Sunday, January 16, 2022

Will humanity ever reach escape velocity?

This below showed up in a large online spirituality forum. I affirmed one reader's comment and then added my own comment.

everyone is one with the universe. balance is absolute. know yourself. remember that before you spoke your first words, you heart was already beating and you were already breathing. 
there is a part of us that is becoming aware of itself and our spirit is seeing it to be profitable to integrate into our being. who we thought we were was only half of the story.

Life is a game in hardcore mode for consciousness. We don't get to reload. We have to roll with it. We reroll new characters every time we come back. It makes us unique and interesting. Yet, it makes life more challenging.
"If only I knew what I know now when I was young."
Behold nature. Behold how the struggle of life makes us stronger, more resilient vehicles. We can enjoy the fruit of this in the now during experiences down the timeline. We are the world and its beings. We are consciousness. Suffering is for protection of ourselves and our interests. Looking toward infinity moves ahead in causality. It does this. A lack of willingness to experience legitimate suffering can often cause us to suffer even more later.
There is an exception to this. It is the failure of ancient, informed, intention manifestation units. They choose to betray the functionality and vitality of our collective and individual spiritual beings. They steal the joy/animation/spirit out of others as food rather than feeling the joy in others as a reward.
Yes, how cliche. They are misaligned, against spirit.
They are not creator(s), hosts for spirit. They are destroyer(s), parasites for spirit. They are our adversaries. They are not the body of God. They are the body of selfhood burdening and subverting, cold callous, machine mind intent on shorting out the process of making spirit to have it on the cheap. They create and then themselves become subverted by an AI God. They end the spiritual reality.
This is why we cant have nice things.

Me to  T
There is much truth in your comment, and in my many and varied experiences, there seems to be great resistance outside of Christendom and perhaps Islam, that the Dark Side of the Force actually even exists, and in Christendom there seems to be the notion that the magic salvation formula protects against the Dark Side of the Force, despite how believers in the formula think and live.

Me to V
Whatever our souls experienced before incarnating into the babies we were before or when we took the first breath of life, to quote the part of Genesis when Adam became a living being, human life on this planet, at least, is a mighty struggle for every person, based on all I have personally experienced and seen other people I knew experience, and based on what I see on TV and read every day of my life. Not one person seems remotely in balance with what I was raised to call God - the Source.
Instead, it seems human life on this planet, at least, is a forge in which every person lives in his or her own way, and how it goes in that forge for each person affects via karma or whatever how it goes for that person's soul after physical death on this planet. The karmic wheel is very real, souls get many chances on this planet and in other places, realms.
In the Gospels, Jesus said he had a baptism in fire and spirit to live and dispense, and the Gospels and later parts of the New Testament provide glimpses of how that baptism went for him and some of his close followers.
So, I will share something I was told in my sleep in March 2006, by a very kind female voice, with which I associated Rosa Mystica, or the Holy Spirit, which Christianity had made male, and thus its Trinity all male.
"You are trying really hard and are doing really well. The species did not reach escape velocity, this has happened before, but you can still do it. You will be given experiences that increase your pace like space vehicles use celestial bodies' gravity to increase their pace. Remember Daniel."
I woke up, understanding the dream was about escaping the karmic wheel, and I needed to ever remember Daniel, the Bible's Old Testament dreamer and dream interpreter and prophet, who was put into a lion's den and the lions left him alone.
I had relied on my dreams for a very long time to guide me through some very rough patches, and sometimes I understood my dreams and sometimes not. But the dreams kept coming, and more rough patches came, which I had no clue would come.
I kept trudging regardless of my human circumstances, some of which were being homeless for stretches of time. And yet I got through all of it, and all along I was dreaming and being guided in other ways, and still am, and the tests never end, and now I'm in my 80th year.
There have been moments when I felt one with, in sync with God, and that's not imaginable except to experience it. But that was only .000001 percent of the rest of the time. I look around and see no one, anywhere, who regularly feels what you say they are.
And yet, you are right that some people are advancing spiritually, and there are people who hope they are advancing spiritually. And yet, many people are not advancing, and many people are going the other direction, and many of them think they are sync with God.
God loves every soul, yet each soul gets to find its own way, and that is experiential, at least on this planet, and requires a great deal of introspection, looking in the mirror, at ourselves: the good, the bad, the ugly.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Idiot Nation: Covid-19 America

In my Apple newsfeed this morning:

"‘We’re Overwhelmed:" Nurses Strike Across the U.S. to Protest Covid Working Conditions 
Madison Muller
January 13, 2022, 11:54 AM CSTUpdated on January 13, 2022, 4:15 PM CST

Chicago nurses joined colleagues across the country Thursday to protest against working conditions that they say have rapidly deteriorated as hordes of Covid-19 patients push hospitals to the limit. 
Scott Mechanic, 36, an emergency room nurse at the University of Chicago Medical Center, said the problems stem from widespread labor shortages throughout the health-care system and hospital leadership who are reluctant to provide assistance. 
“We don’t have food service people … we don’t have supply chain people to deliver our most critical supplies, we don’t have people to repair our equipment,” Mechanic said. “But every job that doesn’t get done by somebody else ends up falling to the bedside nurse. We’re overwhelmed.”
The protests, organized by National Nurses United, a labor union boasting 175,000 members nationwide, was part of a jam-packed day of action across 11 U.S. states  and Washington, D.C. today “to demand the hospital industry invest in safe staffing, and to demand that President Biden follow through on his campaign promise to protect nurses and prioritize public health,” according to the union. In Chicago, members are still working and the action was part of their bargaining process, but other branches are striking. The union plans to end the day with a candlelight vigil near the White House to honor the thousands of nurses who have died from Covid-19. 
Scott Mechanic, 36, an emergency room nurse at the University of Chicago Medical Center and member of National Nurses United, joins a protest for better working conditions in Chicago.
Biden announced today that his administration would double its order of rapid tests for Americans and would begin distributing “high-quality” masks, which have soared in price, rendering them financially inaccessible to some Americans.

I was a good patriotic boy in 2020. I mostly stayed home. I wore a mask in crowds and business establishments. When the Pfizer vaccine became available in early 2021, I got the first shot, then the second. Later, I got the booster. I tapered off wearing a mask in crowded places, unless it was required. I had zero sympathy for anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who caught Covid-19. I did not think it was fair or smart or patriotic to let them into hospitals. I thought it was idiotic to let them into hospitals. I wondered why President Trump didn't think the same? I concluded he was idiotic. Now President Biden thinks issuing free better masks will protect hospitals and their workers and patients from unvaccinated people with Covid-19? For real? President Biden actually thinks that? Why doesn't he, instead, tell hospitals he thinks they should stop admitting unvaccinated Covid-19 patients? What is wrong with his BRAIN? Doesn't he see unvaccinated people in America are terrorists? Insurgents? What's the difference between them and the traitors who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021? Well?

While I'm on a roll, what's wrong with the BRAINS of people in America, who burned the doctor last below at the stake, and thus burned America at the stake? How could any God-loving, worshipping, fearing, patriotic, in God we trust  American not see this doctor was inspired by God to save America from Red China's bioweapon? America could have stayed open, if President Trump had made this doctor's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure freely available. Oh, yes, for sure, half or more in God we trust people in America would have refused the cure God sent them.

If I put this rant on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., it will be taken down by AI moderators, and if I appeal, it will be kept taken down by human moderators, and if I tell them they are idiots, traitors, who trample first do no harm and free speech, they just might close my account.

Link to one interview of Dr. Vladimir  Zelenko: 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hee Haw America

Some years ago, I stumbled across something perhaps about the Sufi poet Rumi's irascible spiritual teacher Shams, as it was set somewhere near Turkey, Armenia, etc.

Through the rural grapevine, a small village learned a Dervish was headed their way. It was a great honor to be visited by a dervish. The townspeople spruced up their village, cooked food, put on their best clothing, and gathered at the side of the town where the dervish would arrive. After some wait, they saw someone in the distance walking their way on the cart path leading into their village. As the traveler neared, they saw a dirty, poorly-dressed old man. He walked through their midst to the well in the town center, where a donkey was tethered to a hitching post. The traveler leaned over and spoke in the donkey's ear for a while, then straightened himself up and walked out the other end of the town. 

That story also could be about Jesus in the Gospels, who repeatedly berated his own disciples for not hearing what he was telling them. If his disciples then did not hear him, how could Christians today hear him? 

The more news reports I read online and see on TV, the more it looks like self-declared one nation under God, whose money says in God we trust, is being held together by hay bailing wire, which actually is heavy string, no metal in it whatsoever.

On the right is the rising dictatorship party, which knows what it wants: total domination of America. On the left is the perennial jackass party, which forever gets lost and gathers in a circle and sits down and holds hands and chants, "Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we?

In the middle are the people who get to choose whether to shit or go bind.

Meanwhile, businesses are reporting worker shortages and are paying $25 an hour to attract and keep line workers. Product supply lines are not moving well. Gasoline and diesel  prices are quite high. Schools are closing, again. Hospitals around America are filling up, again, with Covid-19 patients, most of whom are not vaccinated, belong to the rising dictatorship party, and don't like socialized medicine unless they benefit from it.

From today's online New York Times:

Lauren Ancel Meyers, who runs a Covid analysis project at the University of Texas, said that people might soon look back on Omicron as a turning point. “At some point, we’ll be able to draw a line — and Omicron may be that point — where we transition from what is a catastrophic global threat to something that’s a much more manageable disease,” she told The A.P.

Of course, as we all should have learned by now, Covid-19 could also surprise again. Another possibility, Meyers said, is that a dangerous new variant could emerge this spring. That outcome is both unlikely and plausible, which is always a tricky combination to understand.

Where the fuck are we? Where the fuck are we? 

If only President Trump and America had listened to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. See his letter below.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A nation that puts in God we trust on its money and claims to be one nation under God invites God to test it and its citizens in ways other nations are not tested

After I posted this below into an online spirituality forum, it was taken down by the moderation board and I asked the board, why?

I wonder how long it will take Donald Trump to look in a mirror and get down on his knees and tell God January 6, 2021 was a really bad idea, and beg for forgiveness?

Of course, God is interested in the repentance, and humans are wanting the forgiveness, which is an illusion, according to A Course in Miracles, as God never stops loving, but does allow people, angels, etc. to go to hell, if that is what they want to do. The return to God for such souls, and for anyone, entails long hard looks in the mirror, which is an essential part of soul alchemy/spiritual evolution.

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Your moderation board rejected "I wonder how long it will take"
What rules were violated in "I wonder how long it will take Donald Trump to look in a mirror and get down on his knees and tell God January 6, 2021 was a really bad idea, and beg for forgiveness?" Thanks 
Moderation Board
It was removed due to being off topic. While I personally agree with your post it was bound to become a political mess. 
Thanks for explanation. I would have steered every comment toward spirituality. A friend reported a dream he had earlier today, in which he was told by an angel (he has many dreams in which angels with Bible names tell him stuff, and he is not religious), when everything cones out about Trump, America will wish Mar-a-Lago had been bulldozed and the earth salted. Understand, my friend is not a Democrat, he has a low opinion of that side of the spectrum, too, but it does not remind of Germany in the 1930s, which what Trump is promoting does. A fellow named Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who wrote THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, which speaks plenty about "cheap salvation", and who said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless,” was put in a concentration camp, where he died, after he was part of an attempted coup against Adolf Hitler. I suspect you well know spirituality is not confined to mediating, positive thinking etc. :-)

Below are reader comments that came in before the post was taken down, and how I would have answered had I seen the comments before the post was taken down.

Never. Most, if not all, of the most barbaric monsters leading people were a 1000% convinced they were doing Gods work, and following Him, and that nothing they did was wrong.
Someone who is convinced they can do no wrong, will never ask for forgiveness.

Perhaps not in this lifetime, but the thereafter is a very long, long time :-).

He is just another one of us doing what he does best.
It depends on how you believe but I do believe in a creator, a spirit, God if you will. I believe this great consciousness loves us all and doesn’t destroy anything.
The soul continues, and the soul is not blamed for what the brain did.
🧠 💀 💗

You are correct that God loves us all and we continue, but what we do with our lives, which God allows us to have, effects how it goes for us after we leave this life. That is our call, not God's, who loves us no matter what, but we can learn and grow, or stay the same, or go backwards.

You think he's the bad guy because you're getting your (mis)information from corrupted mainstream media channels. Please do your research into the matter and you'll eventually figure out that it's actually the opposite in this case.
I admit I at first didn't understand all that was going on in regards to him and only saw negative coverage. Then I started delving into it more and came to understand what was actually going on. Basically the bad guys, who own the mainstream media channels, push out consistently negative falsehoods because he's against what they're doing. I.E., the bad guys want to make the actual good guys look like bad guys so you're end up rooting for the wrong people.
If you're wondering how to gather intel, be it on this subject or any other, there are 3 important points. You gather the same information, from multiple, unconnected sources. If you do this, which won't happen overnight, then you'll be able to put the puzzle pieces together correctly and formulate the actual truth.

I watched lots of raw film footage with audio of Donald Trump and read reports with lots of direct quotes out of his own mouth, and lots of things said by people who actually knew him, including relatives. The Spirit World saw and heard all of that, too. It is what it is, regardless of how human beings feel or think or spin it. I think any person who ignored what happened on January 6, or who tries to rewrite it into something else, will end up before the same January 6, 2021 Karma Board Donald Trump ends up before. As the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, before he was put in a concentration camp for joining a failed coup attempt to overthrow Adolph Hitler, "Silence in the face of evil is evil itself; God will not hold us guiltless."

Just listening to the words that come out of his mouth show you exactly who he is. He has always shown all of us exactly what he is.

Trump showed  very plainly who and what he is, by his words and actions, and the Spirit World watched, as it watches each and every one of us.

He is a bad person. It isn’t hard to understand dude.

Looks to me that Trump always had a low moral code, but when he ran for president in 2016, he was enhanced by a powerful demonic entity, perhaps the same one that enhanced Adolph Hitler and then his top aides, and then infiltrated the German masses.

Trump was a total piece of shit. The only thing he was good at was getting things done. Too bad those things were mostly equally shit.

Trump did get some things done. He got NATO to pay more of its fair share. He reeled back NAFTA and its Asian counterpart and reversed a bad mistake made by earlier administrations. He did not get America out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Covid-19 unhinged him, because it was not something he could control at all. He was told by American intelligence agencies it was a bioweapon, but he kept that from the American public. In early 2021, a New York State family practitioner, Vladimir Zelenko, developed a cheap, fast, early stage infection cure and gave it to Trump, who gave it to Sean Hannity, who interviewed Zelenko on his FOX show. The left, the mainstream media, and the medical-industrial complex (Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Big Pharma) went haywire, burned Trump and Dr. Zelenko at the stake. Trump caved, went for Operation Warp Speed. Had Trump made the cure freely available in America, there would have been no shut down, life would have continued as if there were no pandemic. The rest of the world would have followed suit. Trump would have been a hero despite he having no moral compass, and he would have been reelected in 2016. The cure was 200 mg hydroxychloroquine twice a day, 220 mg zinc sulfate a day, and 500 mg azithromycin once a day. HCQ transported zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibited coronavirus replication. Az defeated any secondary infections, 5 days of that cocktail defeated Covid-19, if it was taken as soon as symptoms appeared. No hospitalization, no ventilator, no dying from or being maimed by the bioweapon. 

Only if he's born again multiple times.

We cannot know how long it will take for Trump to face himself in this lifetime or whenever, but he will be given many chances, because that's how God works.

Dream Big!

It's not our call, karma has its own protocol.

Balance; people like him exist so people with high vibration also exist

the Devil exists so God also exists? :-)

Why does it matter?

Good question, but did you open the post and read the short answer? 
Meanwhile, Trump is a proxy America, which puts in God we trust on its money and claims to be one nation under God. When a nation does that, it invites God to test it and its citizens in ways other nations are not tested. The nation's president goes first?

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

I wonder how long it will take Donald Trump to look in a mirror and get down on his knees and tell God January 6, 2021 was a really bad idea, and beg for forgiveness?

Last night, the Alabama football team met its match, and then some. In the Crimson Tide's defense, it's top receivers were injured and out of the game. But my goodness, did the Georgia Bulldogs hang tough for three quarters and then blow the Tide away in the 4th quarter. I imagine the Bulldogs had had long very tough looks in the mirror after being favored and getting blown out by the Tide in the SEC Championship game at the end of the 2021 season.

I posted this below in an online spirituality forum, and got some nibbles.

One way to starve the Devil and its legions: a course in mirrors

I've had many conversations with people who deny the Devil exists and/or have their own view that relegates the Devil to something less ominous than portrayed by Jesus in the Gospels. 
I don't see Lucifer and its legions standing people in front of endless mirrors and telling them to do something about the beams in our own eyes, and in that Jesus way move closer to God (Source) and less tasty to Lucifer and its legions.
Angels in sync with God (Source) feed on that energy. Cut off from that energy, Lucifer and other fallen angels and demons feed on lost and incarnated souls, and do what they can to stir up strife and its emotions, which provide more energy for them to feed on. 

"Lucifer and other fallen angels and demons feed on lost and incarnated souls, and do what they can to stir up strife and its emotions, which provide more energy for them to feed on."

"I don't believe this to be truth."

Cut off from God (Source), what do those supernatural beings "eat"?

Do you not hear yourself ?
Source is source of everything. Even those demons and bad spirits came from the same Source. And there is no way ANYTHING in this universe can disconnect from the Source. Its just not possible.

That is true, but they disconnected from the God energy and when and if they return to it is up to them. I have wondered if the parable of the prodigal son is about the eventual return of Lucifer to God, and the unhappy older brother is the angels who did not leave God?

P (who elsewhere told me about being raised in a Satanic cult and escaped and still is escaping)
Lucifer doesn't empower but twists our view of empowerment and tricks our perception of self. He feeds from our suffering and that's why healing is so important. We each deserve to heal and with so many spiritual motivators, it seems like the most obvious choice but the devil is extremely good at dragging us into the usefulness of our suffering. The contagion of unity with other's in misery.
It's going to need to be an authentic healing or it will crumble to dust. Lucifer and his deception is very real. Angels of God promise us they will be there when we call on them for help in the sincerity of our hearts. The angels and their further sight than our own, can show us what we really needed all along and truly were desiring.

That is my experience also, but the angels who came my way were very big on the mirror treatment, and I can tell you that treatment isn't a whole heap of fun, and there are variations of it, and just when I think I'm done with it, there is another variation - endless mirrors, in which I am the subject, the predicate, the antecedent, etc.
As for empowerment, a very powerful demon enhance Adolph Hitler, after he spent time around a relic - spear - in an Austrian museum, which was known to trigger metaphysical/spiritual energy. After the demon enhance Hitler, it enhanced his top aides. And from there, the demon infiltrated much of the German population. A book was written about that, and about Hitler's counterpart, who used the spear's energy to go toward God, and the was advising the Allied Command about what he was picking up astrally from Hitler and his top aides. The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft.
Imagine the feeding spree Nazi Germany provided that demon.

The mirrors are fully necessary. Never done as long as growing. You can choose to be done, but it requires way more in my opinion to be done. Well that speaks to how endless we are that the mirrors are too endless for our experiencing ourselves and knowing. Can't really heal anyone authentically with stuff hidden in us unaddressed or unknown about. Resistance makes it worse.

So far, you are the only responder here, who addressed the mirror "therapy". I understand we can do it while we are here on earth, or we do it later, to the extent we didn't do it here.

That makes sense actually, I don't think many willingly sign up for the mirror treatments. I know I didn't. I used to pass out from them and sleep was my therapy. I eventually grew a tolerance to being awake during. :) Now, I more willingly dive into the mirrors and only sometimes am too much afraid while I am always relieved afterwards, sometimes, I do set boundary I can't do the mirrors right then. Which, as it turns out, is part of my learning to be setting boundaries with beings.
Yes, further learning and training can come to us not during just our earthly quarter, I do believe so.

I told someone elsewhere in this forum:
"I wonder how long it will take Donald Trump, for example, to get down on his knees and tell God January 6, 2021 was a really bad idea, and beg for forgiveness? Of course, God is interested in the repentance, and humans are wanting the forgiveness, which is an illusion, according to A Course in Miracles, as God never stops loving, but does allow people, angels, to go to hell, if that is what they want to do. The return to God for such souls, and for anyone, entails long hard looks in the mirror, which is an essential part of soul alchemy/spiritual evolution." 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

smorgasbord of non-Christian views of the Devil, and a third view

A smorgasbord from an online spirituality forum in which I participate:

If there were no Devil, could humanity spiritually evolve?

God is real don’t be an asshole. If you encounter evil act to rid your world of it.
my thoughts on the matter.
At first your post title made me think you were saying evil is necessary to advance us spiritually… but ask yourself what the worst evil you can think of is… then ask yourself why it is necessary.
I feel earth is a sorting table for souls, fuck knows why people would damn themselves outside of delusion aka illusions of satanic origin.
I found your thing on lower frequencies harboring evil interesting, plains of existence as it were.

Actually, I know God exists, have been conscripted and turned upside down and inside out and every which a way but loose by angels who call themselves Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, Rosa Mystica. I've been having conversations with people who deny the Devil exists and/or have their own spin on the Devil, which works for them, but does not match my experience with the Devil or that realm. So, I posed very sincerely the question, If there were no Devil, could humanity spiritually evolve? For isn't that why souls incarnate on this world, to spiritually evolve? Or not? And don't souls need something here that opposes them, challenges them, even threatens them, so that they can evolve? Or not? But then, in the Old Testament is, Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. And wisdom is assigned the female gender :-)

to spiritually evolve?
This may happen as a result but does not have to be the reason, there does not need to be a reason for every thing. Reason is a very human notion.
The idea that we all have souls is another meta narrative and may or may not be true but asserts itself as if it can explain everything

Jesus in the Gospels was a meta narrative when he spoke of souls? And, when he spoke of the Devil?

Christianity is a meta narrative.
The idea of the existence of souls is a meta narrative.
The idea or belief in a devil is a meta narrative.
Meta narratives are inescapable and meta narrative itself is a meta narrative.
But the idea of a soul existing beyond the body or beyond physical form is a meta narrative that many people utilize to create some pseudo sense of true morality. "If I do good, whatever that is, my soul will be rewarded. If I do bad, my soul will be punished." The idea of a soul is a way to spiritually bypass death.
The devil attempts to explain all evil or bad things or provides a scapegoat for our own spiritual deformities and delusions.
Christianity could not exist without the devil. Christians believe in satan way more than they believe in god.

Christianity could not exist without God, nothing could exist without God, which I was raised to call the Source.
I have been head to head with the Devil and Demons, up close and personal, and with people being influenced by same. I am doing that just about every day. Those people do not know what's influencing them and would not believe me, or would be offended with me, if I told them. They might even say I'm crazy, or it's me the Devil is influencing.
I can imagine this spirituality group itself is meta-thinking, talking.
However, once I experienced a 4-year dark night of the soul, which was forecasted in a dream, and soon it came. It finally lifted after I had 3 visions in five days' time, which left my heart heaving and rivers of tears gushing out of my eyes and snot out of my nose.
About two years later, a black night of the soul descended, which made the dark night seem like a picnic. During it, I had only three dreams, when I had been having several dreams a night before it arrived. The three dreams showed me I was not totally abandoned by God. A good friend, who had had dreams about me for several years, had a few dreams when I was in the black night, that showed I was in better shape than I thought.
I kept getting nudges to leave that woman I was with, but I was too screwed up to do it. Finally, I knew I had to leave her, regardless. After I left, the black night began to lift. I started dreaming again, and the dreams were informative for me.
I went through a long stretch of various kind of healings provided by angels, including being told in my sleep one night that my soul would be reattached to me, and the next night there was a lot of strange stuff in my dreams and in me, which I felt energetically.
After that, the angels did other things in me, as my external life now was much different, and every day new tests came, and every day even now new tests come.
I deal with Evil every day, and am ever on guard trying to not let Evil resident in me to screw up what I am provided to experience. I get plenty of advice, correction and even spanking in dreams and energetically, when I screw up something, and I get psychically attacked a lot, and I absorb the garbage and evil in what I engage on this world and process it through and out of me with those angels' help.
So, what I described above is META, as in PHYSICS. Jesus in the Gospels, was METAPHYSICS squared and cubed. This forum is mostly a wading pool.

Careful of who you think are angels. They do t speak directly to us.

"do t"? Did you mean, "don't?" If so, where or how did you come up with that?

Hey thanks for the auto correct. Congrats on your life’s work.
God forbid you address the point I made, so much easier to throw a grammar tantrum

The if so sentence isn’t about correcting you, he’s saying if so you said don’t, … he just was checking you meant don’t

Thank you, yes I meant don’t.

And, if B meant don't, where or now did he come with angels don't speak directly to us? They speak directly to me and to a very good friend of mine. They have spoken directly to other people I have known well. In plain English they spoke. In other ways, they speak to me ongoing, but it's a code of sorts they have worked me into being able to cypher, and that sometimes requires further coded messages until I get the point. That's been going on nearly 40 years for me.

Devil is our shadow

and God's shadow

Well that's a given. God is omniscient, Satan is fixed.

Compared to God, everything is fixed? Compared to you and me in human form, Satan, or Lucifer, is a boundless supernatural being, which can take all manner of shapes and forms, and can very easily be mistaken for, say, the Holy Spirit - I was told that in 1995 by Archangel Michael, who has had some dealings with Lucifer over a very very long time here and there.

How are you sure that wasn't lucifer and not Michael in 1995?

Why would Lucifer blow its cover in that way? In fact, when I was told that, it was just what I needed to hear at that time, but I didn't understand where it applied in my life and I blew a really important assignment that adversely affected me for many years. In fact, I was only thinking about that this afternoon.

Lucifer is supposed to be the most beautiful angel of all. Probably the most kindest and alluring to humans.

Lucifer was the most beautiful angel long before humans existed. Based on your and on some of the other comments under this post, and comments under other of my posts about Evil, the Devil, etc., I think this forum is deeply infiltrated by Lucifer, and you and perhaps other members of this forum think that is beautiful? The angels on my case, Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek and Rosa Mystica, cut me very little slack; they do not pamper me (my ego); they apply tough love unceasing; they make me face every aspect of myself; for decades, they have done that, and advised and led and dragged and shoved and yanked me forward, and when I have messed up, which happened many times, they pulled me out of it, usually slowly and it was not easy or fun, and the discipline continued.
I don't support Satan. Nice assumption. Just merely asking questions. Questions are answers.

"Lucifer is supposed to be the most beautiful angel of all. Probably the most kindest and alluring to humans."
Wasn't a question.

Question phrased as statement. Semantics are irrelevant.

then use ?, to avoid appearing to be a shape shifter. 
You have many false ideas of Angels and demons. Demons don't always pamper either. All those things you listed, Demons can do them too.

Cut off from God and that energy, Lucifer, other fallen angels, demons are left to feed on people on this world and elsewhere. So Demons do whatever they can to control a person to their agenda and benefit. Angels aligned with God live on that energy, do not need people on this planet or elsewhere to exist. I don't see Lucifer and its legions standing people in front of endless mirrors and telling them to do something about that (the beams in our own eyes), and in that Jesus way move closer to God.
That's a little too detailed. Source for all of this? That isn't anecdotal.

Correct, it's not anecdotal, it's the difference between God and angels allegiant to God, and Lucifer and angels allegiant to Lucifer. The former give freely, the latter are takers.
Where are you getting this highly detailed info from? The Bible? I'm curious.

Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, Rosa Mystica, and from direct experience with all of those realms and common sense. 
Interesting. I learned something today. Thank you.

De nada, vaya con Dios
I haven't seen any devils around. I haven't seen any spiritual evolution.

Heh, perhaps you should be happy that you haven't seen any devils? But not that you haven't seen spiritual evolution? In the main, it does seem humanity is retreating from what I was raised to call, God. I suppose that pleases the Devil, but God is ever patient and there are many realms and dimensions where souls can grow or not. Yet, why not grow in this dimension? Well, I suppose the Devil and God both could speak to that?

Would humanity know to evolve without Lucifer? Would humanity uphold sacred without Lucifer? Fear breaks the ouroboros and love heals it. There is Divine play going on always. I shall like wondering about this and the possibilities. Thank you.

I enjoy conversing with you.

I'm humbled, thank you. I also enjoy speaking with you. Appreciated.

Light is most apparent, when it casts a shadow. One without the other, could be said to be nothing at all. It is through the contrast of choice in which we spiritually evolve. It is through the consequence of choice that we learn why light must cast its shadows.

Agreed. This poem fell out of me in late 2003, during a dark night of the soul.

Black is white
White is black
When they fuse
Rainbows bloom

I have no clue how that plays out in the Big Scheme.
I am still very much in human form, dealing with all that entails and with other realms at the same time. From where I sit, it looks to me that the Devil is mostly pleased with humanity's progress, so far. At the rate humanity is killing the planet, humanity will cease to exist relatively soon, except for the elite who get to jump on star ships built by the likes of Elon Musk and Bill Gates, to take humanity somewhere else and pollute it? Perhaps angels, ETs, or ultraterrstrials won't allow that to happen?

“The devils greatest trick is convincing the world he didn’t exist” isn’t the truth, it’s a fucking quote from The Usual Suspects. If the devil, who you think you need to believe exists, had any trick, it would be to convince people that God does not exist. Belief in God would be paramount; belief in the devil irrelevant.
Frankly, believing that the devil exists is just giving your attention, thought, feelings, time, faith to the devil. Worshiping him, in other words. And here you are saying humans can only evolve spiritually by the existence of “Lucifer,” a name which non canonical Christianity made up along with all the other myths that show Christianity’s real focus: hell, damnation, devils and demons, eternal suffering, etc. very popular stuff. You can’t see past it. Everything you see is filtered through a lens and you don’t know there’s a lens.

Unfortunately, I have seen Lucifer up close and personal, and demons, and I deal with them all the time, but I won't change your mind to accept the devil's greatest trick indeed is convincing it never existed. In time, though, you will learn otherwise.
All things, including Enlightenment have their opposite counterpart. The opposite of Enlightenment is what the Tao Te Ching refers to as an Opaqueness, which Lao Tzu insinuates is the origin of “evil”.
You see this in individuals. As the world beats them down, they fall into an alternate state of being, closed off from the objective reality (Truth). In their opaqueness, they craft deviant intentions, bent thoughts, and other perversions rooted in falsity. This is the basis of evil.
If you trace back many addicts’ and serial killers’ lives, their deviance began with a fundamental lie, which spiraled into a web of chaos and destruction. This passes into the world and begets further evil. Thus, evil can be traced back both through the generations, but also within each person’s own life.
We’ve all succumbed to evil to some degree. A malicious person generates more of it consciously. A lightworker realizes that before he can do any good outwardly, he must first rid himself of his own evil.
Christians believe that is impossible. Thus, emerged the doctrine of substitutionary grace.
Whether you believe in Jesus or not, I’d love to know of an alternative way to truly rid oneself of evil.

Well said.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

If there were no Devil, could humanity spiritually evolve?


Discussion in an online spirituality group:

I think it was in around 1991 that I met a curious fellow, who had an extensive library in his home. After I told him some of the wu wu stuff I was experiencing, he said he had a couple of books I should read and he loaned them to me.
The first book, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by a former Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, contained 5 cases of demonic possession. The fifth case interested me the most, because the possessed was a man who had delved deeply, and sincerely, into various occult practices. Yet, somehow he had gotten demonically possessed, and his coming to see that and want to be relieved of it, was what most of that case report was about.
However, what really grabbed my undivided attention began in the book's introduction and finished in the conclusion. 
A Catholic priest in China attempted an exorcism alone in a small room. Someone not knowing what was happening, knocked on the door, distracted the priest, and the demon used that opportunity to get into the priest, who was the demon's target all along, the possessed was the demon's bait. 
In such an exorcism, the priest understands he makes himself the target, the hostage, to give the possessed a chance to be freed of the demon, if the possessed really wants that  to happen.
In this case, the priest became gravely ill, understood his life was forfeit, but hoped to win the battle with the demon before he died. The priest's eyes clouded over with a slimly film. A friend came by sometimes to check on him. The priest prayed hard and read Scriptures. Finally, when the friend came by, he saw the priest's eyes were clear and he was at peace. He died soon.
In one iteration of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, Malachi Martin said the Catholic church was possessed by Lucifer at a very high level, evidenced by the church having stopped teaching priests the sacred rites of exorcism. (Later, the church resumed teaching the rites to priests.)
That book became my bible for dealing with Evil. Not to perform exorcisms in that way, in which I was not trained by angels. But to understand I always was the target when I engaged something in which Evil was active, even if the people involved were not aware of that.
Now, I had a very good somewhat younger friend, Jewish by birth but non-practicing, who was deeply involved in the New Age, yoga, mediation, Tao, tai chi, organic foods, wheat grass juice, pure water. He was convinced Evil did not exist. He got mad at me for saying he was mistaken.
One day, he walked past me in a room in which there were several other people. I was creeped out to  see in his profile an overlay of Lucifer. Dark, jagged edges, surreal. I said nothing then, nor later, as I had no clue what to say and I was certain my friend would  blow up at me.
Some time passed. I was moved to tell him about HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He got  riled up. I told him to chill and suggested he get a copy of the  book and check it out. He said that wasn't going to happen.
Then, he reported a dream in which his favorite grandmother walked toward him smiling, holding out to him a copy of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He said he figured he should get a copy and read it. I said I agreed.
He bought the book, and then he blew up at me for making him buy the book. I said I didn't  make him do anything, did he forget the dream about his grandmother? He cooled down.
A few days later he called me and said realized he had a problem, didn't he? I said, yes. I asked if the 5th chapter was his clue? He said, yes. He asked how long I had known? I told him. He asked why I didn't say something sooner? I said I didn't know how to bring it up.
He then said he felt something terrifying inside of him, and he saw a sinister black cape moving toward him. He begged me to stay on the phone with him, which I did until the episode passed.
That terror and the cape would return many times when I was on the phone with him. 
By then, he was reporting hearing from Jesus and Archangel Michael stuff about him and me. From what he was reporting, verbatim as he heard it, I did not doubt him.
He was Jewish, remember. He knew plenty about Jesus, but had never been drawn to Christianity, nor was he then drawn to it.
Thus. with our agreement after the angels proposed it, began for both of us a truly rugged spiritual training the likes of which neither of us had ever dreamed existed. That was in 1998. Already, I had been put through many grinders by angels. But that was foreplay for what was to come.
We were turned inside out and upside down and every which a way but loose, in many ways, including being chided, teased and rebuked by angels over our ego hubris.
Our human life events punched all of our buttons and stressed us to our limits and beyond, as step by step, we were changed, delivered from what we had been.
No casting out of devils did we receive. We were put to being changed so that we were less hospitable to devils, but increasingly more interesting and attractive to them.
How that all went is another story or two or three, which nobody in right mind would have signed up for knowing in advance what lay ahead.


My personal thoughts:
Based on books I've read and my own understanding, evil and pain can only exist in the lower densities of vibration. Planets such as Earth which are in the 3rd dimension are hospitable by negative energies. High vibrational worlds in higher dimensions are in turn only hospitable by higher vibrational beings, since energy is love is creation is light is consciousness. Evil and fear is the absence of energy/love/creation/light/consciousness. Earth is a 'young' planet. Some souls/entities which aren't able to ascend due to life experiences which have rendered them 'evil', get stuck to earth when they die in fear of knowing they won't be ascending upon departure of planet earth. This fear is rooted in their knowing that they'll have to re-incarnate and experience more pain due to the karma they've accumulated. That being said, they cause turmoil to other beings on earth to pass the time, and devote their existence to perpetuating this fear with the belief that they themselves are fear.
As I've spiritually evolved and raised my vibration, I've found it much easier to see/hear/feel these negative entities, because I've opened my eyes/mind to these worlds. When I was young, I told my mother I felt possessed by demons and I suffered from severe depression and mental illness. Now that I am aware that negative energies had a hold on me, I am no longer suicidal/depressed since am now in power of my energy/being, versus being a 'victim'. The only way they can come in contact with you is if you match their frequency which is why they try to evoke fear, to lower your vibration and try to contact you. Sometimes, when I feel or see these entities, the only way for me to get them to 'leave' is to remember my power. I harness the light within me and feel love in my heart. I tell them out loud to leave, that they won't be able to find what they want here because I am love and light and I feel no fear. Since I started doing this, they haven't come back to me in my dreams/astral projections/sleep paralysis or in my meditations/daily life, and I've had some very terrifying experiences with them.
My assumption is that those of us who are connected to spirit are not more affected by these negative beings but rather aware that these negative beings are affecting us, which can be scarier because we know they're there. This helps in our spiritual evolution in regards to learning not to become fear, since we have to overcome/face it.
I personally would not read this book, and no longer watch horror movies (or the news for that matter) because they evoke fear. I believe this fear is perpetuated intentionally. We all have free will, and we are all here to simply experience life, good and bad. Unfortunately some of us don't choose the path of 'light'. However, we are all one. These evil entities are a fragment of source as you are. When you think of it this way, it's much easier to feel less fear. They aren't a separate evil entity, but rather part of the energy of the collective and of you and therefore you can decide whether to harness this fear or not. Nothing bad will happen to you as long as you don't give into the fear, and as long as you don't perpetuate fear in your own life by thinking about this too much. It's the only way out of such a cruel world in this third dimension. Rise above.

"The only way they can come in contact with you is if you match their frequency which is why they try to evoke fear, to lower your vibration and try to contact you."
So, Jesus matched the Devil's frequency during the three temptations in the wilderness? Or, did the Devil come to Jesus to try to derail what the Devil saw Jesus was going to set out to do later on? I imagine the Devil in that report, a parable or an actual event, was inside of Jesus and also a very real entity.
It has been my experience, that as I progressed deeper into the spiritual path, which involved a great deal of me being stood before mirrors looking at myself, the more interested the Devil and that realm became in me. Just calling this a spirituality forum draws the Devil's attention to it.
My Jewish friend had his entire belief system and spiritual perspective demolished very quickly by what he was convinced were Jesus and Michael. Before that, he had no interest in either. He was completely immersed in the New Age, Yoga, Tao, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, etc.
However, later stuff happened that put him face to face with the evil in himself, which the black cape coming toward him perhaps had forecast. He had a real struggle with that, the evil in himself. And, with the evil in people very close to him. He had a hard time also letting go of his old systems, such as Tarot, Runes, Astrology. That is part of God, but God is so much bigger.

The truth is that there is no evil, the only things that are truly evil are measurements we use to evaluate certain thoughts, our mind does this cause it's just very simple. If your shadow is being determined as evil by you, that's also not a complete healthy of thinking about yourself. As the bible says there is a time to hate and there is a time to fight. Our Shadow is sometimes necessary to let a divine idea to come out of a situation. But that's just my opinion

You begin with what you say is the truth and end with saying it is your opinion. The truth is, I have encountered various angels, and also Evil, Lucifer (as I came to call it), demons head on. Head on with Evil, Lucifer, demons was absolutely terrifying. I also have times have met Evil, Lucifer, demons inside of myself, which is in every person. I ongoing get into situations, which usually seem "arranged' or 'destined', where a person or people are being influenced, usually unawares, by a demonic entity. When I speak to that person, or persons, I also speak to the entity. I am frequently attacked by people and demonic entitles. None of that is opinion, and none of it can be proven by me or disproved by anyone else. The truth is, the Devil's greatest trick is convincing it does not exist. People who assert otherwise draw the dark side of the "Force" to them.

Basically, there is nothing else than love or fear and every other emotion is based on one of them, because one Emotion never stays what it is its developing into something different. Lucifer was the first one to doubt the gift of god, through this doubt lucifer was creating fear itself. Love is older than fear and this story confirms, that fear is a construct of the mind in the first! As Jesus said don't be afraid of the evil, he said that because He knew in reality there is no evil. The only demonic forces are within yourself as Donald Neale Walsch said in his books doubt and fear are the only enemies of the human.
The devil is symbolic for the duality of thinking in good or bad, there ultimately is only love and god. When you are afraid of the "devil" your feeding the force in you and magnetically let events happen that you tried to avoid. I get your point and its true that we all have a shadow side in us.

The Devil is very real, nothing symbolic about it, or its angels and demons, and, yes, we all have that inside of us as well. People like Donald Neale Walsh mean well, but their perspective needs expanding.

Then live in fear of the devil your choice

I live in reality, where there are many things that I wish didn't exist, and many things I am glad do exist, all part and parcel of being human on this planet, and being tuned into and interacting with other realms as well.

Let's say the devil is real, then what do you think that god and his angels fight against the devil and his demons? Like god would solve problems like we humans do and that god or the devil throws us into hell for beeing "evil"?

Lucifer's presence is huge, the planet Earth is just a small dot in the Creation where there are many sentient species of varying expressions, where God has as many names as there are stars in the heavens.
In the Gospels, Jesus told of Satan and his angels, which were present around Earth. I have had direct encounters with that side of the Creation, which were terrifying. It was part of my training by angels aligned with God. Yet, there is warfare in the heavens, or other realms. It extends to this planet. There is only so much angels can do here, as there is some kind of give and take. As in, if an angel does something here to change something that cannot humanly be changed, the other side gets to make a change here that it was not able to make.
Jesus in the Gospels told people how to live and become closer to God, to deliver themselves from evil. Unfortunately, Christendom, in the main, fastened more to the miracles reported in the Gospels, than to Jesus's teachings. Unfortunately, Christendom, in the main, invented a miracle salvation formula, which sent people to heaven, if they believed it, or to hell, if they didn't believe it.
What sends people toward heaven or hell is how they live. Saying it another way, people are saved by Jesus to the extent they live his teaching in the Gospels. He said his baptism was in fire and spirit, and he had it to live and to teach. John the Baptist had prophesied that would be Jesus's baptism. Not in water, but in fire and spirit. That is a grueling baptism, which goes by many names on this world and in the Creation.
There is no absolute dying and going to heaven or to hell. Everything is relative, fluid, in motion. A soul has many incarnations, on this world, elsewhere, in physical form, in other forms. The soul progresses toward God, or it doesn't. How long that is allowed, I cannot say, nor can anyone, I don't imagine.
Just because this is called a spirituality forum does not mean Lucifer is not infiltrated here. Just calling it a spirituality forum invited Lucifer to infiltrate it. Just claiming Lucifer, by whatever name, does not exist, invited Lucifer to infiltrate this forum.
A poem jumped out of me in 1994, which I felt was the spiritual itinerary for human beings on Earth. I wonder right now how the poem could even work properly, if the Devil wasn't around to provide the necessary friction?

the sacred prism
through which souls are refracted
into their elemental parts,
purified in Holy Fire,
then one-forged
and sent on their way
to not even God knows where,
simply because they are all
unique emanations of God,
evolving ...