Thursday, May 10, 2018

plumbing the depths of the unauthorized practice of law and and lips are moving land use (developer) lawyers in Key West, and a great white father in Washington lawyer joke

My skinhead admirer and Confederate Flag lover Mike Tolbert commented on the unauthorized practice of law complaint filed against me part of yesterday's post at this website:
  1. Bar aint no joke. Dont be hating I just sent you the complaint and cooked me a big ole bag of Popcorn for the show thats coming. The FLA BAR has a very Low threshold determining what is actual practice of law by ex lawyers! You done stepped in it this time! and NOW with Kari in jail your EGO will not allow you not to dig that hole a few feet deeper. Mental illness a Bitch you might want to consider getting some help for that shit buddy!
  2. Sloan BashinskyMay 9, 2018 at 3:55 PM
  3. Who said the Florida Bar is a joke? Not me. When I practiced law in Birmingham, sometimes clients of other lawyers came to me about their lawyer, and if I felt their lawyer had messed up, I told them to file a grievance with the Alabama Bar. A couple of those clients, or maybe it was three, did file a grievance. The Bar called me, asked what I knew about the case. I told them. The Bar disciplined those lawyers. I have the complaint filed with the Florida Bar, it arrived yesterday from from them by email. I will respond in due course.

My friend Todd German emailed a link yesterday, which I opened and discovered Todd is a non-lawyer member of a Monroe County (Florida Keys) Unlicensed Practice of Law (UAL) Committee, whose members are appointed by the Florida Supreme Court. The Committee is not the Florida Bar Office in which the unauthorized practice of law complaint was filed against me. My understanding is, if the Florida Bar does decide to investigate further, it will refer the UAL complaint to this Committee.

Sixteenth Circuit UPL Committee

Staff Contact:  Jacquelyn Needelman  Phone: 305-377-4445

Todd German is the only member of the Committee I know well. I had one lengthy conversation with Michael Browning in Key West in 2007 or 2008. I had a few in passing conversations with Audra Hill some years ago in Islamorada and on Key Largo. I may have had one or two in-passing conversations with Christina Spottswood in Key West. I spoke once on the telephone with Jacquelyn Needelman, who is a lawyer in the Florida Bar Office where the UAL complaint was filed against me. 

I emailed back to Todd:

Hmmm, law school exam question.

If a lay person can be on a state bar unauthorized practice of law committee, is that the unauthorized practice of law by a non-lawyer?

And, is it the unauthorized practice of law for a non-lawyer to even ask that question?

3rd law school exam question.

Since you and I are friends, do you have to recuse yourself from participating in any way if this complaint comes before this Committee?

4th question

And, is it the unauthorized practice of law by a non-lawyer to even ask that question?

I recall once that Michael Browning did not care for my reporting a conversation he and had over lunch one day at Lobos.

5th question

If I was not a former practicing attorney, would anyone care what I say about the law and legal matters?

When Todd and I spoke on the telephone this morning, I told him that it doesn't matter what some legal opinion might say about whether or not he can participate in a unauthorized practice of law complaint against me that might come before the UAL Committee on which he sits, it will smell bad if he participates in any such investigation, and it would be a favor to me and to him if he declines to participate.

Fox News Judicial Analyst Issues Dark Warning To Trump Over Michael Cohen

 Rebecca Shapiro,HuffPost

I wondered why the FOX judicial analyst did not warn President Trump of the shitstorm that will engulf him if the FBI flips Cohen and he takes a deal in exchange for his testimony about payments to women to hush them up about having sex with Trump while he was married to Melania, to help Trump's presidential campaign? Then, I wondered if Cohen taking $500,000 from a Russian oligarch, which he used to hush up such women, was collusion with Russia by Trump through Cohen, to get Trump elected? Then, I wondered if Trump could prevent being ratted out by Cohen, by claiming lawyer-client privilege, which is similar to pleading the 5th Amendment? Then, I wondered if I could report all of that wondering today without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law? Then, I wondered what the lawyer Thomas Jefferson might have to say about all of that?

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