Thursday, July 11, 2019

cosmic humor: great Americans and wannabes

This part of yesterday's Epstein and Trump: birds of a feather? blog post generated a few reader comments:

Also yesterday, this arrived from Hoodoo Witch, who said she found it while cleaning out old stuff in her home.
Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult in Waco Texas made world history when their compound was assaulted in April 1993 by the FBI and U.S. Military Forces, and Koresh and many of his followers were killed. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the attack and caught hell. I told Hoodoo Witch, who voted for Donald Trump, that it looked to me that Trump shares similar sex tastes with Epstein and Koresh.

Regarding the Koresh disk. I'm going to find an external drive that will open it. I can't recall now if it was received a few months before Waco or a year before. All I remember thinking was that he made you seem totally normal and mainstream by comparison. Which, of course you were not even back then. And his material did not seem appropriate for I.E. or for any of the Mensa special interest group newsletters I was publishing at that time. Hoping I can open contents of the disk and revisit whatever the message was. I'm thinking he sent these to a number of non-mainstream publications.
  1. I can imagine, had I had a chance to sit down and speak with Koresh during his hey day, and had I shared some of my metaphysical experiences with him, and dragged Jesus into the discussion, he might have thought I was off the charts, terminally wacko. What intrigues me is the timing of you sending me the old Koresh floppy disk not yet aware that I was putting together a post about Epstein and Trump.
  2. I know. Timing of this got MY attention as well!!
  3. If you can get into the floppy disk, perhaps you will find something you can sell to, say, the National Enquirer, for big buck$$$.
  4. SloanJuly 11, 2019 at 8:32 AM
  5. It's the next morning. In a dream last night, several newsletter readers told me I used to be really funny when I wrote there.

    Young Prophet told me last night that it was ATF (Treasury) Agents (G-Men), not FBI, that attacked the Branch Davidian “castle”. YP said he went online and found where other people had received a disk containing Koresh’s holdings forth from Koresh followers, who were not in the compound when the shootout happened.

    I feel robbed of a great time having at Koresh's “manifesto” at your newsletter, and I can imagine other of your readers and contributors also would have had fun, if you had aired what was on the floppy disk. However, perhaps there is a silver lining. Young Prophet also reported reading online that people who aired Koresh's manifesto after the shootout were visited by AFT agents. But then, perhaps God wanted you to publish Koresh and let us readers and contributors have at it? Perhaps God wanted you to share Koresh at your MENSA outlets, as well? 😊,

    God can be a real prankster. For example, your finding the Koresh floppy and sending it to me coinciding with my preparing yesterday’s Trump-Epstein birds of a feather post was God’s way of saying Koresh, Trump and Epstein are birds of a feather.

    My recollection is, some of your newsletter’s readers thought I was nuts, or worse, while other readers seemed to think otherwise. None of them, however, seemed open to being taken over and run by God, or by angels. I imagine my articles at your newsletter gave them very good reason not to want that 😊

    From what little I heard and read about Koresh back then, he was convinced, or he at least convinced his followers, that he was their messiah sent by God. Reminded me of Jim Jones and his kool-aide drinkers, and of that ET-worshiper guru, who convinced all his followers to drink poison with him and they all went to be with the wonderful ETs😊

    Reminds me today of Donald Trump and his mesmerized followers. At least Jerry Epstein does not hold himself out as a messiah 😊 Don’t the MAGA Christians know their Bible says their messiah is Jesus and not to worship idols?

    Amazing that Trump and his MAGAs do not see even yet that the man holding up the Trump-Epstein photo in the FOX News video was sent into their midst by God, as was US lady soccer team super star Megan Rapinoe, who has no use for Trump and kneels during the National Anthem.

    Rapinoe wants women sports stars to be paid the same as men sports stars. Rapinoe and the man in the FOX video are great Americans. Trump and his kool-aide drinkers are wannabes.

    Meanwhile, that croup I told you two days ago seemed to be taking residence in my nose, sinuses, throat and lungs, and I wondered what shit in the spirit was behind it, seems to be leaving 😊

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