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When the poets stop singing, hell wins, and other twilight zone cemetery operettas

    A neighbor in this old apartment building, where I tend to end up after I quit running away from home, told me some time back about she and her husband driving in the countryside in France at night, and they saw some kind of spaceship fairly close to the ground, which ran along beside them for a while, as if it was saying, “Hi.” She also told me about being visited by her husband after he passed away. 

    Her husband was French, and she speaks English and French about the same. She was an architect and worked in France, helping restore precious places, including the Louvre. Her perspective of America is very different from that of Americans who have not spent much time overseas. She is from Long Island and worked in New York City, and she ain’t a bit fan of Donald Trump.

    After reading my America, no country for old men? post, she emailed that she had trashed it, and I emailed back, “That’s short and sweet. Which part didn’t you like the most?” I’m still waiting to find out.

    After reading yesterday’s Will the Hunter Bidden prosecutors call Narcotics Anonymous old timers as expert witnesses? post, she emailed me:

You know… it makes me sick when we have virtually NO gun control in this country and there are millions with guns hidden in their houses, kids with automatics on crack and the newest etc etc. 

Not that someone in politics should not answer to all, but make it a national enforced poilicy!!! everyone! I would well think that most gun possession is not legal here =money in the black market.

Look, even Australia turned in their guns when the gov asked.

Mafia 'bank robbers/scammers' and tax evaders vs a private drug user with a gun, like what what may be a majority of the American public? Priorities…money.

And how much did the 7 delays cost of the last nasa launch to the american public without national health care and confronting american poverty?

Idealists never have a future. I worked on the space habitation module design with Nasa/Grumman back in 1980. A different world now. Seemed innocent then.

You know that here in the US of A we do not look at the global society and its’ health/environment. It is the stock market, first thing you hear every morning on the news.

Good example is the 80th anniversary of ‘the longest day’ where it was totally justified and expounded upon for the public more so elsewhere for weeks before live 
than here xcept maybe briefly on PBS, or the few days before as I have seen.

I replied:

I agree, what’s important is not being dealt with, and I’ve learned there is nothing I can do about it, but I was dragooned almost 40 years ago by two angels, and they spent a lot of time and effort trying to make me into something different, and because I was a writer, they put me to writing in ways I could not possibly have imagined, and they put me to talking in ways I could not have possibly imagined, and I take on what life and they arrange for me to take on, and I absorb the dark energies, which get processed in me like a sewer treatment plant, and then they leave me pretty much like flushing a toilet, and then it begins again. 

The entire space program was a giant ego fantasy, which now is crystal clear, but was not clear when it began, at least not to me, because I thought and perceived very differently back then. Elon Musk may think he might live and survive on Mars someday, but he hasn’t spent much time thinking what it would be like to live there, nothing like John Carter of Mars novel. If Earthlings are even allowed to be on Mars. Meanwhile, they are killing Earth.

China now is exploring the dark side of the moon and considering building a human-habitat on the moon. I suppose there are minerals on the moon that can be made use of on Earth, but who the fuck in their right mind would want to live on the moon under a dome, with no atmosphere to burn up crashing meteorites, asteroids, comets, etc.?

There are several ET races observing Earth from close by, and who knows what, or when, they might decide to make their presence plainly known? I wish they would get to it, because that would DISTURB EVERYTHING on Earth. My favorite Sci-Fi novels are Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein. Elon Musk could learn plenty from that Martian tale, as could any go live on Mars freak. And, Man Facing Southeast and K-Pax, which are about aliens who came to Earth disguised as Earthlings. Man Facing Southeast is a South American film, it’s fucking billiiant. I think K-PAX is a knock off of Man Facing Southeast. 

But then, I ain’t so sure I ain’t an alien, given what goes on in my life, which nobody else I know in Alabama can possibly imagine, but I have two friends elsewhere who can imagine it, because they have their own version of it. I have known a few others, you met one of them somewhat in 1999. I’m ever on the lookout, passively, for others, and maybe another or two will come into my life, and maybe not. Meanwhile, I keep hoping when I turn in at night, that when I wake up, I am on the mothership.

    In a delightful parallel Universe, Rulo Nebraska:
Free Radio Rulo
Another Catalpa Poem For You Before This Year's Bloom Is Through. 
A Poem by Jim
Inside a Catalpas blooms 
Yellow runways and silent signals 
It was blooming a year ago and I stopped 
Late for work at the cemetery 
Stopped for coffee 
Instead of digging a grave
Wound up blabbering to someone 
About its slender beans 
And it’s prehistoric shape 
And again 
Just yesterday 
Running the weed whip between stones
A senseless doom returned 
In a dreams recollection of planting portulacas 
In the empty church yard between 
Brambles and debris of moss-rose between
Hear its chimes across the grounds 
Wasted space with the dead
A religious relics 
Now only weeds press up and unlock the mausoleum 
Love for summer gone with the blooms
All together Purslane and white Catalpa blooms simulated between the graves of
Maybe the wind as well
Sloan Bashinsky
When the poets stop singing, 
hell wins.

Free Radio Rulo
And we can’t let hell win brother poet!

Sloan Bashinsky
Only fools rush in
where angels fear to tread,
but if there were no fools, 
who’d lead the angels?

Rich Wyatt
"Stopped for coffee/Instead of digging a grave. . ." Can't keep that life-force from knowing what's important.

Free Radio Rulo
Coffee is essential for life and work!

Sloan Bashinsky
Liked by Free Radio Rulo
The caffeine in coffee or tea puts me into bad hypoglycemia and I have to lay down before I pass out and fall down. The caffeine triggers adrenalin output, which triggers my pancreas to release insulin, is the “scientific” reason. That’s one of the ways i figured out I’m not really from this planet :-)

Political Revillusions 
I love graveyards (cemeteries), there’s a gothic, timeless, still & quiet, beauty to them. I have a really great one, big, behind my house back garden. Large, wild woods on one side - where the foxes live - and the cemetery on the other. 

Free Radio Rulo
Holy shit that sounds like a cool place to live! Is it like that everywhere in the UK? I love graveyards as well around here they have more trees than the city parks!

Political Revillusions 
Liked by Free Radio Rulo
Not everywhere, I’m lucky. 

Sloan Bashinsky
In the Key West cemetery is a gravestone on which is engraved “I told you I was sick.”
On my infant son’s unmarked grave, he died of crib death, many years later I had a stone marker placed, on which is engraved, “Infant son, he opened our hearts and set us on our jouney.”
My last will and testament says I’m to be cremated and my ashes spread in the puiblic park across the street from this 50’s built apartment building where I end up every time I quit running away from home. The shrubs in the park have been allowed to grow wild and brambly, and there are a lot of very old trees, and a new crop about 20 years old, and the park has an earth energy vortex, and a pair of owls raise and owlet there each year. I often sit on a bench in the park with a baseball cap brim pulled down over my eyes, and I wait on what’s there and in the air to pay me a visit and take me on a ride and show me things, when it wants to. Not of this world. They used to lock people up, who spoke of such things, for everyone else’s good.

Free Radio Rulo
I know places just like what you speak of. "Earth Energy Vortex". Public spaces are so essential.

Sloan Bashinsky
Maybe don’t tell people exactly where earth energy vortexes are, to save them from beng trampled to death?

Free Radio Rulo
Yes one has to find them for themselves! Also, what works for one person might not for another!

Sloan Bashinsky
I think this vortex will work for anyone who knows about vortexes, and it might sneak up on those who don’t :-). I told a couple of people about it last year, said all they have to do is sit there, close their eyes, and ask what’s there to engage them as it sees fit. I’ve done it many times. For novices, it might take some patience, and some respect :-). 

Political Revillusions 
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On the comedian Spike Milligan’s gravestone, in North London, it says “I told you i was ill” 

The Fossil
The ShadeTree
My grandmother lived with a cemetery behind her house, separated from each other by a thick hedge, one big tree and a few saplings with a passage cut in the middle. Her back yard was big, bright and beautiful but as soon as you entered the cemetery through the cut even the air seemed to change pressure, the shade of this side of the tree seemed darker and thicker than the shade 180° away. A different sort of beauty.

Free Radio Rulo
Holy cow that sounds awesome……….. Sounds like a strange dream. Did you enjoy visiting?

The Fossil
The ShadeTree
Yes I did, the proximity to her house was probably the best thing about moving from the country to the city. She had grown up in the country in the next county over, moved to the city in the forties but retained her country attitude and ways. She never complained, kept a spotless house, refused to ask for help. She was an amazing cook, made her own jams and jellies, friendly but stoic in the way of someone who has seen some bad things but believes it's none of your damn business and refused to wallow in self pity for even half a second. Think I'll write about her in the next few days.

Free Radio Rulo
Reminds me of my stoic German grandma.... You should defiantly write more about your grandma and her unique home location! 

Political Revillusions 
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Yes, cemeteries can be tranquil and are an oasis for wildlife especially in urban environments. 

Free Radio Rulo
They are also usually empty around here maybe a dog walker or someone putting flowers on a grave.

Political Revillusions 
Oh? We have foxes, badgers, even Deer roaming around, lots of large birds - magpies, crows, et al - nesting in the tall trees, i even have a pair of (rather noisey lol) Great Spotted Woodpeckers behind my back garden. 

Free Radio Rulo
Most excellent!

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