Thursday, February 24, 2022

What does Ukraine teach about America and its leaders?

It's now a full scale Vladimir Putin invasion backed by made up facts (mantras) reminiscent of the President Donald Trump incited full scale invasion of the U.S. Capitol. 

If the American Congress, President Joe Biden, the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA and the U.S. Military did not arrest and detain permanently Donald Trump and the Capitol invaders, for Sedition and Treason, how do you suppose that looked to Putin, whom 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump invited to help him get elected, which Putin right a way went about doing? 

After Putin was made president for life, newly elected President Donald Trump said he liked that idea (for himself).

I see no way for America and Western Europe to use conventional military methods to stop what is happening in Ukraine, without making it a whole lot worse for the Ukraine people and ending up in yet another long, protracted foreign war that cannot be won, but the rich white men military-industrial complex will profit handsomely.

Dropping several tactical low yield nukes on Moscow, with assurances of more of same in other large Russian cities, if Russia doesn't pronto withdraw completely from all of Ukraine, is a kamikaze option Dr. Strangelove certainly would appreciate, as well as the author of the novel ON THE BEACH.

What seems left to try to get Czar Putin's attention is for the West to impose every possible sanction against Russia, and the West stops exporting food and anything else to Russia, and the West expels all Russian nationals after freezing all their assets.

Too harsh? Really?

Does President Biden have the cojones to do be that tough with Putin, even if no other Western ally does it? That remains to be seen.

Will Donald Trump do it if he is re-elected? Do pigs fly?

Will Donald Trump attempt another takeover of America, if he is reelected? Read his lips.

*Historical Note

U.S. Congressional Republicans wanted to impose stiff sanctions on Russia to try to prevent what is happening now in Ukraine. Congressional Democrats and President Biden wanted to wait until after Russia invaded Ukraine.


  1. Good to hear from you! We may often disagree but I like your perspective.

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  3. Your comment contradicts itself. I came not to care much for anonymous public discussion, yet it is popular in many places, and sometimes is necessary to protect free speakers' loved ones from mean or crazed people, such as what Donald the Great woke up and galvanized and exalted in America, and encouraged elsewhere - such as, Vladimir Putin. Then there is Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who tried to overthrow Hitler and went to a concentration camp. Author of a book about real Christianity, "The Cost of Discipleship," vs. what he called "cheap salvation", he said, "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless."