Monday, December 30, 2019

swamp creatures and fruit flies: politicians

Ian Frazer, artist

The indefabible Sancho Panza swooped in after reading yesterday's No Malarkey, Mr. Biden? fool's errand at this blog:
I must be getting really old, feeling like I've seen this show a thousand times already... anybody who votes Democrat because, they are Democrats, or Republican, because they are Republicans, ought to be lobotomized.... first of all, there are no more Democrats or Republicans... they are all pretty much swamp creatures competing for real estate in the muck! Second, the so called media, are part of the con act that perpetuates this narrative of US vs THEM to keep the fans rooting for their "Team". 

Sloan, you're not a Demorat... I have no idea what you are... you gave lots of money(the max.allowed) of the little you had, to the Obama campaign, some would say: "that's partisan", I don't agree, I just think maybe you don't value money as others do and give it away freely to all kinds of people. 😊 But I think you do value your prose and most of it is used to castigate one group of swamp creatures and not the other, my guess is that you're carefully pandering to your liberal daughters, etc.... but the truth is you don't like any politician, period! 

Happy New Year... may the force be with you!  

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

Don Quixote sallied forth:
I suppose this show's been played since the beginning of human time on this planet.

Yep, I got smozzled and gave the promissor of hope and change $2,300, and shortly after the anesthesia wore off I tried several times to get a refund, including a letter to Obama himself, and nothing came back. Not long after, I was told in my sleep that Obama had the potential to be the AntiChrist. I published all of that on my blogs, and you voted for him anyway. After Obama won a home in the Offal Orifice, he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, which he accepted, even though he was continuing President George W. Bush's two rich white men's wars for corporate profit. My bowel locked up and I barely pooped for a month, and then violent poetry erupted out of me about what President Obama had done, and my pooper had its own eruption and I felt much better. I wrote about that to President Obama, at the suggestion of one of his devotees, and nothing came back.

I think some of the news media tries to get the facts straight, but that's pretty tough to do when politicians don't seen particularly in love with facts that don't make their poop smell nice. And, yes, some news media, on both sides of the center, and probably in the center, do seem to have the spinning sickness from  time to time, and more often, depending on how bad they are addicted to spinning. My favorite politicians were Socrates and Jesus, who didn't rest well in peace after corrupting the youth and older people against the hallowed status quo and its hardened concrete-in-rebar ways. I ain't for sure myself what I am, but it ain't Democrat or Republican. My daughters and their husbands and children see my rumininatings on Facebook and hear them when we are together. As long as swamp creatures swim and crawl around on land, I suppose I won't run out of  things to write about. I do value money, most especially when it runs out and I live on the street. 

Perhaps the alien invasion won't be called off again, and then you and I will have plenty of new excitements to ponder and yelp  about.


Sancho croaked:
Form and Function, baby.... have you ever noticed how these tiny fruit flies always appear from out of nowhere when overripe fruit is around?  As Spock would say, "Fascinating."  

Don Q burped:
Hmmm, is that an allegory for how politicians came to be, or Donald Trump? Heh.

[Sancho told me a while back that he voted for Trump 'cause Obama had been such a big disappointment and Trump, hopefully, would wreck everything and then perhaps something different, if not actually good, would rise from the rubble. I voted for Jill Stein 'cause she seemed something like a real person who valued helping people and Mother Nature.]

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