Saturday, November 9, 2019

U.S. president politics in the land of mangled souls and small roots trees (on the day President Trump and the baby Trump balloon are in Tuscaloosa for the LSU-Alabama game)

Sancho  Panza commented on the U.S. president politics part of the Kari Dangler told me the other day that she is seeing someone in Key West, and that set me to ruminating post at this blog:

I don't think many will get what revealing admission is hidden in your two paragraphs below... but I do... and agree, except for Hillary, she's a shrewd chameleon and was, therefore, quite the darling of the status quo... You, Kari and Trump, are people with the middle finger always ready to respond to the jousting of the status quo!  

"I bet if I spent time with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and they opened up to me about themselves, and they did not jump up and leave the conversation, or order me to leave, pretty soon it would be clear they really are about the same deep down in side as Kari Dangler and Sloan Bashinsky, who were not highly thought of by the mainstream Key West status quo.

The status quo is an interesting thing. It's actually a living organism. It spends a great deal of energy trying to stay the same. It views any effort to change it as life-threatening, and it will use any and all methods, including lethal force as a last resort, to stay the same. The only thing I know that has a decent chance of changing the status quo is God, and even God seems developmentally-challenged in that endeavor."

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I ruminated a while, and replied:

There is a great, and a grave, difference between what's on the surface and what's deep down below. On the surface, Trump is a piece of shit you voted for and are proud of it and of voting for him again. Kari Dangler and I are nothing like that piece of shit. Deep down below, Trump is a wrecked soul, like, Kari, me, you, and everybody else I have known.

Sancho replied:

First of all, Sloan, when did I ever say or even imply to you that I was proud of ANYTHING? Never! Whatever choices I make in life, voting for Obama instead of McCain or Trump instead of Hillary it's just an exercise in futility, since I live in a Blue State that always goes for the Dems! The older I get the more I find that whatever I do or don't do; whatever I say or don't say, means little or nothing of consequence in the long scheme of things... do you really think you are impacting grace or wisdom or even hope to the World or even to those closer to you, like Kari? If you do, you're indeed a fool! Also, that whole statement below makes no sense, if you and Trump and all of us are fucked, damaged goods, then what's your beef with Trump? One AH in charge is no different than another AH in charge... answer me honestly, do you really think that in 2016, with the choice being Trump or Hillary(we live in a 2 party system), that War Mongering Hillary would have been a better choice than Trump? I mean, this is assuming that your/mine vote had consequences... which is what you assume when you keep reminding me that I am responsible for Trump being elected. I think Hillary would have made a much worse President than Trump... Hillary is closer to the Devil than Trump would ever... if you believe in the devil as the great deceiver!

Anyway, Sloan, I am no going to mess with you for a while since you seem to be in a bad mood and like we both know, life goes on... enjoy thanksgiving with your family!

P.S, That was "imparting" grace, not "impacting"... although both apply! Emoji

I ruminated a shorter while, and replied:

Aw, take a breath, Sancho.

You know you boasted about voting for Trump and voting for him again in 2020. You no more got him elected in 2016, than I got him elected by voting for Jill Stein. What tags along with our votes is karma for those votes. 

Hillary may well have been worse, and gotten America into another war, but Trump is plenty bad, and you said you voted for him because you hoped he would destroy the status quo. 

What I wrote about sitting down with Hillary and Trump and getting deep down inside of them and them not bolting or running me off, that can be done with anyone who is game to try it. Humanity is a species of shattered souls deep down inside. In that sense, it doesn't matter who is in the White House, or the out house. It's all an exercise in futility, trying to change humanity. Seems even God is challenged there. 

Agree, I would be a fool indeed, if I thought what I say or write, or even think, will impart, impact, make one iota of difference in humanity's condition. I learned that in Key West and the Florida Keys, and elsewhere. Alas, something pushes me to keep shooting off my mouth. It seems to be my job. But, not a job by human measure.

Sancho wrote:

Hey, I am cool as a cucumber, just calling it as I see 'em! No, that's not true, I didn't boast that I voted for Trump, or would vote for him again, because I like him or think he's anything that I would look up to... if that was the case I would have much rather seen Dr. Ben Carson win the Primary... but you might say that I did boast about the salutary effect on the Country of Trump becoming POTUS and revealing how our government really works and how corrupt it is... including the Main Stream Media... honestly, I am surprised he hasn't been shot... yet!  Trump will always be an "outsider" to the Washington crowd; the Dems loath his calling them out at every turn and the Reps, can't keep a Muzzle on him like they did with Reagan, poor souls they don't know what to do with him....... it's kind of amazing to me that you don't see the similarities between the two of you? The only better "disruptor" that I could support for POTUS in 2020 would be you! Emoji

I replied:

Well, Trump's a disruptor, that's for sure! And the grand old Republicans can't muzzle him, that's for sure, too. I figure there are left-wing radical types capable of killing Trump. But if I had to wager, I'd say it would come from within the U.S. Military, CIA, Homeland Security, FBI, or even the Secret Service. To insure against that, Trump could spend a billion to pay scientists, perhaps you can aid in that search, to take cells from Dr. Mengele's remains and clone them to produce a new Dr. Mengele to clone a million Donald Trumps, a la "The Boys From Brazil"! I'm sure there are heaps of people in Alabama and the Florida Keys who'd rather see that, than a million cloned Sloan Bashinskys! Carson didn't do ding squat for me. Trump's a heap more entertaining in the upstaging Stephen King sense. I don't recall King dragooning angels of God to make his horror creepers best sellers, though.

Sancho wrote:

I agree, mostly..... Trump will not want to be out-staged, even by a clone of himself... as for Dr. Carson being boring, yes, but after Trump, who wouldn't be! 

I ruminated a while, looked some stuff up online, and replied:

Besides thinking Carson was boring, I thought he was not in touch with reality, had a really high opinion of himself, and didn't have much sense of what it's like being a woman in a world run by men like him, and women's rights Hillary Clinton would have him for a snack and become president.

Tea Party challenger in Republican primary

Need Civil Discussion Between Pro Life and Pro Choice

Q: Regarding the shooting at a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs. Some abortion rights supporters have said that the rhetoric has led to that kind of violence. What's your view?
CARSON: There is no question that hateful rhetoric, no matter which side it comes from, is something that is detrimental to our society. Our strength in this country has traditionally been in our unity and we are allowing all kinds of circumstances to divide us and make us hateful toward each other. When you have outside forces, global Islamic radical jihadists who want to destroy us, why would we be doing that to ourselves? We at some point have got to become more mature. No question the hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation, and we should be doing all we can to engage an intelligence, civil discussion about our differences.

Q: Should those who oppose abortion rights tone down their rhetoric?
CARSON: I think both sides should tone down their rhetoric and engage in civil discussion.

Q: Whose rights should be superseded? The mother or the unborn child?
CARSON: In the ideal situation, the mother should not believe that the baby is her enemy and should not be looking to terminate the baby.
Q: What if somebody has an unwanted pregnancy? Should they have the right to terminate?
CARSON: No. Think about this. During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave. And what if the abolitionist had said, you know, "I don't believe in slavery. I think it's wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do"--Where would we be?
Q: Definitively, do you want to see Roe v. Wade overturned?
CARSON: I would love to see it overturned.

Meanwhile, can't read the Carson article you provided without turning off my ad blocker, so went to Wikipedia, see summary below. I bet if famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson let me civilly help him meet himself deep down inside his brain, he might be overwhelmed with uncivil desire to surgically remove me from my brain, or remove parts of his own brain.

The separation of Siamese twin boys surgery that made him famous was a total disaster, destroyed the boys and their parents' lives. I don't recall that coming out during the 2016 Republican president candidate debates. Maybe I dozed off. Maybe God didn't want a first-do-harm physician in the White house.

       From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Patrick and Benjamin Binder (born February 2, 1987) were conjoined twins, joined at the head, born in Germany in early 1987, and separated at Johns Hopkins Hospital on September 7, 1987.[1] They were the first twins to be successfully separated by neurosurgeon Ben Carson, of Baltimore, Maryland. For this operation Carson was able to prepare by studying a three-dimensional physical model of the twins' anatomy. Carson described this separation as the first of its kind, with 23 similar attempted separations ending in the death of one or both twins.
Although Carson was able to separate the boys, they were both left profoundly disabled. The Associated Press reported, in 1989, two years after the separation, that Patrick remained in a "vegetative state", following the surgery.[2] He never came out of his coma. According to a 2015 Washington Post article, he "died sometime in the last decade".[3]
Benjamin recovered to a certain extent.[2] The Washington Post reported that Peter Parlagi, the twins' uncle, said their father was emotionally unable to ever handle them, or share in their care.[3] He said the twin's father became an alcoholic, spent all the couple's funds, and left their mother destitute and alone. She was forced to institutionalize them.[3]
In a 1993 interview, their mother, Theresia Binder, described guilt for agreeing to the operation that ruined the boys' prospect of ever having any quality of life.[3] According to the Washington Post's 2015 interview with Parlagi, Benjamin never learned to speak or feed himself, but he does enjoy visitors, and being taken for walks.[3]

Maybe Trump knew of that, and instead of appointing Carson to be Surgeon General, he appointed him head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, hoping he would do better making America great there, than he had as a neurosurgeon? Carson quit that job.

Sancho wrote:

Hillary was and is a fraud perpetrated by the DNC on its members.... she's not even that quick on he feet and has the charisma of a smoked cigar butt... other than being married to Bill and having a vagina(maybe), she's the most overrated Dem out there.... now if you had said a Tulsi Gabbard type, she would give anybody a run for their money!  Who knows, maybe Hillary would run again(third time's the charmer)... I wonder if the "Progressive" Herd would gather their wagons around her in support, like Bernie and Warren did last time around? Emoji

I replied:

I would love to see Tulsi nominated by the Dems. Even if she lost to Trump, she would shake his small roots tree to the core. Ditto the Republican and MAGA small roots trees. Ditto the Democrat small roots tree. Ditto several forests of other small roots trees.

I share your view of Hillary. A shapeshifter, how can she know who she actually is. Have long thought she is a man in female garb. I liked Bernie and Warren in 2016, until they went back on their proclamations that Hillary was not fit to be president, then later on they were, at different times, lovey-dovey with Hillary on national TV. 

I think Trump would mangle Warren over her ridiculous claims she was Native American. As if her father was Sitting Bull and her mother, Pocahontas. However, Wall Street, the mega banks and mega corporations are terrified of Warren. And, well, maybe Bernie reminds the religious right all too much of the socialist Jesus, and that terrifies them.


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