Wednesday, July 31, 2019

During last night's Democratic Party wannabe president debate, Marianne Williamson named what really ails America, but has she atoned for pushing that America retaliate for 9/11?

         Miranne Williamson

I met a young woman yesterday, whose parents I came to know somewhat in the early 1980s. They were deeply involved in the life and teachings of the spiritual seeker G.I. Gurdjieff, whom I later read once had Joseph Stalin as a student, and he had unsuccessfully tried to ween the Russian royal family away from the toxic Russian Orthodox priest, Rasputin. 

When the sad state of politics and humanity came up in our conversation yesterday, the young woman mentioned this and that awry and needing to be fixed, and ways to go about it. I said that approach won't work, because what is running things is the Devil. That has to be addressed, for anything to change. 

The young woman said she did not believe there was a Devil. I said, indeed there is, I have encountered it many times, I encounter it all the time. 

She asked if I meant the duality? I said, Lucifer is part of the Creation. Part of God's plan. Until people face that Lucifer is very real, and is running things, nothing will change. For, Lucifer is part of every person, and that's where the work has begin. In each person. 

Gurdjieff said the same thing in his opus magus, BEEZELBUB'S TALES TO HIS GRANDSON, in which Beelzebub (Gurdjief) tells his grandson (Gurdjieff's students and anyone else who read his tale), that at one time he himself was controlled by the Devil, but as time and events passed, he moved into a different perspective and way of living. 

I told the young woman yesterday, that at one place in his tale, Beelzebub tells his grandson, that of the few great saints who had lived on this world, the one whose teachings had the most chance of helping humanity, was St. Jesus. 

I did not say, if Christendom was treated by Jesus like he and his angel accomplices have treated me and a few people I have known well, then Christendom would be very different today.

When my homeless seer girlfriend in Key West asked me later yesterday to explain the national economy, which she was hearing a lot about on her cell phone radio, college economics major me said it cannot be explained, because nobody understands it. I did not think to say, the Devil could explain it. 

When my homeless seer girlfriend came to me in a nap dream yesterday evening and said I needed to attend the city commission meeting, I woke up perplexed. I had attended and spoken at many city commission meetings in Key West, and had seen Lucifer prevail nearly every time something important came up for the mayor and commissioners to decide.

Then, I saw on my laptop that the second Democrat candidate debate was in progress. I found a link that allowed me to live-stream the second half of the debate. 

I watched all of the candidates promote it being time for the U.S. government to look after the 99 percent of Americans, instead of keep protecting the super rich one percent. 

I thought that was dead on the money, and perhaps will ring true in enough voters to oust the billionaire president and his billionaire-loving self-professed mammon-worshiping Christian Party from the White House and control of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Supreme Court.

I watched Marianne Williamson position herself completely away from the other candidates. For the first time perhaps ever, a presidential candidate named the Lucifer problem, in her own words. 

I had been sour on Williamson since shorty after 9/11, when I watched one of her video presentations she sold to make money, in which she said America needed to retaliate, which history then proved was a really bad idea. 

One segment of last night's debate featured several candidates, but not Williamson, being asked if they would pull all American troops out of Afghanistan during their first year in office? Some of the candidates said, yes. Others, danced. I wish they had asked Williamson that question, because I really wanted to hear her answer. 

A dream last night featured a fellow I got crosswise with on September 11, 2001, when I said, Well, what did America expect, after all the meddling it had done in the Middle East?

In the dream, he kept putting logs on an old red-hot-coals fire, instead of on a new red-hot-coals fire. I wondered why he was doing that, instead of just feeding the new fire? 

I woke up and wondered if I needed to let go of my long-held bias against Marianne Williamson, who seemed last night to be the only candidate who understood what is really in play underneath ALL the burning political issues in America? 

Yet, still I wantedto know Williamson's position today on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and whether she feels deep remorse for having preached Lucifer's line that America should retaliate for 9/11?

I then checked the Apple news feed on my I-phone, and saw this article:

Marianne Williamson wages war on wonkiness

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