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How is Jim Hendrick, of Key West, fairing in the afterlife?

Yesterday's post a this blog attracted a comment that, unfortunately, I think, represents a large segment of Christendom:

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  • Wayne Lewis His false religion did not save him

    • Todd German What a stupid thing to say.

    • Wayne Lewis its the truth read the bible

    • Wayne Lewis Its the truth. Those who are not born again will be cast into the lake of fire

    • Wayne Lewis it is the truth. Dying without Jesus , your false religion is worthless
    • Sloan Bashinsky I knew from Jim Hendrick that he had attended Jesuit schools, and he had seen a lot of hypocrisy, which had soured him on Christianity. I have met many people who who had much the same experience and sought God in other ways, or simply lived secular lives.

      The way it was explained to me by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, is God measures a person by how he/she lives, regardless of his/her religious persuasion or lack thereof. Also, for Christians, to the extent they live as Jesus lived and taught, they are saved (reborn) by him.

      After Todd called me to say Jim Hendrick had died, that night Jim came to me in a dream. He began by asking/saying he had done something? Like, he wondered why he had done it? Maybe wished he had done it differently? There was no lake of fire, no molten lava. The rest of the dream was about me doing different things, trying to get this or that resolved, sometimes doing okay, sometimes struggling. I told Todd about that dream, said I thought Jim was going through a life review, which all souls do when they leave their human form, and then Jim was getting on with things.

      One place in the Gospels, Jesus gave sight to a man who had been born blind. The disciples asked Jesus, who had sinned, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? A reference to a prior life the man had, or to the sins of his parents visiting him. Jesus did not rebuke the disciples' question, but said it was neither. The man was born blind so that he could be healed by Jesus and and the glory of God seen.

      The Bible has layers of meaning. That report also is a parable about being blind, and then being able to see. A literal reading only of the Bible misses a great deal of what Jesus was and did, and of what other notable people described in the Bible were and did.

      In 1999, a woman older than I, who had been a Christian intercessor since she was a young girl, introduced me to a Christian minister, whom she said had gone through serious trials with God. I drove to that pastor's church and we talked. He said it had gotten so rough for him, that he put himself on a psych ward, to protect himself. After hearing his story, the psychiatrist assigned to him said he didn't think he was a risk and he was not going to medicate him, but would watch him. After some time, the difficult trial passed and the man told the psychiatrist he felt it was time to leave the facility. The psychiatrist agreed. The man left and was given a church, by God. Then several more churches. Country churches he traveled between.

      I told the pastor that I thought the Bible was an inside teaching, and not knowing that is to miss the entire point. He said that is correct, and he knew other pastors of the same view and about once a year they gathered somewhere and talked about things they did not talk about with other people. I said I would love to be at one of those gatherings, but the pastor did not encourage.

      I left thinking he was really advanced in spirit, but he was of the view that non-Christians do not fare well in the afterlife. I met other spirit-advanced Christians with that view. And, I met Christians who did not think their religion had a lock on God and salvation. They thought we all are sons and daughters of God, and God loves everyone of us, and we are not cast into hell, because a man-made religion does not agree with our relationship with God.

      The way it was explained to me by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek is, God is in all religions, and God is beyond any religion, and no religion has a lock on God, and there are as many names for God in the Creation as there are stars in the heavens and grains of sand on this planet we call Earth.

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