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pedantry vs. the real issues in the Key West middle school social media gun threat case, the Florida Keys only real newspaper to shut down due to lack of financial support from its thousands of ardent readers, with comic relief from our great white father in Washington's circled covered wagons

The night before last, Arnaud Girard, who, with wife Naja, above, publish online Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com), the Florida Keys' only investigative newspaper, the only real newspaper, told me in a dream that there was pedantry going on. Not knowing that pedantry was, I belatedly looked it up online last night:

Pedantry: "excessive concern with minor details and rules"

Around dawn this morning, I dreamt of my third wife and I having business dealings, and then a man came to me and said either his or my view is more evolved, and we are going to find out which of us it is, and I said we are coming at it from different directions. 

I went back to the blue paper's Facebook thread about the social media threat to kill a fellow student with a real gun case, and found a comment from a fellow I had not seen, replying to something I had posted. His comment answered questions I had asked him farther down in the thread. I saw other comments from him, which I had not seen. I figured that was the man in the dream. I also commented further to his comments and to other reader comments. 

One of my 3rd wife's mantras was, "For the children." That's what I think the the HOB gun threat case is about: 

Protecting children, and disciplining children who do bad things to other children, and disciplining bad children's parents, and not covering it all up, which is what the HOB principal, the Superintendent of Schools, the School Board, the Key West Police Department, the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter did 

But for the pesky blue paper, yet another ugly thing done in Key West never would have been made known to the general public. As things now stand, next week's blue paper will be its last edition, because its thousands of ardent readers do not donate enough money to come anywhere close to covering investigation and publishing costs.

Here is that entire Facebook thread, which pokes into lots of uncomfortable places, with a fair amount of pedantry, some of which I contributed. On Facebook, comments don't necessarily flow in a straight timeline.
State Attorney Expands His Investigation of HOB gun threats...

by Arnaud and Naja Girard……. A police officer at HOB Middle School has been put on paid leave for lying to the FBI. The disciplinary action follows an…

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Suki S. Miller

Suki S. Miller Do we yet have a name of the connected family that encourages and harbors this type of dangerous behavior? Surely someone with kids at HOB will share the info.

I wrote chief Lee about this over a week ago, along with the problem of dangerous drag racing on Palm Ave and received no reply.
Suki S. Miller
Suki S. Miller I'm not advocating that the Blue Paper out the kid. I'm asking parents of other kids at HOB what they know. Word of mouth.
Claire Hurd

Claire Hurd It is never likely that a juvenile's name is released...
Brigham Thompson
Brigham Thompson Sure would be good to get the "connected" family's name out there so some actual social pressure can be brought to bear (since legal pressure is non-existent) before a 4th or 5th incident occurs, perhaps this time with actual damage or loss of life. We've heard in recent media reports about the many prior warnings that occurred with the Parkland shooter. Well, here are more warnings involving a separate but similar scenario..
Jessica Patton Pellegrino

Jessica Patton Pellegrino Sharing and donating.
Matt James

Matt James Name the family, or put an end to this line of reporting. Vague accusations of corruption are worthless if you’re expecting anything to change.

If you don’t have enough evidence to name the family without sufferings a lawsuit for slander, you don’t have enough evidence to write a vague story about “student one.”
Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) If it was your child would you want him to be tried in the news and on social media by anonymous people? Our reporting has forced an actual documented investigation that did not happen and would never have happened without our reporting. We will continue to push for professional conduct by those in power and in charge of the safety of our schools. Ask yourself this: Why did teachers and parents feel a need to come to The Blue Paper with this story?
Matt James

Matt James Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)It’s not the child that is being tried in the news. It is the parents, schools and law enforcement agencies you are accusing of corruption. The Snapchat habits of kids aren’t the story here - that is merely the catalyst that brought the rest of this corruption to light. The alleged corruption among adults is the story - much like the PROMISE program in Broward County. The name of the child is irrelevant, and the child will not be tried on social media.
Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Matt James Exactly. So apparently you have understood what our reporting is about. So why are you saying tell us the family name or stop reporting. I must have missed your point.
Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Ah, I see you edited your comment and added some requirement that if we don’t have all the evidence to convict then we should not report on the allegations. So maybe you don’t understand the reporting or the positive effect it is having after all. For one thing the Chief learned because of our reporting that his SRO was not documenting gun threats that had been reported to him... I could go on.
Matt James

Matt James I think the allegation of corruption between a KW family and local law enforcement needs enough weight behind it to be able to name names before printing what amounts to rumor.

The rest of the story could stand on its own merit without that element, and I think it would have achieved the same investigative end
Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Matt James When a seasoned police officer, who is earning over $80,000 a year plus benefits [not a rookie] admittedly fails to file any police reports whatsoever documenting his actions in investigating three incidents that involve the same student and guns [those are the facts thus far], and when it is known [not rumor but details not disclosed in order to protect the child] that the child's family has important ties to the police department and belongs to a well-known Key West family, then it is fair to ask the question - yes, ask the question in our reporting - Is some sort of favoritism/special protection at play? That is the question our sources - some teachers who could not rely on their Principal but instead felt they must come to us - are all asking. In light of the additional information, that the same officer was involved in investigating an orange plastic toy gun incident involving another child and the student ended up expelled from school, the question becomes all the more legitimate. It is made clear in our reporting that it is merely a question at this stage; a question that every source we speak with believes law enforcement investigators should be exploring, if they truly seek to get to the bottom of this. There is nothing wrong with journalists asking legitimate questions based on the facts.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) Are you sure, Naja, that this child learned, now is contrite, changed? Looks to me that the blue paper very much tried this child (student one), along with his well-connected Key West family, the school principal, the superintendent of schools, the school board, the Key West Police Department, the City Commission and City Manager, for whom KWPD work, and the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter for assisting in the cover up after the blue paper broke the story in the court of public opinion, and continued to investigate and add to the evidence in that trial, to the point it seems the entire weight of this case is now on the shoulders of State Attorney Dennis Ward, who himself was a police officer and a detective before he became a lawyer. Ward was defeated in 2012, because he had dared to campaign on ethics in government, and then had dared then to try to get the county commission to pass an ethics ordinance that applied to the county commissioners, and then had dared to indict, try and convict the Conch (born here) superintendent of schools, Randy Acevedo, and his wife, and had dared to indict, try and convict the son of Conch city commissioner Harry Bethel, for robbing local fisherman's traps. For doing all of that, Ward was rewarded by the Key West Conchs and city and county Republicans voting for Republican Catherine Vogel, which threw the 2012 State Attorney election to Vogel, and then Vogel whitewashed the Charles Eimers death in KWPD custody case. The blue paper has given the student one case to Ward through plenty of local resistance. It's on Ward to take the case the rest of the way. It's on Ward to say when the privacy rights of what appears from the blue paper articles to be a felon cyber terrorist are trumped by the rights of school children to be safe, and the rights of school children's parents to want their children to be safe, including knowing who student one is, so as to avoid him to be safe.
Steve Legnaioli
Steve Legnaioli Matt James


If the family is being protected, the name means everything, we need to get the name

If a child’s name needs to be plastered across the news, it is the Key  Police Department fault for creating this mess
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) 

You are now assuming, and taking the Chiefs word, that he found out about it because of your investigation

That is not the crooked police chief that I know, I would not give him the benefit of the doubt anything
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Agreed, Steve Legaioli, if a well-connected family is being protected as the blue paper says, then that speaks volumes.
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky Also agreed, Steve. Hard for me to imagine Chief Lee did not know about the HOB social media threat to kill with a gun case pretty much all along.

Hard to imagine he did not know about the Charles Eimers case all along, too. The most visible officer in that case, Gary Lee Lovette, was a white hometown boy, born and raised here. KWPD circled the wagons around him, despite damning evidence out of his own mouth, some of it recorded on his taser device. KWPD finally let Lovette go over something he later did, not related to the Eimers case. The "justice" in that case was the city's liability insurance carrier paid $900,000 to Eimer's family, after a local lawyer, who had known Lovette as a boy, was so distressed by the evidence, that he took the case and brought in a mainland law firm to help him prosecute it in federal court. All thanks to the blue paper breaking the case and continuing to report it. The city didn't pay a penny. The police benevolent union provided legal defense counsel to Lovette and the other officers. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Tallahassee whitewashed the case. The then state attorney whitewashed the case. The US Department of Justice whitewashed the case.

Well-connected local family means lots of votes.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky The well-connected HOB student, who made the cap threat with a real gun on Snapshot, student one, is white, and the student with the cap gun, who got expelled, is black?
My goodness, are the School District, KWPD, City Hall, the Key West Citizen, the Keynoter, and the white Conchs (born in Key West) gonna miss the blue paper if it shuts down on March 15 for lack of reader funding.
I hope State Attorney Ward goes all the way through with student one, regardless of a white Conch backlash at the polls in 2020.
I asked Naja and Arnaud about a week ago, if they had a child at HOB, would they let that child attend classes while student one is still attending classes at HOB? Naja said, yes, but she would be all over that school, trying to get to the bottom of it. I said, no way I let my child attend HOB, unless I know student one’s identity and that he is no longer at HOB.
Is HOB/our school district another Parkland in the making?
Becky Becka

Becky Becka One used a media outlet, one brought in what appeared to be a real gun. You're assuming one child's parents is well connected. This is not about race. This is about children acting out, this is about people having kids and not raising them correctly.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky I assumed nothing. The student who brought a cap pistol to school and was expelled, was black. The student who threatened on social media to cap a fellow student with a real pistol, which I understand is a felony, is white, and appears to be from a well-connected family, based how the school principal, the supervisor of schools, the school district, KWPD, the Citizen and the Keynoter tried to cover it up, all reported by the blue paper, but for which, and the people who fed the story to the blue paper, I suppose because they figured it otherwise might never have made it into the light of day.
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky As for the parents of both students, if the parents and their children's names are made public, that might be serious encouragement for the parents to get serious about their parenting, less they later get accused of not being serious after their child does something even worse. Such public exposure also might cause parents of other school children to be more serious parents, less they end up in the public spotlight for what their children do at school.
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli Don’t count on the state attorney to do anything but cover this up, his top two investigators Chris Weber, and Matt, told me I don’t fall under the jurisdiction of Key West in order to cover up a crime a police officer committed against my family

The states attorneys office is as crooked as the police department
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Where do you live, and where did this happen to your family, Steve Legaioli? And, basically, what happened and when?

The State Attorney has jurisdiction to prosecute in state court any state crime (misdemeanor and/or felony) committed in Monroe County (the Florida Keys). If the crime also is a federal crime, then the US Attorney and U.S. Department of Justice have jurisdiction to prosecute in federal court. Some crimes are state and federal crimes and there is concurrent jurisdiction, and when that happens, the State Attorney tends to step out of it and the US Attorney/US Department of Justice prosecute.
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli Sloan Bashinsky 

My family and my wife’s employer was receiving threatening phone calls, we turned it over to Key West police department

They found out it was a out of state police officer, and then told me that I do not fall under their jurisdiction, so they cannot investigated, the states attorneys office took the same position, I live in Key West for years, this is a fact

When Dennis Ward heard about this, he immediately covered up for his top two investigators

I explain to Dennis Ward that I wanted to file a complaint with the key was police department, and they would not let me, he said “oh well“

Dennis ward does not care if his investigators are screwing over the people of Key West, this is a fact

Do you understand?

The chief of police told my family we do not fall under their jurisdiction, he did this to protect the crooked police officer, Dennis Ward refused to investigate, or to punish any of the people involved
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli Sloan Bashinsky 

I agree, the state attorney has the authority to investigate these crimes, but all he does is cover it up
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky Might be that was a federal law enforcement case, for the F.B.I., US Attorney/Department of Justice.
Becky Becka

Becky Becka Yet no one is blaming the parents. It starts at home!
Kim Most
Kim Most that is the absolute truth
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky Yes, but the parents of student one don't attend HOB, and that's where this needs to be fixed, first. I don't see how that will happen if student one is protected from public scrutiny, thus his parents are similarly protected.

The law protects the identity of juvenile offenders, but at what point does the safety of school children trump the right to privacy of what appears to be a felon cyberterrorist?

I imagine HOB parents holding their children out of school until they are told who student one is and that he was expelled and is no longer at HOB will bring this to a head pronto. Otherwise …
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli If this family is getting protected because they have ties to the Key West Police Department, this town is not going to be able to handle it, the police chief is a crooked piece of garbage as it is, if we find this out, there will be justice , Even if a crooked police department sweeps it under the rug
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Be careful, Steve Legaioli, when you say there will be justice. That could be read as vigilante action, taking the law into your hands, which is a crime and prosecutable by the state and/or feds. (I was a lawyer in a prior life.) If you mean justice in the legal system, ponder how that went in the Charles Eimers case with a different state attorney and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FBI and US Department of Justice - nowhere.

Right now, it looks to me our state attorney is the only hope for justice in the legal system in what the well-connected HOB student did. Looks to me the state attorney's case, first, is that student. And, if in course of investigating, the state attorney learns there was attempted cover up of a state felony by the school principal and KWPD, then that's a second case, or, if you will, an accomplice after the fact case.

The state attorney started out his career in law enforcement as a police officer and detective on the Florida mainland. Historically, state attorneys tend not to want to prosecute local law enforcement officers. It's bad for getting reelected. It's bad for encouraging law enforcement to work closely with state attorneys in prosecuting other kinds of crimes. I could be dangerous for state attorneys to prosecute local law enforcement officers. Then there is the thin blue line, which is police officers do not rat out bad police officers. And there is the police benevolent union which defends/provides legal counsel to police officers charged with crimes and sued in civil court for damages arising out of something done on the job (line and course of duty).

I hope our state attorney, Dennis Ward, and his troops leave no stone unturned in the student one case. I am pretty sure Ward can get a lot of information from the blue paper, if he has not already done so, which will help him get to the bottom of it. But, and this is my personal view, if this student and his family are allowed to get through this without being publicly identified and the well-connected facts publicly told, then that will be a travesty in an of itself. For it will tell every white school child in Key West, that taking a toy gun to school, or threatening online to kill a fellow student with a real gun, will be covered up and the public will never know who did it, and it's just another fun white kids game of chicken, macho, or dare devil to play and expect to get away with.
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli You are now implying that if the cricket Court cover this up, there will be no justice

Let me explain this to you

When the police chief tells my family we do not fall under their jurisdiction, that is a crime, the law has now been thrown out the window, yet you’re implying that the law still applies to me?

Here’s how it works, when the police station takes a public position that I do not fall under their jurisdiction, they are claiming I am above the law, they are putting me above the law, everybody knows the police do not have the authority to go outside their jurisdiction and snatch people off the streets

Meaning, when the cops arrest me, I can consider it kidnapping, and use deadly force against the kidnappers, this is not vigilante justice, this is me protecting myself according to the law

If vigilante justice does have to be used, that means that the Key West police department, the prosecutor, and the judge has all gone rogue and refuses to enforce the law against fellow police officers, Which gives a greenlight to vigilante justice

If you are going to criticize the vigilante justice that follows a crooked system, then you certainly need to blow the whistle on the crooked system that’s causing it
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli You still seem confused, the state attorney has been caught covering up felons, not holding people accountable to the law
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky What I'm still confused about is what the KW police did to you/your family - the details, and where did it happen, and when?

What felons has the state attorney been caught covering up? What did the felons do, their names, when, where - details?
Steve Legnaioli

Steve Legnaioli Fuck the police

If the police have evidence that you committed a crime, they will arrest you, charge you, and give you a court date

If you call the police and tell them you have evidence that A police officer has committed a crime, they will tell you to call A lawyer, publicly admitting that they are putting the police about the law

The cops in this town are total garbage
Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan Bashinsky Agreed, unless I am well-connected, I will be arrested for a crime I commit in Key West. Not sure KWPD would tell me to contact a private attorney if I report a KWPD officer committed a crime. Not sure KWPD would do anything.

I only just a bit ago saw your comment up the ways in this thread, which begins:

"My family and my wife’s employer was receiving threatening phone calls, we turned it over to Key West police department" ...

In your shoes I would have reported that to KWPD, if I lived in Key West, and I would expect them to look into it; and I would report it to the state attorney, and expect him to look into it; and if they told me it was not their jurisdiction, then I would have gone to the F.B.I. office in the federal building on Simonton Street, in Key West. Same building the federal courts and social security are in.
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky I campaigned hard for Dennis Ward in 2008. In 2012, I didn't take a side in the State Attorney race, because I had personally seen Ward protect what I was convinced was a bent Florida Fish & Wildlife captain, who I was convinced had tampered a Wisteria Island trespass arrest file. Also, Ward and his top prosecutor, now a Key West district court criminal judge, had, at the request of a Key West circuit court judge, criminally extradited an Ohio man back to Key West and jailed him over a civil lawsuit local movers and shakers had filed against him, because of what he had published about them online, which they did not like, but which I felt mostly was true. He also had slammed the city for being in cahoots with the movers and shakers, in screwing him and his wife out of a business they had move down here to buy.

Even so, I think we are far better off with Ward in the state attorney office, than his predecessor who beat him in 2012, thanks to Key West Conchs. Maybe the same or similar Conchs protecting the well-connected local family and their social media terrorist son?
Don Leistner

Don Leistner The MC School District leadership (I use that term loosely) is more like a criminal enterprise. Missing funds, cover ups, inept management...in the private sector none would keep their jobs.
Carina Borders

Carina Borders I think some of you may benefit from re-reading the facts. Student #1 posed with a gun. We don’t know where but no one has ever said he brought one to school. Perhaps he used poor judgement. That’s all we know.
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky You left out that student one threatened to use that gun on a fellow student and making such a threat on social media was itself a felony. Your comment causes me to think you are trying to protect student one and are not above leaving out a few relevant facts. Of course he used poor judgement. Maybe he is a punk. Maybe he thinks he's cute. Maybe he thinks he can get away with such a thing because his white family is well-connected. That KWPD and his white Conch school principal tried to sweep this under the rug, but a black student who brought a cap gun to the same school was expelled, maybe says what really is going on.

To lighten up a bit, this America is in good hands howler broke loose yesterday online:

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