Sunday, July 28, 2019

the radicalization of white men, and white women, in America

Sancho Panza responded to yesterday's Take America Back Squads mantra: "Send him back! Send him back!" to New York City, where the U.S. Attorney Office awaits him with open arms post at this blog:

You wrote this piece on July 13 and I just now got it? What's going on? Somebody messing with your email account? Anyway, Trump is really doing a job on people who take this shit seriously! I told you a while back that videos are the way of the future, most people get tired just reading one paragraph! Take a look at these two black guys ranting about shit like women vs men and other things you like to talk about: 

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

As I waded through Sancho's email and the two videos, I replied:

1) I published it today, the target was the judge and FOX and the Republican Party, and my smart ass friends who voted for Tweety The Great

2) Watched Jericho Green's rant against liberal women. He's right, women were not treated nearly as bad as black slaves in early America. I think, though, he's a bit mcp (oink!), if he thinks women have same rights and chances as men in this life. And, since he is a man, his plumbing is male, he has no standing to tell any woman, except his own wife and daughters, how they should deal with their own bodies. Maybe Trump should choose Green as his v.p. running mate in 2020.

Meanwhile, an amiga wrote me this about today's post:

Not wishing to comment publicly, I never give attention to Old Salt, the upper classes flirt with Satanism and it's considered, since forever, to be sophisticated, if one is sinful and decadent. To care about goodness, sneered at, laughed at, freely mocked and ridiculed and there's nothing new under the sun. I'm proud to know you, you're a valiant Prince among men. I'm wondering if your girlfriend would prefer the "homeless" adjective taken out of her basic description? Or if wanting to keep integrity, and i do understand the need, maybe "Vagabond Visionary Extraordinaire", it seems she saw the truth of you when so many were only offering derision and complaint that you did not live your life showing you believed the Emperor's robes quite fine.

I told an amigo today, that I don't have time or energy to take prisoners, for then you have to feed and house them.


3) Homeless seer girlfriend told me today, that when she first laid eyes on me, and we locked glances, she knew there was nothing evil in me. Maybe she needed to get herself to an eye doctor? Maybe she forgot all the times she then tore me up? But that's what she said when we talked on the phone tonight. Sometimes she dreams of me in shining knight armor. She dreams about me in lots of different contexts. Not all knight in shining armor.

4) Watched the Omar You Tube this morning. The black commentator makes good points, however, if he is not aware of the radicalization of white men, and white women, in America, being egged on by Donald Trump, then he has his head way up where the sun never shines.

Post-publication chatter with Sancho:


What is "Radicalization", an excuse for not thinking? People "know" as much as they can "see" and NOBODY sees all, so the HUA epithet could be said of all of us... including, BTW, yourself! Oink!  Emoji

Every creature has a little niche, Jericho Green is using Youtube as his attention gathering,  fishing hole... I think it can be lucrative, if you get a big enough audience! I don't know anything about Satanism, but if somebody can monetized that, I am sure that it would flourish and be lucrative, like being a pastor or a senator... or a liar, ugh, I  mean a lawyer!  

Thank God for mirrors!

Indeed, thank God for mirrors, if only they were not so easy to break, or ignore. Got a real beauty in my personal life right now. Don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

Looks to me radicalization of thinking can be actually waking up a bit, or being mesmerized and blindly following or being manipulated.

Next day update:

Hoodoo Witch, one of my friends who voted for Trump, told me yesterday that I was really hard on the Judge in the day before yesterday's post. I rejoined that I had patted him on the back for slightly waking up, but he deserved no praise for mostly remaining still fast asleep. I added, that until people recognize what is really going on, what is manipulating the Judge, Trump, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, humanity, as well, behind the scenes - Lucifer - nothing will change. Meanwhile, I said, we are witnessing the decline of the American empire, not unlike the declines of the British, Roman and Greek and other empires. As America puts scumbags into its high places: Donald Trump, Barack Obama, G.W. Bush, the Clintons ...

Last night, a Florida Keys amigo, who voted for Trump and still backs him, and Tiger Woods, who is palsy with Trump, came toward me, to thank me for something I already had written, which they said needed to be published. All I could think of was, well, yesterday's and today's posts at this fool's errand (for it is that) blog.

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Maudlinmuse said...

Yes, thank God for mirrors. You're about as free from evil as Bugs Bunny. Who I love.