation needed by “elites” to convey ideology, plans and coordination of future events.
Finally, I grow a bit weary of pronouncements, that hold for example, that our system is always self-uprighting like a rubber duck in a bath tub. Just waiting around for the inevitable tidal change or “in the long run” does not deal with the reality that in the long run we’ll all be dead.

Sloan Bashinsky
Indeed, the problem with such prophesies is they take so long to happen, the humans who pass them along don't live long enough to be stoned if the prophesies don't, or do, come true 😎
Ivana revealed hubby Donald kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed, and sometimes he read that book at night. Looks like all but a few Republicans in Congress are clicking their heiling heels to Donald. And most everywhere else in America. Looks like mass insanity to me, or mass demonic possession. Don't know how that plays into the hidden lever-pullers' plans, hopes, dreams.

Ol’ Flawriduh Cracker
Sometimes I kinda kick myself for using Hitler/Swastika short hand to set a conceptual framework. In point of fact the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler were they on acetate would by no means overlay, nor would the means they employed to take power follow a prescribed path.
Most of the original fascist states were in reaction to systemic failures of Capitalism and an out and out dread of Communism, which in turn had roots in the socialist uprisings of the 1850’s. WWI played a massive role in devastating these states with a history of learned culture as well.
I’m going to get into the world of American fascism that evolved with large scale industrial Capitalism and Government in WWI, becoming a more powerful meld in WWII.
Before the Brown Shirts and there were in Germany Freikorp and Stahl Helm (paramilitary) filled with bitter veterans of the trench warfare. Like a lot of veterans they missed the rush, comradeship, and violence used to get things done, decisively and quickly. Thus the moniker of “storm troops” and “action squads” called upon this association to use violence as a viable means to political ends.
While, today’s Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Boogaloo and other Militias lack the ratio of combat veterans as seen in post WWI Germany and Italy, there are plenty of aggrieved white males in this nation who through weekend drills and training from actual veterans can become the Brown Shirts of our era. Different, but eerily the same.
Sloan Bashinsky
I bet the chicken, turkey, cow, pig, sheep and goat farm no American president would want you as a political or spiritual adviser 😁.
I read in an American history course in college, and heard a fraternity brother, who was interested in that era, say Germany got the short end of the stick in the trench warfare (trudgefare) truce agreement and that paved the way for Hitler to play that fiddle better than maybe the Devil could have played it - except Hitler did not have free access to all the oil in Texas and Oklahoma, or in Russia, so he invaded Russia to get its oil, and that went in the Waterloo II artic freeze direction.
I hope the aggrieved white males in America, and their probably just as many aggrieved white female companions, do not have enough votes, added to the rest of the votes cast by people not happy with the left and Biden, let's not leave out the NRA and its worshippers, to put Trump back in the White House and gain control of both houses of Congress. If that happens, with (or without) Trump's right-wing-religious-packed majority Supreme Court, we very well may see the American government operate like the Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao and Putin governments.
In fact, when Putin got elected for life, Trump said he liked that idea. He was not joking. That's what he wants.
I hope Trump gets struck by lightning on a golf course, and not wishing him to die and go to hell and burn there forever, he simply sees a vision of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse smiling at him roasting on a spit like a pig over a large bed of molten coals, and he comes back from what he is convinced was a near-death experience with his britches full of his own shit, literally, and he is so terrified of dying and burning forever in hell that he becomes a Democrat and attends a black Baptist church regularly, and like George Wallace once did, begs blacks for their forgiveness. When pigs fly.

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