Friday, May 31, 2019

the last solar farm in Key West, America's ET-assisted black ops government, and the Klingon rescue invasion in the White House

In a dream a few nights ago, three men I did not recognize by their appearance, joined me in Key West. In other ways, I understood they were the angels Khamael, Michael and Gabriel, who somewhat frequently visit my friend, Young Prophet. In a later dream same night, a dotty older woman close to my age, said her name was Lucifer, joined me in Key West. In ancient religious lore, Lucifer is referred to as "The Morning Star".

The next night, I dreamed of Jim Hendrick telling me that he had the only solar farm left in Key West. On waking, I wondered if that is true, then what does that say for Key West? Later, dreams same night pointed me toward my really needing to engage people in my life, who in some way or another represent parts of myself needing me to bring them to life or recede back into slumber. 

Around that same time frame, Jim's and my mutual good friend Todd German texted me a pic with this a note: "Made me think of you."

I texted back: "Makes me think of Donald Trump needing to be sent this😂" Todd backed for Trump in 2016. 

I thought that I certainly had said things, which I quickly wished I had not said. I imagined every person, who was honest, would say the same.

I imagined Jim Hendrick quickly came to wish he had not, in his home, in front of his wife and girlfriend (whom he later would marry) and Todd, told me he was going to prove to me that I was wrong about his good friend and business client, Buddhist mega Key West and Florida Keys real estate developer Pritam Singh, being possessed by Lucifer. Jim was a disbarred lawyer, and I was a lawyer who had quit. I invited Jim to put on his case.

Jim said the way he knew Pritam was not possessed by Lucifer, was he was the best salesman Jim had ever seen. Pritam could get people to look at what he wanted them to see, and not look at what he didn't want them to see. I said, "That's how Lucifer sells. I rest my case." 

I thought of Donald Trump and his MAGA legions, who see only what Trump wants them to see. I thought of Hillary Clinton and her legions, who saw only what Hilary wanted them to see in 2016, which optics seem not to have changed, either.

I think now of a documentary movie Hoodoo Witch pressed me to watch, which she said explained how the deep state in America actually works, using America's black government cover up of ET existence and technology, which really could help humanity.

I told Hoodoo Witch I would watch the documentary if I was shown in dreams to watch it. That night, I dreamed of something I was working on being all discombobulated, because I didn't have enough facts, or parts, to make it work. I took that as a message to watch "Unacknowledge", which is about 2 hours long. This link should get you there, if you are a Netflix subscriber:

Unacknowledged | Netflix

Unacknowledged. 2017TV-MA 1h 43mDocumentaries. Noted UFO expert Dr. Steven Greer interviews witnesses and presents classified documents concerning ...

I didn't need convincing that ETs exist, since I had seen an ET airship do tricks in the sky and then drag a cloud across the sky like a extra wide developing vapor trail in a bright sunny morning over my home in Boulder, Colorado. The people I was with, my 3rd wife, her son, and an adult friend of mine, ignored my repeated pleas that they look up and see what I was watching. They reminded me of people who were sure the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. They remind me today of modern religious fanatics, Donald Trump and his MAGA legions, and Hillary Clinton and her legions. 

The most interesting thing for me in "Unacknowledged" was Dr. dissed Donald Trump and promoted Hillary Clinton as the best hope America had to reveal America's black government clandestine ops, with plenty of deadly threats to whistleblowers. The film includes clips of Hillar and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama talking about ETs, and of Obama saying Bill Clinton had said there was nothing to it, because that's what he had been told to say. It is not clear if Obama was joking. Perhaps he was trying to send a secret message to ET believers that he was serious?

Not wishing to come across as a CNN or FOX News spin doctor, I looked online for reviews of "Unacknowledged" and found this one by the religious editor of "Skeptic Magazine", which raised prickly questions, with facts for back up, but which also, at times seemed a bit strained (spun).

A new Netflix documentary purporting to provide ... - Skeptic Magazine

Tim Callahan reviews Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret, a new Netflix documentary, purporting to provide proof of alien visitation, that ...

This at the end of the critic's long review rang true to me:

"One question that is never even posed in the film, let alone answered, is why the space aliens, who Greer says are probably concerned by our warlike tendencies, haven’t used their immense energy resources and advanced technology to overwhelm the evil perpetrators of the Black Projects by, for example, simply commandeering the air waves and the internet to expose the cover-up and give the information to everyone on Earth. It would seem that despite their vaunted technology, they can’t do what Edward Snowden did." 


Far as I'm concerned, Snowden was a true American patriot. Had I been President Obama, or President Trump, I would have pardoned Snowden on condition he work for me at his old NASA pay rate for the remainder of my presidency, advising me about my and foreign intelligence agencies and black ops programs.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller and his team proved Russia got Donald Trump elected in 2016, confirming what Trump said during his campaign, "It's rigged" - that election. 

Where were the concerned aliens while that was going on? Maybe they were Klingons? Maybe they gave Russia the technology to elect one of their own? Maybe they want the other ETs' technology, to patent and sell it and make megastarbucks?

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