Sunday, May 19, 2019

America's worst nightmare comes true: like Iran, no separation of church and state

The post to my Facebook timeline yesterday incited 2 bogies and 2 friendlies, to which I responded:

The capitol of America's real deep state: Talibama

The more I ponder Talibama's new abortion law, and the new slightly less Sharia abortion laws in other mostly southern states, the more I wonder if that new Confederacy should not adopt Islam as its official religion?

I wonder what the Sharia karma is for people who voted for Donald Trump, whose U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate and district court appointees are the reason for the new Sharia abortion laws?

Trump has shaped Supreme Court – and many other federal appeals ...…/with-another-supreme-court-pi…...
Jul 16, 2018 - Trump has appointed more appeals court judges than any other recent ... confident in Trump to make good appointments to the federal courts, ...

In a Facebook discussion yesterday, launched by someone else, a fellow said the new abortion laws are not the result of religious influence.
I wondered if that person had a brain? Or even a soul?
I told a friend yesterday, who had voted for Trump because he would break up "the deep state," that what Trump did was reveal the real deep state in America.
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  • Walt Lagraves Forget it Jack.....he can't change...he's been certified for decades.
  • Luis M Sanchez-Covisa i think equating sharia law and anti-abortion laws is genius. let's see how many muslims become republicans. jajajajaja

    • Sloan Bashinsky I wish it had been my original idea, but it started popping up online and I swiped it, because it felt so damn dead on to 76-year-old me, who was born and raised in Alabama, and got serious doses of Southern Baptist-isms growing up. What amazes me is educated people like Jack Wright, who lived across the street from me in Birmingham, and Walt Legraves, whom I got to know when I lived in the Florida Keys, seem not capable of being sobered up. For if what the Republican Alabama legislature and governor did, did not sober them up, then can anything short of Jesus appearing in front of them, like he did Saul of Tarsus, according to the Bible, and knocked them off their horses and struck them blind?

  • Thomas Graves It was not by chance that this awful law uses the word 'detected' vs 'heard' (as by an obstetrical stethoscope which MAY occur as early as six weeks but usually much later). The fetal heartbeat occurs almost immediately upon histological differentiation (formation or organs) in the first week or two after conception (fertilization). It CAN be detected by the use of other medical detection such as MRI or ultrasound studies as soon as the primordial vascular begins to pulsate. This usually occurs before pregnancy is even suspected and probably before current pregnancy tests can detect it. Thus the zealots have made abortion impossible, legally, in Alabama. Ever. Pitiful. 🤬

  • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, old Vanderbilt fraternity brother Tom Graves, M.D., in their infinite wisdom, the Alabama Republican legislature and Republican governor left it open for, themselves?, law enforcement?, spinning the top?, crystal balls?, judges, but not with any safe or comforting certainty, the pregnant woman and/or her physician to determine when she is sufficiently at risk as a result of being pregnant, to DECREE her doctor can give her an abortion without being put in prison for 99 years.

    Before I turned in last night, I had a series of comforting thoughts. America's worst nightmare has come true. The end to separation of church and state. America is another Iran. In a dream last night, I observed a man evaluating three different American journalists. I didn't recall on waking what the first two journalists had said. The third journalist had said America is not worth writing about. The evaluator, who kinda resembled Jesus in the Gospels, as I envision him, said the third journalist was correct.

    I woke up feeling worse than I have felt in a very long time. Physically worse. In my internal organs. I perused online Thomas Jefferson's views of Christianity, and the people who, in the main, made Christianity up at that time in history. I think all Christian Americans should be required to read what Jefferson has to say about that. The guy who authored the Declaration of Independence. That Jefferson.

    Meanwhile, I did then get my spirits uplifted, by reading online that President Trump, who is worshiped by the kind Christian people in Alabama and elsewhere, whom Jefferson slammed in his day, tweeted, without naming Alabama, that he is strongly pro-life, except in three instances: the mother's life is at risk, rape and incest. I was so relieved that President Trump is not as Taliban'd up as the Alabama Republican legislature and governor and over half of the Alabama voters, that I wanted to send him a thank you note. Please take that as sarcasm.

    I told a friend this morning, who voted for Trump because she could not stand Hillary Clinton (amen to that), and because she hoped Trump would destroy the "deep state" Trump and Republicans kept chanting in 2016 had screwed up America, that she, and every person who voted for Trump in 2016, have the karma of America now being run by the Christian Taliban. When she said it was all Hillary Clinton's fault, I said that's the Democrats' karma, which has nothing to do with the karma for the people who voted for Trump. When she said this American-Iran situation ( she agreed with me on that) is temporary, it will pass, I said she might instead view it as the rise of the Third Reich in America. When she said Hitler passed by, I said only because of American and Russian troops, and if Hitler had not attacked Russia, all of western Europe would be Nazi today. That aside, I said, it is not temporary, because Trump put two more American Taliban judges on the U.S. Supreme Court, as he had promised the American Talibans in 2016 he would do if he got elected. I said that's the karma she, and every American who voted for Trump in 2016, took on.


  1. Your observation that Extremism, in this case you cite religious extremism (as it is too often practiced by lazy and self-righteous Non-Thinkers) IS 'dead on'. As in the DEAD Separation of Church and State you mentioned too. In Spirit if not in Fact. Yet. I will however, decline sending a 'than-you note' to Mr. T. At least it APPEARS he may not be an ABSOLUTE EXTREMIST after all. Just, well, extreme.

    As for medical doctors performing like trained-monkeys under the DECREES of State Medical Boards, I saw this coming decades ago when Florida first decided to deal with its Pill Mills by pursuing suspicious doctors who had THE AUDACITY to prescribe according to their medical judgement and not according to THE STATE'S Standard of Care. Today we see the result with the impossibility of obtaining legitimate AND APPROPRIATE pain relief across the U.S.A. An example of how our Federal government deals with this 'crisis' of Junkiedom on our streets, is its across-the-boards PROHIBITION of the prescription of ALL outpatient prescriptions by its Providers. Private M.D.s are running scared and 'Just Say No" citing REAL threats of litigation and/or prosecution. Meanwhile the DEA refuses to deal with scientific data to even modify it's Classification of Schedule 1 drugs. And on the street, the death rate of overdosing junkies keeps rising and, least important as far as our lofty Providers, who are ruled by, and Regulators who dictate such DECREES, are the suffering patients who would benefit by such forbidden availability. That is not to say the management of the prescription of drugs is a simple matter. SO, neither is its regulation by the rulers here in Tallahassee. Something stinks in the State of Our States. As a confirmed paranoid realist, I still say, Follow the Money. While people are suffering and junkies are dying, and absurd Laws and Regulations are being enacted SUPPOSEDLY to serve the People, SOMEBODY (I dare not mention that they prefer to remain in the shadow of 'inadequate'investigation or prosecution.)is STILL getting rich from black market drug distribution and sales. Ever wonder who? Maybe I have already mentioned them somewhere.

    1. You make good points, Doc. The practice of medicine indeed often is precarious nowadays. Unfortunately, as you know, not all physicians are scrupulous, or wise, with prescribing pain killers. Furthermore, when I lived in Key West, I got the impression that, between the booze drug and the other legal and street drugs, maybe 95 percent of the teenage upward population there was high on something. And, since I viewed Key West as a proxy for America, there you go.

    2. A retired psychiatrist in Key West and I went around about his contention that Xanax was not addictive, and people who used it and quit cold turkey could not experience difficult withdrawal symptoms. I only took Xanax once, many years ago. I took a half a regular dose, because I had been told it was powerful. I was knocked for a loop into the next day. Perhaps that was peculiar to me, but I knew for a fact, if I kept taking it, I would become addicted to it.