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poets see things somewhat differently in Key West and the Florida Keys

Text of recent email from retired psychiatrist Jerry Weinstock, M.D.:
Sloan ---knock on my door --I will give you a free book
you will love it ---believe me -----5 star rating on Amazon

just your meat ---most  of Key west Corruption----

the critics from the NY times say my writing -----borders on Poetic 
even though its Polemic --a Jeremiad  


on Amazon or the bookstores  --has 500 pictures
you know I have and always have an affection for you---literary -----regards Jerry

I don't give it out free --only to a  very few very special people.
you are one  !!

Insult to Our Planet & The Florida Keys: Jerrold J. Weinstock M.D. ...

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Some background:

For anyone not familiar with Jerry's and my extensive email back and forths, we met in the fall of 2013 after a friend told me about Jerry and his wife being no lovers of cruise ships. Turned out they didn't love jet skis and power boats, either.

Jerry told me that he used to love to dive in the waters around Key West, but after getting violently ill diving at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, he gave up diving. Jerry still is an avid fisherman. 

Jerry and I share a deep love for the Florida Keys and have mutual disrespect for what human beings are doing to Mother Nature.

I, and perhaps Jerry, too, would relish keelhauling local real estate developers and their lawyers and captured elected officials. (That's metaphor, folks.)
Next today is a letter to the editor in today's Key West Citizen from a poet who is THE reason why the Key West Poetry Guild has not missed holding a first Sunday of the month meeting for decades:

Lower Matecumbe canal filled with sand

Key West CitizenMay 5, 2018
Allen Meece

Lower Matecumbe canal filled with sand
It’s too bad that the luxury vacation houses on beautiful Sunset Drive can’t get their yachts into their private docks during low tide since Hurricane Irma washed some sand into the mouth of their canal. Google Earth shows the canal remains deep enough for skiffs. 
Those houses were wrongly built a few feet above high tide on a sand dune on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. They block the view of, and the access to, that lovely tropic shore. They paid to own that shoreline and to remove it from public usage.
The fault for the canal blockage can be laid on the county land-use regulations for stupidly permitting any buildings there. The fault can be laid on to the developers who callously disregarded the vulnerability of the product they were putting on the market. And the fault can be laid on the owners who could see the sea and the shifting sands on their doorsteps.
But who are the (mostly wealthy, mostly absentee) owners petitioning to pay for the dredging of the sand from their foolish canal? They’re crying “poor” and demanding that you and me, through the office of FEMA, use our tax dollars to bail them out.
This is typical of the stinginess of the owning class who want public monies to assist their luxury housing while denying public funding for workers’ basic shelter! Let them bear the burden of their own folly.
Allen Meece
Key West
More about the Key West Poetry Guild:
Robert Frost, Key West's first poet laureate

The general public is always welcome at Guild monthly meetings. Recite your own original poetry, or just sit there and listen to darn good poets who tend not to be particularly politically correct. 

The Guild meets tomorrow night in the Key West Library auditorium. 7 p.m.

If Allen Meece is at the Poetry Guild meeting, which I expect he will be, I will suggest that he pass this along to the poor rich folks on Lower Matecumbe Key:
Regarding the open air insane asylum 13-candidate mayor's race (no shit, 13 candidates)

in today's

Donation disparity [not qualifications] defines races 

May 5, 2018
There is a large disparity in campaign donations so far among candidates running in the Monroe County Commission, school board and city of Key West elections.
The disparity is particularly obvious in fundraising in the race to replace term limited Mayor Craig Cates.
Of the 12 candidates, seven have yet to raise any funds, while two candidates, Danny Hughes and Teri Johnston, have already accumulated more than $25,000 each in donations.
Before I saw a Citizen article saying Hughes had filed for mayor, I had never heard of him. But then, before Craig Cates filed for mayor in 2009, I had never heard of him.
Hughes contributed $4,000 to his own campaign but received a majority of the $34,910 raised from residents of Louisiana, where Hughes was previously chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans. Hughes received 19 $1,000 donations from Louisiana residents through March.
Cajun invasion of Key Weird? They ate all their alligators, crawfish and possums and now want to eat all of our saltwater crocodiles, shrimp and iguanas?
The Two Friends Patio restaurant owner has also garnered support from Key West residents, including $200 from Craig and Cheryl Cates, $500 from Peter and Ellen Batty and $4,000 from Summerland Key-based Pabian Properties.

The Batty's are into real estate development. At  Keyhaven, where Jerry Weinstock lives, the Battys are partners with Key West mogul Ed Swift, who lives at Key Haven, and some other developer whose name I cannot recall, in a large cut out subdivision (roads, lots, canals) but as yet no homes there. The deal is, the developers will build you a multimillion dollar home on one of their lots, if you can come up with a building right, which, I dunno, might cost you a few hundred thou$and. I learned about that fishing the other day from 6-term school board member Andy Griffiths, who lives at Key Haven, in a modest home that looks like it was built 40 years ago and might sell for $1,000,000? Andy said he grew up in Key Haven, his brother lives in their parents' home nearby. 
Former commissioner Johnston has dominated the field in the number of individual donations, receiving 98 separate contributions since the beginning of March totaling $23,425.
A bit more about Johnston below this article.
For other candidates, the money is just starting to roll in.
Key West Eco Tours owner George Bellenger, who didn’t announce his candidacy until early April, has received $5,925 in a month of campaigning, including $1,750 from Key West businesses.
Randy Becker has raised $1,100 through individual donations and Sloan Bashinsky donated $300 to his campaign but hasn’t received any outside contributions.
Candidates Rick Brown, Bill Foley, Bob Goodreau, Mitchell Jones, Carie Noda, Margaret Romero and Mark Rossi have yet to report any funds, according to the elections office ... [truncated, the article covers several other local races]
Yep, money defines candidate qualifications.

When top money getter Teri Johnston was a dang good city commissioner, she took me to lunch at Salute Ristorante on Higgs Beach and picked my brains about homeless people and their issues and the city's homeless shelter. I supposed that was in response to my having several times offered during citizen comments to advise the mayor and commissioners about those matters.

As far as I know, Teri's  claim to fame since serving two stellar 4-year terms on the city commission, starting 2008, was she went onto the board directors of Southern Homeless Assistance League (SHAL), despite my having told her that SHAL was something to steer clear of.

Since 2011, as I recall, SHAL's main function has been being paid to run the city's homeless shelter known as KOTS.

During Teri's tenure on SHAL's board of directors, she and her lapdog John Miller, who was SHAL's executive director, tried to persuade the Key West City Commission to let SHAL and Teri's construction company build the new KOTS using a no-bid contract. The construction loan, guaranteed by the city government, since SHAL was living hand to mouth, was to be for more than the cost of constructing the new KOTS. Also to be funded out of the loan proceeds were other SHAL operations. Once the new KOTS was built, the construction loan would be converted to a permanent mortgage loan to be paid off by SHAL with money it earned, the lion's share of which was what the city paid SHAL to run KOTS. The city government was to guarantee the permanent mortgage loan.

While Teri and Miller were up to that, Mike Tolbert was managing KOTS.

If you have followed my reporting and commenting on Tolbert, then you know Mike says homeless women are grown adults and fair game for men having sex with them.

You know Mike hates homeless people who are not earning enough money to get themselves off the homeless roles.

You know that, after being fired by John Miller last year, Mike went into business getting homeless people day labor jobs, for which Mike was paid a good wage, six figures, he wrote to me.

Try as I might, I have not been able to get Mike to say what he gets paid per day laborer, and by whom. What I have heard is, Mike get's paid a few bucks per day laborer by the employers, and the employers give Mike money to pay the day laborers and Mike takes a big slice of that before giving it to them.

Mike turned homeless people into business inventory. Perhaps he learned that working for SHAL, for which homeless people are business inventory. 

Although SHAL holds forth that the mission is to end homelessness, if there were no homeless people, SHAL would cease to exist and Mike would have no business inventory. 

I can't help but wonder if that's why Mike, John Miller and SHAL banned me from KOTS for life, I suppose with Teri Johnston's okay, after I published that long-term homeless addicts would be better of dead, than continuing to live the way they do. Mike, Miller and SHAL claimed I had threatened to kill homeless people, so I could not be allowed to stay nights at KOTS.

Yet maybe a week ago, Mike told me in an email that the reason he banned me from KOTS for life was because he knew I was a Trustfarian and I was faking being poor and could get money anytime I wanted to get it from my father's estate. In fact, my father's estate had steadfastly declined to help me out financially, until something happened just before Hurricane Irma arrived in Key West last September and my father's estate offered to loan me a monthly sum against my future inheritance from my father's estate, to be repaid if and when I received the inheritance.

I hear repeatedly from Mike that I have no job, I am worthless, I contribute nothing to Key West and the Florida Keys. If Mike was put into my skin for just 5 minutes, he would have an entirely different view of work, if he did not go crazy and kill himself, or just die from the shock.

I told several friends lately, when they asked me about Mike's vendetta against me, that I take his attacks as high compliments, about like being praised by Jesus. 

If you have followed by reporting on Mike Tolbert, then you know he strongly supported me during the 2014 mayor's race, during which my campaign slogan, dreamed up by local often drunk poet "Mad Jack", was: 

"Sloan for Mayor, He Confounds the Empire"
Mike Tolbert pushed me to run for mayor in 2016, while I was homeless and sleeping nights at KOTS and not working for money.

The 2016 mayor's race culminated in this photo at Hometown!'s candidate forum.
The chicken was incumbent Mayor Craig Cates, below, who had won the mayor's race primary without a runoff by getting over 50 percent of the votes cast, and then he faced write-in candidate me in the general election. 

A buddy of Cates then tried to persuade me to pull out of the race so Cates could be declared the winner, and when I did not pull out, Cates announced he would not participate in any more candidate forums.

After winning the first time in 2009, by winning that mayor's race primary without a runoff, Cates and his campaign manager both thanked me for getting him elected without a runoff. During that race I had said, if you don't vote for me, vote for Craig Cates; don't vote for the other two candidates: incumbent mayor Morgan McPherson and challenger Mike Mongo.

Right after thanking me for getting him elected without a runoof, Cates asked me if I would be on his Mayor's Homeless Advisory Committee, because I knew so much about homelessness? He said he hoped I would do it. I said I would be glad to do it.

Shortly after that, Cates' daughter ran over and  a homeless man on North Roosevelt Blvd. The homeless man soon died. That was reported in the Key West Citizen.

I much later was told by Mike Tolbert that Cates' daughter was given a traffic citation for failure to yield. The dead homeless man's family asked that Cates' daughter pay the funeral expenses. The Cates family declined. The family sued for the funeral expenses.

Even later, Craig Cates told me that his daughter was working for her employer when the accident happened, and it was her employer's insurance company that declined to pay the dead homeless man's funeral expenses, which resulted in the lawsuit.

I published all of that and opined if it had been my daughter, I would have jumped at paying the dead homeless man's funeral expenses.

After Cates asked me in 2009 to be on his Mayor's Homeless Advisory Committee, I never heard another word from him about it. He formed the committee and stacked it with people who had no real experience with homeless people and homeless shelters. People, I supposed, who told Cates what he wanted to hear.

During Cates' first campaign, in 2009, he said, if he won, he would only serve one term. The mayor term is 2 years. Cates ran four more times and won each primary without a runoff.

Word around town is Cates will run for county commission in 2020.

Here is my candidate statement on the Supervisor of Elections Office:
Candidate's Statement

PO Box 2681 Key West, FL 33045 305.407.4285 I once practiced law in Alabama and have daughters and grandchildren on the mainland. I rent a studio in the home of the publishers of Key West the Newspaper ( I publish daily at You can get to know me there and in my comments under blue paper articles. This is my 6th KW mayor race. As an Independent, I ran 3 times for county commission and 1 time for school board. I have spoken hundreds of times during citizen comments at local government meetings. I am acutely familiar with KW and Florida Keys issues. I tend to say what no one else says. I do not litter with vote for me roadside signs and radio commercials, which say nothing about candidates. I finance my own campaigns, which keeps me independent. I rely on grassroots word of mouth to get votes

Also in today's Key West Citizen, 
a real sho nuff affordable housing gobbledygook swallowed hook, line and sinker by Mayor Cates and the City Commission, against which I and other members of the Key West Institute for Common Sense and Decency fought tooth and nail, fang and claw.

Peary Court households push limits on income

By Scott Unger Key West Citizen

May 5, 2018
Nearly 40 percent of households at Peary Court exceed workforce housing income limits by more than $50,000, but still qualify for the affordable units under the fine print of Key West city code.
An annual report issued by owners the Cornfeld Group to the Housing Authority of Key West indicates 62 of the 152 households listed exceed the 2017 work force housing income and rent limits, but still qualify through clauses in the city code.
In 2016, the 24-acre, 157-unit property was purchased by the Cornfeld Group for $60 million, with $12.5 million included from the Monroe County Land Authority to deed-restrict the property for affordable housing in perpetuity.
Cates and the City Commission voted to give the $12.5 million to the Cornfield Group, so it could buy Peary Court from another developer, who had been beaten down into rubble for trying to raze Peary Court and build much more expensive housing for sale and rent. The $12.5 million was the Cornfield Group's down payment. The Cornfield Group financed the rest of the purchase price. The Cornfield Group got Perry Court for nothing, zlich, nada. The mortgage loan is being paid off out of the "affordable" rents. Good luck understanding the hocus pocus below.
That deed restriction mandates the Average Median Income for all leases not exceed the median income category (120 percent AMI) plus 10 percent. The 2017 report states an average of 126 percent.
As long as the total leases stay below the 130 percent threshold, the properties can be rented at low (80 percent), median (100 percent), moderate (120 percent) or middle (140 percent) income categories.
In 2017, 59 units were rented at middle income with rent ranging from $2,485 to $2,774, 83 units were rented at moderate income with rent ranging from $1,975 to $2,484, seven at median income with rent ranging from $1,840 to $2,070 and three at low income with rent ranging from $1,571 to $1,654, according to the report
Each of the rental categories includes maximum income limits, depending on household size. For example, income for two people in the moderate category cannot exceed $88,320 in order to qualify to live at Peary Court. However, income is listed for a current tenant in that scenario at $150,170 annually, according to the report.
There are two reasons for these exceptions, according to Housing Authority Executive Director Manny Castillo. Tenants exceeding the limit can stay because of the way income is calculated or because of a clause that states if a tenant exceeds the income limits, they are eligible for up to another year lease to provide time to find a new residence.
Fine print in city code allows for exceptions to the maximum income limits by counting only the highest paid 40 hours of employment in a household or in the case of marriage, only the highest 60 hours of combined employment, according to city code.
“The income of eligible households shall be determined by counting only the first and highest paid 40 hours of employment per week of each unrelated adult,” code states. “For a household containing adults related by marriage or a domestic partnership registered with the city, only the highest 60 hours of the combined employment shall be counted.”
If a tenant exceeds income limits in the last three months of the lease, the landlord has the option to extend the lease at the affordable rate for up to a year. Applicants can also appeal to the Planning Board to determine eligibility if a tenant exceeds income limits, according to code.
These exceptions allow for current situations such as two occupants that pay $2,625 a month while their income is listed at $151,200 annually. The income limits are exceeded at every income level except the low category, according to the report.
Two occupants that pay the median rate of $2,070 monthly are listed as making $82,991 annually and a three-person unit comprised of restaurant workers pays $2,600 a month while their income is listed at $166,909, more than $50,000 over the maximum income for the category.
Although renovations are planned for the property, all current units feature two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms and occupants range from one to six people. There are 94 units with two occupants, 34 with three, 11 with four, 10 single occupancy units and three that have either five or six occupants, according to the report.
Employment for tenants varies but includes many workers in fields frequently cited as needing additional housing. Among the reported 360 tenants, 55 work in the restaurant industry, 16 work in hotels, 29 are members of the military or first responders, 26 work in the fishing industry and 13 work in schools, including seven listed as teachers in Monroe County, according to the report.

You've tried everything else, so why not try crazy?

Everyone knows Key West is an open air insane asylum,
so why not make it official? 

Sloan for Mayor! 

trying to make a difference in Key West and the Florida Keys since 2000

political advertisement paid for and prepared by

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