Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jerry Epstein: suicide or hit job?

When this ex-lawyer, who devolved into a redneck mystic, read online yesterday morning that Jerry Epstein was no more, I thought, well, that sure made some high-profile people happy. 

Epstein’s dead. The criminal prosecution died with him. What really happened probably will never become sworn testimony in a court. 

I thought Epstein’s karma is huge if he didn't kill himself, and huger if he did. Ditto for any high-profile folks who benefited from Epstein’s death.

When I shared that view this afternoon with a friend, he said, a few days ago, the angel Khamael, who visits regularly, asked him if Epstein would kill himself or be bumped off? My friend replied that was none of his concern and why was he asked that? Khamael smirked.

My friend said he had learned through a grapevine that the Aryan Brotherhood, headquartered in the Atlanta federal prison, had put a several hundred thousand dollars bounty on Epstein’s life, which news had gotten into the prison grapevine and the major prison gangs were vying to claim the bounty.

My friend said he sent an email to the federal prison HQ and to New York's Rikers Island jail, where he thought Epstein had been transferred by the feds to better protect him, stating what he had heard, and of his concern that Epstein would not live to see his trial, and they needed to keep a very close watch on him. My fried said he received back an email from a man representing the feds, saying they had Epstein on suicide watch, in a suicide hood (I think that was the term), and were checking him every 15 minutes, and there was no way he was going to die by suicide or foul play. The fed representative said they had received 4,500 similar emails from citizens, who wanted Epstein to stay alive and go to trial, and they were receiving thousands of phone calls a day. The fed rep said they did not need the public’s help. They had it covered.

My friend said he did not wish to share those emails with the public and end up dead, or worse.

Later yesterday, this below showed up in my Facebook "news" feed. I had been dreaming from time to time about my friends Naja and Arnaud, who publish boat-rocking Key West the Newspaper (
So let me get this straight: Epstein was the most high-profile defendant in the country and was on “Suicide watch” but found something in his cell to hang himself with while no one was watching? Dozens of the world’s most high-powered men accused of being in on Epstein’s rape of teenage girls but no — absolutely nothing fishy about that!
  • David Lewis Absolutely not ! just like a liberal Democrats would never lie.
    We live in a Utopia so long as there's lots of government involvement.. Move Along nothing to see here
  • Malcolm Willison Agreed totally fishy. Martha

  • Rolando Rojas Super fishy

  • Nathalie Brenac How convenient!

  • Patty Bissar Who is thinking folks will just go along with the suicide suggestion because everything Naja stated and he was a flaming narcissist and taking your own life is usually not an option for that ideology.
  • Steve Gibson Yep. There are plenty of Rich, powerful men who would stand to benefit from him being unable to testify in court. But there is surely going to be a lot of evidence found in his computers. It's not over yet you f*ckers.
  • John Martini I certainly feel confident about leaving it to Barr..hah
    • Elliot Baron Attorney General Barr has already announced that "President Donald J. Trump has been TOTALLY EXONERATED of any collusion or obstruction in the Epstein suicide" (satire alert).
  • Susie Rodnon wonder what the over and under was on this bet?
  • Jeane LaRance Naja Girard d'Albissin I do not believe it either! It just doesn’t make sense but whoever had it done probably thinks that since this was such a horrendous act that no one will care or pay attention!!!

August 12, 2019 update:

The plot thickened, as reported in this fake news New York Times article, in which it appears, (a) Epstein was in a federal facility in New York City (not at Rikers Island), and (b) Epstein was not being watched even every 30 minutes, and he was supposed to have a cell mate to help him remain stable, but his cell mate was moved out and he was alone. The Times article says the authorities say it absolutely was suicide, and I wonder the George Washington Bridge is for sale again?
Before Jail Suicide, Jeffrey Epstein Was Left Alone and Not Closely Monitored
Before Jail Suicide, Jeffrey Epstein Was Left Alone and Not Closely Monitored

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