Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Is the internal jihad humanity's only real chance to change and survive?

Yesterday, I took down every post showing at this blog, except the last one about Pottinger v. City of Miami. This morning, I took down that post.

Last night, Erika Biddle, of Key West, told me in a dream that my name on the T-shirt I was wearing, was not my actual name. Erika once did a homeless art, poetry and music exhibition. She called it, "Hidden in Plain View." A while back, a mainland friend told me that I should stop publishing this blog. Another mainland friend told me the same.

As if a herald, maybe 2 weeks ago, a notice from Google appeared at this blog, saying my Google+ account was going away on April 2, 2019.

Meanwhile ...

I've been doing some traveling and hanging out since leaving Key West last fall. I now have 9 homes in 6 different states, where I can hang my hat for a little or a long while. An old friend at one of those homes told me the other day that I have taken being homeless to a new level. I chuckled, said, yeah, a jump shift.

My friend said he is reading Kosmos Journal for Transformation, and that is helping him some. I looked at Kosmos and submitted a comment under one of their articles:

"A dear friend with chemical dependency and clinical depression told me today about "Kosmos, journal for global transformation". I told him a little about the dark night of the soul, which is induced from the spirit realm. The self-proclaimed dominant species on this planet, in the main, seem to have lost their rudder and the results are varied and visible and invisible. I come from the perspective of someone who has been through the dark night of the soul, and the black night, which makes the dark night seem like heaven. And, there were later dark nights. And, it all was instigated by angels, who are still poking me along, sometimes gently, sometimes not. Eventually, starting 2000, through now, I was put into different kinds of human political arenas. I concluded political parties are religions. Movements are religions. And, they most entirely look outward. Seeking to change what is around them, hoping that will make them feel better. I was not convinced that method would work before it was given to me to try to impact. I am not convinced now that it works. I think the only tried and true method is the internal movement, which requires a great deal of being stood in front of a mirror looking at self, while the outside life roughs us up and provides grist for the internal grindstone and furnace. That process requires a great deal of help, I think, from angels. ETs also are involved in trying to help Earthlings change in that way. Internally. From what was, to something else entirely. Death and rebirth, it has been called. That journey is not a best seller. It does not make money. It can be terribly lonely. It can freak out people not aware of such an experience. It can get the internal pilgrim ostracized, locked up, medicated. Yet, it is my opinion that the inner "jihad" is the only way humanity really will shift, and it is not, I don't think, something humanity, on its own, will ever bring off. It will have to be imposed from the spirit realm. On humanity. Across the board. No prisoners. Meanwhile, some people can, as has been done for a very long time, make that journey alone, or perhaps in pairs, or even small groups, with angelic help. If that's what they really want and the angels agree, or the angels impose it because their souls requested it despite their egos' wishes."


  1. Damn!!!! As usual you keep living and sucking off your family and friends. At one time I thought you were a good person. I now realize you are a mooch, living off others.

    1. I hear that a lot, Michael, but not from everyone. Member in good standing of the Key West and Florida Keys RESISTANCE Tom Milone texted me this morning, saying my Gypsy life shows how much I'm loved outside of Key West. He'd heard there is life after Key West. When I was homeless, sleeping nights in the Key West police station front lobby, he helped me in other ways that made my rough life less rough than it otherwise would have been. He read my blog daily. We talked often about local political issues, and we nearly always were in agreement. Another person in Key West, Arnaud Girard, who co-published the local boat rocker Key West the (blue) Newspaper, with his wife Naja, for free, basically, called me "the house prophet", when I lived in their home, sometimes as a paying tenant, sometimes as a poor homeless man. You might wish to read my reply to Elizabeth Davis' comment posted before your comment.

  2. I'm grateful for your company, words.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth. As you can see in Michael Martin's comment after yours, opinions are like noses, everybody has one.

    If I had not given away so much money to people who needed it, or thought they needed it, more than I would come to need it, I would never have gone homeless. If I had never gone homeless, then my life would not have become nearly as interesting and rich, so to speak. It's hard for lots of people in this day and age to see quid pro quo passing back and forth between the person of mean$ and the person with no mean$. If people of mean$ lived in my skin a day, they would die, but not before going stark raving mad. From their perch in the afterlife, they then would see things a bit differently. They would see the quit pro quo. They would see those people and me in an entirely different light. They would see the love between us, that they really want me in their home and they miss me when I'm away. They would see everything in an entirely different light. For example, they would see the quid pro quo in all I did from late 2000 thru the fall of last year, 2018,in Key West and the Florida Keys, for which I was paid nothing in their currency: $$$

    Here's something I wrote to my friend Hoodoo Witch yesterday, who struggles with having to make a living doing things that are wearing her out and breaking her down.

    "I’m a full-bore mystic. If I don’t have money, for example, then I’m homeless. I don’t try to do work for money, which I know won’t work out me, nor I for it. I just do what is put in front of me each day, whatever it is, and it has not for a very long time been about me trying to earn money. I’d love for that to change. I’d love for the writing to make money. Your dreams indicated such would happen for both of us. I don’t have such dreams, however. I just get showed what topic to address and in what way.

    "The way I got out of being homeless the last time was, in early 2016, I was told in a dream by a very good lawyer I once knew, that I was not being paid nearly enough for all the hard work I was doing. A few days later, I called him and told him about the dream. He said that was interesting, and that he had put me on his prayer list in 2010. That led to me doing something pretty radical in an arena I had steered well clear of for quite a while. After some stormy seas, I was receiving enough money each month to live comfortably, but not extravagantly.