Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Is the crossing over of Jim Hendrick in Key West a latter day version of the parable of the man whose sight was restored by Jesus?

In yesterday's post at this blog, the Buddhist Brian Morr entered the discussion regarding the crossing over of the Buddhist Jim Hendrick, of Key West. Brian later made this comment, to which I responded at length, because of a dream someone else in Key West had about me last night.

  • Brian Morr Sloan Bashinsky your comments here were very interesting and often insightful reading. Thank you, friend.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Brian Morr Thanks. Most Buddhists (not all) I have known were able to see life literally and also metaphorically, different things happening at the same time. Wayne Lewis does not seem to have dual vision. Jim Hendrick did not seem to me to have dual vision.

    Most Christians I have known did not have dual vision, despite Jesus told his disciples in the gospels: let those who can see, see, and those who can hear, hear: and he taught them the mysteries of God directly, but he taught the masses in parables.  Looks to me the entire Bible is a blend of historical facts and parables, which I can only imagine makes a strict literal (mental, scientific, etc.) interpretation perilous.

    Looks to me each person's life is both literal and parables, given it is generally accepted that the conscious mind is perhaps 10 percent of the mind, and the rest is subconscious or unconscious. My understanding is Buddhism is about the unconscious becoming conscious. Waking up, as Jesus repeatedly advised in the gospels. Gosh, was Jesus a Buddhist?

    I recall reading somewhere that Buddha had said he was not a god but was a man, and someday a teacher greater than he would come along. I had that conversation with Jim Hendrick and other people in Key West,and that I thought Jesus was that greater teacher.

    Jim's view was Jesus was strictly a man. Nothing supernatural about him. I told Jim that was not accurate. Jesus was a supernatural being in a human body. I suppose that is true of everyone, but Jesus knew what he was, and nobody around him knew what they were, and that seems not to have changed.

    The "speculating" aside, what Jim's passing poignantly has brought to my attention again is just how little most left behind people concern themselves with what a crossed over soul now is experiencing. While Buddhists tend to think more in the continuum of life direction, most Christians and Muslims, for example, assume there is nothing to wonder about, as their scriptures have that all figured out for them. They all die and go to heaven. And, well, too bad for people who don't believe as they do.

    How small and mean-spirited they have made God, in their own image? Fortunately for them, and for everyone else, God did not go along with it.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Brian Morr You might find this interesting, other people might not.

    My girlfriend lives on the streets of Key West. She was born with seer ability, but resented it and ran from it. Drinking and smoking cigarettes helped keep it somewhat at bay. I told her after it seemed we might become an item, that if she stuck around me, she would have lots of dreams and visions, as that had happened to other women I was paired with by the angels who run, own, boss, teach and correct me. She was not exactly thrilled when my prediction came true. I wrote about her many times in many ways on my blog. Sometime I report visions and dreams she reports to me.

    She called and woke me up around 5:30 a.m. today, to report a dream she'd had about 3:30 a.m. Key West time. I'm an hour behind. In my spirit code, 3 is the number for The Holy Spirit. In her dream, there were two of me, dressed in white smocks like Jesus wore. The two mes were walking together away from her. Then we separated and went down different roads. Then, she heard "parable", and she woke up, freaked out.

    She often wakes up from dreams or visions about me or her or other people, freaked out, and then she calls me and blabbers her interpretation, and it takes me a while to get her to simply tell me the dream, or the vision. It's like pulling hens' teeth, to get her just to tell me all the details of what she saw and heard, and leave out her editing.

    I kept hoping something like that would befall Jim Hendrick when he was still alive, that he would start experiencing downloads from the spirit realms. I kept hoping that would happen to everyone I knew in Key West, and to everyone else there, and to everyone everywhere. But then, when I see how my girlfriend still handles it, maybe I should not wish that on everyone? Or on anyone?

    Yet, if people are not woken up when they are alive on this planet, but wait to be woken up like Gloria Riser was shown Jim Hendrick was woken up after he left this life, does that mean yet another life on this planet is in store? Or on some other planet, or in some other place, where what could have been grokked on this world is given another chance to be grokked in a different place, life, time, etc?

    The cycle of birth and death and rebirth on this planet, and eventually escaping it, is part of Buddhist "philosophy". Jesus' disciples referred to it, when they asked him in the gospels, who had sinned, the man, or his parents, that caused him to be born blind? Right there, hidden in plain view in the gospels - discussion of a prior lifetime. Yet Jesus said it was neither in that case. The man was born blind, so that the glory of God could be seen when he was given sight by Jesus. Yet, well, is that not also a parable?


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