Friday, November 8, 2019

crybaby president headed for LSU - Alabama game in Tuscaloosa

The other day, an acquaintance said there won't be any liberals at the Alabama - LSU game in Tuscaloosa on Saturday to boo President Trump. I said there are lots of liberals in Tuscaloosa, who will be happy to boo him. The now irate acquaintance said we were at a gathering where politics wasn't supposed to be discussed. I said, "You opened the door." 

This below was posted on Facebook by a Key West resident, who told me a while back that he is Buddhist.
Ok, it's time for my early predictions on the upcoming presidential election:
1. Trump is going to be re-elected.
No I don't like it but it's probably going to happen and here's why...
A. Anti-Trump Republicans are going to be divided. Mostly between Mark Sanderson, Joe Walsh, and John Kasich.
B. Democrats are going to be fickle and scattered all over the place, focusing on the candidate that best matches their particular wants and needs and there are far too many Democrat candidates out there for that to do any good.
C. Most Independents aren't smart enough to see that this is not the time to try to get a third party in play and will vote for their preferred party.
2. If you really want Trump out, the way to do it is for ALL the Democrats, AND Independents, and maybe even (but not likely) the Republican Anti-Trump crowd to all vote for the Democrat who ends up being the front-runner. Otherwise it's probably gonna be 4 more years of this POS.
That is all. Good luck.
  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky In 2016, I voted for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, because I thought Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both should be locked up. I thought Stein was a decent human being, and America really needed a decent and accomplished woman's touch in the White House. If Stein had not run, I would have voted for the Libertarian candidate. I belong to no political party.

    My recollection, Brian, is you are Buddhist. That's some strong criticism of Trump and the Democratic Party. Not like what I know of Buddhists. However, I pretty much agree with your assessments.

    It amazes me that the Republicans now know that Trump asked for and got help from Russia in 2016, and after he was elected, he tried to strong arm Ukraine into trying to dig up dirt on his chief Democratic opponent at the time, Joe Biden and his son. Not to protect America, which would have been okay if the Bidens were a threat to national security. But to try get himself reelected.

    I don't know how any honest God-fearing American Republican patriot can live with that.
    • Brian Morr
      Brian Morr Sloan Bashinsky yes, I am Buddhist, and no that doesn't match up with my political attitude sometimes, but I am very Anti-Trump and this is what I see I'm an independent too but this time I'm voting for the front-running Democrat cuz a 3rd party is not going to have a chance.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
      Sloan Bashinsky I wonder if things now are so SNAFU and FUBAR it really matters who gets elected?
  • Carl E. Mott III
    Carl E. Mott III Sorry, but I know of no election since the 2016 general election that has shown any actual proof that that is where the American majority is leaning towards, especially after that upset in KY yesterday...

    • FROM 2018: Kris Kobach loses Kansas governor race to Democrat Laura Kelly
      FROM 2018: Kris Kobach loses Kansas governor race to…
      FROM 2018: Kris Kobach loses Kansas governor race to Democrat Laura Kelly

    • Brian Morr
      Brian Morr Yea I see all this too, but just watch...I' ll be surprised (and happy) if he doesn't get a second term...even if he is impeached.
    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky Brian Morr The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives might impeach Trump, might, but the Republican-controlled Senate will not convict him. I agree he is a POS. I thought that in 2016, when I learned of all the hardworking people (contractors, subcontractors and their employees) he had stiffed and used litigation to force them to take less money than they were due. Back then, he had been in 3,500 lawsuits. And, he is a sex maniac, it seemed, and had no reservations about paying off women who had sex with him, including while Melania was pregnant, to keep quiet. I wonder if every Republican male who backs Trump secretly wishes he was Trump. I wonder if every Republican woman who backs Trump wishes she was Melania. However, I wonder if the best strategy is to hammer his fake hair piece is a heap more fake than what he calls "fake news", and if his hairpiece is fake, what else about him is fake.

      And, gosh, what a great supporter of American war veterans he is.

      President Donald Trump has been ordered by a New York State judge to pay $2 million to a group of nonprofit organizations as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit stemming from persistent violations of state charities laws.

      The payment is the final resolution to a case brought by the New York attorney general's office after the Trump Foundation held a fundraiser for military veterans during the 2016 campaign.

      The televised fundraiser took in nearly $3 million in donations that were dispersed on the eve of the Iowa caucuses as directed by then-campaign chief Corey Lewandowski.

      The two million must be paid by President Trump himself for breaching his fiduciary duty to properly oversee the foundation that bears his name.

      "I direct Mr. Trump to pay the $2,000,000, which would have gone to the Foundation if it were still in existence, on a pro rata basis to the Approved Recipients," Judge Saliann Scarpulla wrote.

      Trump ordered to pay $2M to group of nonprofits as part of civil lawsuit
      Trump ordered to pay $2M to group of nonprofits as part of civil lawsuit
      Trump ordered to pay $2M to group of nonprofits as part of civil lawsuit

    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky And, what a big crybaby he is. I'm an Alabama native. Trump is God to a majority of Alabamians. He is headed to Tuscaloosa to watch the dream LSU v. Alabama game. Something else is headed there, too, which might be entertaining.

      'Baby Trump' balloon heading to LSU-Alabama game
      'Baby Trump' balloon heading to LSU-Alabama game
      'Baby Trump' balloon heading to LSU-Alabama game

    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky Here's a complaint form for the crybaby to fill out and file.

    • Sloan Bashinsky

      Sloan Bashinsky I read yesterday that billionaire Republican switched to centrist Democrat Michael Bloomberg is making noise about announcing his Democrat candidacy for president. Maybe a billionaire Republican switched to centrist Democrat is what the Democrats really need to field against Trump? Wasn't Buddha from a wealthy family, before he became a beggar and got enlightened and returned to his wealthy station? The Washington Post doesn't seem amused.

      Few Democrats would have begrudged former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg the chance, along with a cast of dozens, to throw his hat into the ring this spring, slog through the debates, put in the time to campaign and do what other candidates must do to win the presidency: earn it.

      However, as news comes that Bloomberg, after four debates and 11 months of presidential campaigning, wants to at least reserve a spot for himself, the remaining candidates have every right to roll their eyes and mutter, “The nerve of that guy.”

      The Post reports: “Bloomberg, who as one of the world’s richest men would bring significant financial resources to his own campaign, plans to file paperwork this week and has dispatched staff to Alabama to ensure he can get onto the ballot in a state that has a Friday filing deadline.” This does not mean he will surely run, only that he might if . . . if what? Why exactly might the party and country need him?

      Opinion | Just what we need: Another billionaire Democratic candidate
      Opinion | Just what we need: Another billionaire Democratic…
      Opinion | Just what we need: Another billionaire Democratic candidate

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