Monday, August 5, 2019

the fire cure for American politics and humanity

During a nap this morning, I dreamed of a fellow I once played bridge with, who had led the ace of spades, indicating he also had the king, which I then forgot and did not lead a spade back to him later in the hand, which would have given us a better score. He asked me what else did I forget? I woke up, wondering what else I had forgotten? In my spirit code, spades are truth. I was trying since yesterday to figure out if there was an easier way to reach people, and if I was to post something about that at this blog today? I looked at my Facebook account and this below was at the very top of my news feed. There were no comments yet. I opened the link and read the article and commented.
Imagine admitting this on national television??
What the heck is wrong with this woman???
  • Sloan Bashinsky She is a proxy for tens of millions of patriotic Americans who back Trump no matter what. The Democrats in 2016 had tens of millions who backed the not exactly honest Hillary no matter what.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Patriotic Christian Americans, in most cases, who seem to have forgotten: '

    John 8:31: He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
  • Sloan Bashinsky I met a man recently, who described some direct experiences he'd had with what he thought was God, or an angel. He said that several years ago, he was told that the truth would be too much to bear. He said a little while later that he had been told in very express terms to stay away from politics altogether, but sometimes he sneaked a look at his Yahoo news. He said he is a recovering alcoholic, with bipolar disorder, on several psych meds. Yet he still dreams, and the night before he had had a dream that indicated he should stay on his meds, for now anyway. In the dream, he was getting really manic, and he took a pill in the dream, which calmed him down.

    He seems really interested in people who have direct experiences with God. He described the first two such people he met shortly after Something caused him to stop drinking nearly 20 years ago, which landed him in on a psych ward for a good while. One of the two men was homeless, who then died. The other man is a minister, who wrote a book, which the recovering alcoholic gave to me, entitled: THE FIRE REPLY. About the Holy Spirit's fire. That was prompted by my saying Jesus said in the Gospels that his baptism was in fire and spirit, and not in water.

    I tried reading the book yesterday, and kept falling asleep. The author clearly has had direct experiences with God, or angels, but the fire he so-far describes in the book is nothing like the fire in the Gospels, which Jesus experienced and put his disciples through, nor anything like the fire the disciples experienced after Jesus left them. Nor is it anything like the fire I, and a few people I have known, experienced at the hands of Jesus and angels. I remain of the view that that level of fire is the only thing that will help America and humanity, be it Christian strain, or not.

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