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Pulitzer nomination for boat-rocking KEY WEST THE (BLUE LIGHTNING) NEWSPAPER

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Subject: Pulitzer nomination for blue lightening, boat rocking, investigative journalism: KEY WEST THE (BLUE) NEWSPAPER

Dear Dana Canedy:
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During a nap yesterday, I dreamed of a doctor I once knew, named Jim Meadows, coming to me from New York City. I was reminded of my dear friends Arnaud and Naja Girard, below, who live in what is called "The Meadows" in the old part of Key West, Florida. 
Last night, I heard "blue lightning" in my sleep. Naja and Arnaud publish online Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), which distributes heaps of blue lighting, so to speak, in Key West and the Florida Keys.
I google-searched Pulitzer Prize headquarters this morning and learned it is located in New York City.

Many times in the past, I published on my blog, and at the blue paper, that the blue paper deserves a Pulitzer for excellent local ongoing boat-rocking investigative journalism.

From the blue paper's Facebook page after Arnaud and Naja took the blue paper over from Dennis Reeves Cooper:
"The pen is mightier than the sword, thus the sword defends the pen" came to me out of the ethers in September 2002, just after I had met Dennis Reeves Cooper, founder, publisher and editor of Key West the (Blue) Newspaper, which mostly covered law and order, or disorder, situations in Key West. I made a soul drawing for Dennis with that poem in it, and gave it to him. He later told me that he had no use for it, and I retrieved it. I don’ t know what happened to that drawing, but if I had it, I would give it to Arnaud and Naja Girard.
Key West the Newspaper is back in action, as an online investigative journalism newspaper. Its new website link is www.thebluepaper.com. Its new owners, Arnaud and Naja Girard, are smart, battle-hardened citizen activists. Naja now is President of Last Stand. Her range in Key West and the Florida Keys is wide and deep.
Dynamite investigative journalism in the launch issue, and a knock-your-eyes out artist, and plenty more to come, I wager.

Naja and Arnaud did not disappoint. 

Steadily putting life and limb on the line, they broke many red-hot buried local stories, which otherwise would not have seen the light of day.

Arnaud's editorial cartoons were equally spectacular, such as this one about a sneaky attempt in 2014 by local capitalists, pretending to be environmentalists, to widen the channel into Key West, so even bigger ocean-killing sea monsters could call on the city, than the ones already coming there.
Recently, the blue paper laid bare a conspiracy between the Florida Keys county government and a greedy mainland developer to evict trailer park tenants on Stock Island contrary to a Florida statute the county commission and its legal staff had ignored. This link is to those blue paper articles: http://thebluepaper.com/?s=wreckers+cay&searchsubmit=

Perhaps the most notorious blue lightning of all exposed, in a slew of sizzling articles, the covered up Thanksgiving Day 2013 murder of the tourist Charles Eimers by the Key West Police Department,(http://thebluepaper.com/?s=charles+eimers&searchsubmit=), further spiced up by Arnaud's spot-on editorial cartoons, three of which are below:
Maybe the most amusing blue lightning, with a little help from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, was the rescue (so far) of Key West's nearby Wisteria Island from being being developed into yet another condo community for the rich. 

For her good efforts in digging up all the amusing historical evidence in those blue lightning strikes, Naja was labeled a witch by the developer. Naja cackled. 

This link is to those blue paper Wisteria island articles: http://thebluepaper.com/?s=wisteria+island+naja+girard&searchsubmit=

You can reach the Girards: editor@thebluepaper.com, and 305-304-6882. 

Perhaps you can persuade Arnaud, a native of France, who was a lawyer there and served in the French military, to tell you about when he piloted a small sailboat with no motor, alone, with $20 in his pocket, from North Africa to the Virgin Islands, and how that led to him eventually ending up in Key West and meeting an American woman, who spoke French as well as he did. 

You might wish to ask Naja how she, who is not a lawyer, perhaps became more skilled in the law than any American lawyer in Key West and the Florida Keys? And, how she and Arnaud fared pro se in state and federal court cases, which pertained to their personal and business affairs? Especially regarding Arnaud being the only boat salver in Key West and the dickens of a time he sometimes had getting paid by people whose lives and boats he saves after they get themselves in real deep doo doo.

Thanking you for considering Arnaud, Naja and Key West The (Blue) Newspaper for a Pulitzer, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Sloan Bashinsky
(305) 407-4285

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