Wednesday, September 4, 2019

a Buddhist, a mystic, a shaman, and a nobody prophet of God discuss humanity and God's ways in Key West and elsewhere

The Buddhist Brian Moore responded to my comments in yesterday's Is the crossing over of Jim Hendrick in Key West a latter day version of the parable of the man whose sight was restored by Jesus? post at this blog, which opened a few more doors:

  • Brian Morr Sloan Bashinsky That's an interesting series of events.
    In my understanding of the next life, whether that is here or in another realm is all about whether you still need to grow to step up to the next level of existence.
    Is that person ready to move on. Who knows? Only that higher creator power, whatever one chooses to name it, knows that or can decide.
    As far as the blind child, that sounds very much like a parable to me.
  • Brian Morr I don't get caught up in tables, titles, etc. I stick to the reality of what the higher being(s) is/are. That's the problem that religions run into. Conflict over naming. Meanwhile we're all Talking about the same creator being(s)
  • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, again, Brian. I think you summed up well the spiritual process of human beings on this world and before and after they are here. Labels can cause trouble, but I grew up in Christendom and during an intense time in my dying and changing, certain numbers in my sleeping dreams, waking visions, and human experiences (waking dreams) came to represent something for me.

    Actually, The Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, not male, as is presented in Christendom's Trinity. Jesus is 2, the Father is 1, Melchizedek is 6, 5 is the feminine generally, 4 is politics, 7 is the mark of God on a person or event, 9 is completion, 26 is the number for God. In my spirit code. I imagine in the spirit level, such things speak for themselves.

    My homeless reluctant seer girlfriend in Key West told me on the phone last night, that for several nights running, she saw herself in dreams using her hands and arms to ward Hurricane Dorian away from Florida. She also saw in the dreams President Trump in Washington, D.C., worrying about Dorian wrecking the American eastern seaboard and his home in West Palm Beach.

    About around 5 days before Hurricane Irma was to reach Key West, she told me she woke up around dawn and saw two huge male arms and hands reach down through the clouds and nudge Irma slightly eastward, and just before Irma reached Key West, she turned slightly eastward, presenting only her clean side to Key West. It then came to me that what had set that up was African shamans were very upset over Key West having placed a dog park over African slave remains, and they had steered Irma at Key West. The TV and online weather reports had shown Irma was making a beeline straight at Key West. The city was spared Irma's dirty side, because my homeless girlfriend was trapped there.

    I published that at my blog and that the City Commission should give her a key to the city and a free apartment and a money allowance for the rest of her life. I suppose you can imagine that didn't happen. President Trump should do that for her, if Dorian doesn't wreck Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, etc. I hate what happened to those people in the Bahamas. But then, I suppose there is karma that has to be reckoned with by anyone who lives in a hurricane zone.

    I suppose you can imagine my talking about such matters face to face and on my blogs when I lived in Key West, enhanced my image as the city's head lunatic. So, in 2018, when I ran for mayor the 6th time, after being introduced to the audience (who already knew me) by my good friend and Hometown!'s chairman, Todd German, I said, It is well known that Key West is an open air insane asylum and I am its head lunatic, so why not make it official, Sloan for mayor! Lots of laughs, and I imagined gasps, which crashing reality can achieve. 51, I think was the count, true believers voted for me.

    I felt that was the last hurrah. Turned out it was. I moved away later that year, wondering what lay ahead? Wondering what was left behind? Getting up each morning and doing what is in front of me. Chop wood, carry water.

    Meanwhile, my homeless girlfriend called this morning to say she had the same dream against last night, of seeing two mes in white smocks like what Jesus wore, walking away from her, then we came to a fork in the road and one me went down one fork, and the other me went down the other.

    I said, perhaps that dream is about me speaking to two different audiences, one can hear me, the other cannot. She said, the third audience doesn't give a shit. There's that, I said.

    But as sit here just now, I am reminded of Key West poet laureate Robert Frost having written that he walked on a road in the woods and came to where the road divided into two roads and the took the one less traveled by and that had made all the difference. I sure did that, and perhaps now I am doing the other road, too? Who can say?

    Mystery, suspense and unknowing are part and parcel of being human on this world, yet some of humanity's religions, not Buddhism so much, but Christianity and Islam, for examples, claim to know much certainty about whatever is in charge of everything. I call it God. Yet I don't have a clue what's going to happen in the next five minutes, and neither does anyone else I know.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Meanwhile, regarding the "op-ed" below . I was told in a dream that the author is a prophet of God and I am his John the Baptist. I took that to mean I would be the public outlet, for now. Quite a few times over the years, Christians told me that God quit speaking directly to people after the Bible came to be. I told them they could not be more mistaken.


  • Nukes

    The future of the world hang’s in the balance of current choices where we stand on nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Despite the assurance of many governments that they are disarming and are more carefully processing the development of nuclear power- all that I can say is that is typical government smokescreen.

    I have seen visions and I have done research into how the Russians are handling their current nuclear crisis. It is a wake-up call to mankind. Stop nuclear power, stop it now. Stop nuclear weapons, stop them now. The reality is that the situation in Russia is much worse than they are letting on. Look at the use and availability of industrial chemicals and reagents used in the abatement and treatment of nuclear exposures in the environment. That is empirical proof if you do not believe in the spiritual.

    If mankind continues as they are this is what they face: one day, someone becomes too comfortable and a reactor overheats, fission becomes out of control, and the reactor enters into the melt down. We know from Chernobyl that the best outcome is you create radioactive lava and you have to install a heat exchanger system that is expensive beyond belief. But in the case of this reactor in the future, we don't react quickly enough. We don't have the hard laborers to dig the tunnels, we don't have the brain trust available to manage the crisis. This reactor will be situated over an aquifer. Unlike the story HBO and British Television told about Chernobyl, should a meltdown reach an aquifer, it won't be the poisoning of the water we have to worry about. It will be the steam that is created by the heat and sealed in by development- roads, walkways, houses, condos, apartments, malls, etcs will cover this aquifer and it will seal it in. The result will be a thermo-nuclear explosion that results in nuclear winter.

    Fukushima was meant as man's wake-up call. A country that had been bombed by nuclear weapons, felt the famous quote of Robert Oppenheimer's- that he remembered from the Vedas- "I have become death destroyer of worlds." A country that yearly has a monsoon season. And yet it took the chance to build several nuclear power plants, despite the risk of a catastrophic monsoon being a 20-25 year annual event. We grossly damaged the planet.

    Atlantis, the once famous continent as described by the historian Herodotus, exists in the desert sands of Mauritania.

    There are cultures long forgotten in the Yucatan and the Amazon.

    Untold stories of cultures before modern man lie buried in the Sahara desert.

    In Turkey an entire civilization built hypogeums that are beyond are our understanding of structural engineering, sound, and wave physics.

    Where are those civilizations that built those things ?

    The answer is that the Board of Directors of All Mankind chose to recycle them, chose to bring new earth over old, and another civilization comes along. We vastly overestimate our value to the earth as a species- in the way we treat each other, in the way we treat our environment, and our wildlife.

    We're due for a recycling if we choose to continue along our current path. Maybe not this lifetime, maybe not your children's lifetime, or their children's. But maybe so within your children's grandchildren. Unless we change drastically our view of the world, break down the barriers we've built up against our fellow man, stop dabbling in powers beyond our means of understanding- well then, we'll be recycled in a nuclear winter.

    Should we continue as a species to displease the Chairman of Mankind's Board of Directors- the recycling will be sooner rather than later.

    This has been a message from Mr. Nobody. More to come.

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