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Key West's police benevolent citizens review board and its close cousins, and further heretical, I suppose, discussions with XXXXX about God and such

      I found this in my inbox this morning from a retired member of the local Resistance.

      Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 9:23 PM
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      Subject: Open appointments on the Citizen Review Board (CRB)
      From: Margaret Romero <>
      Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 6:08 PM
      To: Margaret Romero <>
      CC: Citizens Review Board <>

      The Citizen Review Board (CRB) is an independent board with authority to review and / or investigate complaints involving Key West police officers and forward findings and / or recommendations.

      The City of Key West Citizen Review Board is seeking nominations of candidates for appointment to the Citizen Review Board (CRB). The City of Key West CRB consists of four members appointed by the City Commission and three members appointed by the CRB itself. Members serve a four-year term.

      Currently, there are two (2) Commission positions available, and one (1) Board position available, all three with an expiring term of June 30, 2022.  These positions shall be nominated by a local civic or social organization and appointed by the Key West City Commission for two (2) positions and the Citizen Review Board for the one (1) position.

      Each member appointed shall be an elector, resident of Key West, with a reputation of integrity and commitment to improving police/community relations. For further information regarding the CRB & position requirements, please review the website at and select Citizen Review Board under the Departments tab.

      Individuals wishing to apply for appointment consideration are encouraged to submit a CRB application and a letter with their resume to Chris Sclichter, Executive Director (305) 809-3887 or  Applications with instructions can be downloaded from the website.  All applications and additional documents sent to the CRB become public record.

      Applications & nominations must be received or postmarked no later than 5:00 PM., April 16th, 2018. Mail to: PO Box 1946, Key West, FL 33041-1946 or hand-deliver to City of Key West Citizen Review Board, 100 Grinnell Street (Upstairs inside the Ferry Terminal building) Key West. Do not e-mail the application.

      From: Sloan Bashinsky
      Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 11:16 AM
      Subject: Re: Open appointments on the Citizen Review Board (CRB)
      I was one of many citizens who helped get enough petitions signed to put the CRB out to referendum against strong opposition from the then City Commission and KWPD. The referendum passed by a substantial majority.

      Based on my  sometimes attending CRB meetings while Tom Milone and Joe Pais were CRB members, the CRB had morphed from a citizens oversight of KWPD committee, to a KWPD benevolent protection committee.

      Looked to me that Joe and Tom were the voices of reason on the CRB and they didn't seek another term because they saw no point in being on the CRB.

      If I were a city commissioner or the mayor, I could not, in good conscience, invite citizens to apply for vacant CRB seats, without telling them my view of the CRB. 

      In a related related arena:

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      From: sloan bashinsky <>
      To: Naja Girard <>
      Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 7:50:05 AM EDT
      Subject: Marathon gun instagram case

      Man pleads in school threat case

      By Scott Unger Key West CitizenMarch 29, 2018
      The 19-year-old Marathon man accused of posting pictures of guns and threatening messages on social media entered a plea of not guilty at his arraignment hearing in front of Judge Ruth Becker on Tuesday in Marathon.
      Duviel Gonzalez is charged with felony written threats to kill or do bodily injury and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, stemming from posts featuring guns and direct threats to Marathon High School on Gonzalez’ Instagram account, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.
      The posts under the Instagram account “death_reapear” show one image of five shotguns, another with the caption “Marathon High School Your (sic) on my list for 2 round,” and a third showing a man with his face covered holding an assault rifle with the caption “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow,” according to the arrest report.
      The postings were made days after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
      Gonzalez faces up to 15 years in prison for the felony charge and up to one year for the marijuana charge, according to Assistant State Attorney Christine Poist.
      The MCSO was alerted to the posts by numerous concerned citizens and Sheriff’s detectives— working alongside the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations and the Monroe County State Attorney’s Office — were able to locate Gonzalez using the IP address provided by Facebook.
      Gonzalez’ attorney William Heffernan said his client didn’t take the images or write the posts and the threats weren’t directed to a particular person.
      “The law requires that there be a specific intent to forward it to a specific person as a direct threat to someone,” Heffernan said. “Duviel did not send this to any specific individual. He foolishly opened it up and sent it on but did not send it to anyone in particular.”
      MCSO spokesman Adam Linhardt said one of the pictures that showed a man with a shotgun and his face covered was not Gonzalez.
      Gonzalez told arresting officers the postings, which threatened Marathon High School days after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, were a joke, according to the arrest report.
      Becker also declined to reduce Gonzalez’ bond of $75,000 on the felony charges, but did reduce the bail for the marijuana charge from $2,500 to $500. Hernandez has been held in jail since his Feb. 17 arrest.
      While that was underway, a Key West Horace O'Bryant Middle School student, son of well-connected white Key West Conch (born in Key West) Ricky Arnold, whose Conch father by same name owns a towing company, which has a no-bid towing contract with the city and tows for KWPD, was not even given a wrist slap for posting on Snapchat this selfie - that's a real, loaded gun:
      A while, before that, a black HOB student was expelled for bringing a toy cap gun to school. More recently, I received a private Facebook message from a fearful person I don't know, saying two weeks before that, a black HOB student had been charged by KWPD with disorderly conduct after he had made gun gestures with his hands at school. Gestures. He did not have a gun. Nor a toy gun.

      Naja and Arnaud Girard published online Key West the Newspaper ( for the past 5 years, rocking the Key West ship and Florida Keys ships of state, including KWPD and the Sheriff Department. The blue paper blew the lid off the Arnold boy Snapchat and cap gun cases. HOB, KWPD and the Key West Citizen then circled the wagons. I imagine, but for the Girards, the people of Key West and the Florida Keys never would have heard about those two cases.
      If I were sitting on the CRB, I would bring a resolution for the CRB to investigate KWPD's handling off all three of those HOB cases, and I would not hold my breath that my resolution would get a second.
      In the same general arena:

      Given how many high school students soon will have voting rights, if I were President Trump and the Republican Party, I would be passing gun control legislation that will not gut why the 2nd Amendment was passed, which was to insure the independent states had their own militias to keep the federal military and its great white father in Washington and his controlling political party from riding roughshod over the states.

      I wonder how President Trump and the Republicans in Congress would cotton to a bunch of armed-to-the teeth Parkland students applying for a parade permit in D.C.?

      Below is Amendment 2, which clearly is based on a well regulated Militia, which hardly can be said of the NRA, for example, nor of just about anyone being allowed to have a gun without any regulation by a Militia. Back then, Militia meant something specific. Today, it means anyone is a militia, who claims to be one. That horse is long out of the barn. The U.S. Supreme Court only helped the horse stay escaped.

      "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
      Last today, my and XXXXX's religious/spiritual discussion reported 3 days ago and resumed in yesterday's post, which I had hoped was the end of it, was not the end of it. What ails this apparently very sincere seeker is what ails just about every person on this planet, and also is why there are wars and so many guns in America, and so much addiction, and so many other problems. A damaged internal feminine. XXXXX' comments came in during the wee hours and I replied to each of them this morning and have not yet heard back from him:

      I haven’t attended churches for years when I went to some with my grandparents. Everything you say about your experience might be true. But others have had the same types of experiences and come to different conclusions. I do plenty of looking within, but I also look at the world and at the Christian faith and can’t help but ask what is wrong here. Why are we not doing miracles? Why are people not content to just have “food and raiment,” and so on? Their faith is in vain. They have followed a false Jesus carrying automatic weapons and cash & spitting on the poor and children while living in a mansion driving an SUV. They judge all things by appearances. They would not know Jesus if he came along and they‘d put him to death again for criticizing their life and living too poor and humble probably.

      I agree, except I have known only 2 people who had experiences something like mine, and they no longer are a part of my daily life. I have read of a few people having experiences that seemed in the general vicinity of what I have experienced. Your dark nights of the soul remind me of dark nights I have had. I had a black night, too, which made the dark nights, which were awful, seem like heaven. 

      Here is the supposed message I received by email from God. Note the grammatical errors like the start of the third paragraph. The middle section is bold in the original. HED = high everything diet. Does it look like Domingo’s style to you? To me it is a feeble prank. Maybe some Christian was inspired to send it to me. 

      From: God Mail <> 
      Date: Monday, May 4, 2009 
      Subject: A Message From God To: XXXXX@ 

      Dear XXXXX, This is God, talking to you through God-Mail service. I looked at what you have been up to online and I have a task for you. By fulfilling it, you will be able to change the world. Actually, not only that - you will save it from ruin by spreading your HED concept EVERYWHERE. 

      The task I have for you is this: You HAVE to get in touch with ALL members of your family AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

      The easiest and fastest is to call them and tell them that they have to meet with you at the earliest opportunity. Don't forget, these are God's orders. You have to start with the closest relatives, the ones you trust most, because they will be able to spread the idea most quickly. Do this and if you succeed, you will witness a revelation, it will all happen very fast. You just have to trust me and do this ASAP. 

      Yours in Health, 


      Whoever sent that out, it is good advice up to a point. Home fires probably do burn brightest. In my last dream before dawn today, my older daughter looking like she was maybe 5 years old was in the back of a fishing skiff in which were me, my father and other people, and she grew tired of trying to get our attention, and she pushed herself off the rear transom into the sea and went underwater and I was trying to get the others to help me save her and she drifted deeper and out of sight and I was really distraught and the dream ended and I woke up really distraught. 

      I don't know yet what that dream means, but I will call that daughter this morning. I was a preoccupied often absent father when she and her younger sister were young. I loved them dearly, would have given my life for them, still would do that. But my fathering was weak and it affected them. Later, we became estranged for many years, which ended when my older daughter and her mother evacuated me from Key West just before Hurricane Irma arrived. They had believed I was insane. Then came about a wonderful healing reunion with them and my younger daughter and her and her sister's husbands and their children. Maybe that dream this morning is pointing me toward spending more time with them? Maybe toward my living closer to them? My father spent most of his time and attention on his business affairs, and that did not work well for his family.

      Is that email from "God" the thing you told me you were asked to do and you would experience the rapture, and you did it and things were great for a while, and then you fell into a long dark night of the soul?

      Jesus was love. Paul only talked about it. Did he show love saying “all Cretans are liars” or “women should be subservient to men”?
      Paul had quite a few unresolved issues. Starting with he was homosexual, that was his unexplained thorn in the flesh, which he dealt with later in life by being celibate. He wrote that he wished his followers would be celibate, like him. He wrote that Jesus was returning soon, so there was no point in having sex to have children. If Christendom had followed that advice, it would have died out fast. There would be no Bible today. Paul's thorn in the flesh colored his view of women. Perhaps he was homosexual because of how it had gone between him and his mother when he was young? Maybe she molested him? He revolted, became homosexual? Ironically, it did not matter to God and Jesus that Paul was homosexual. Where Paul messed up was not telling in his writings what his thorn in the flesh actually was. I suppose he was embarrassed? I suppose he  wanted a lot of followers, which he thought would not happen if they knew he was homosexual? His silence about what his thorn in the flesh really was, and his writings about sex, and about women being inferior, and about homosexuality being an abomination (quoting Leviticus), did a great deal of harm to the soul/psyche of Christendom and to countless numbers of people in Christendom. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Paul is why the Roman church required its priests to be celibate, which led to a great deal of sexual misbehavior in that priesthood. The Orthodox church did not require its priests to be celibate, and I think I recall that is what caused the two churches to separate. 

      I don’t see how my writing seems full of testosterone. And people can seem one way online and a completely different way in real life. You said I was too extreme speaking against adultery and cheaters; are you less extreme talking to that guy who messed with his sister at 15? Two of my uncles (by adoption) molesters their sister and niece. I learned this from the diary of the sister when she died and her daughter who openly testified that one tries to rape her. His son caught him almost in the act. The way I see it. Rapists and molesters will reap exactly what they sowed. No more. No less. They will feel all the pain, depression, PTSD, and so forth of their victims. It can’t stopped by repenting or being born again or prayer. It’s automatic, like gravity. Same for people who murder, torture or abuse living beings in other ways. They have to pay for it in the end.

      I put testosterone in quotation marks. Your internal feminine is damaged. Your internal male is pretty much in charge. That needs to be repaired. What you publish on Facebook, which I have seen, is not the person I see in private Facebook chat. What I publish online, on Facebook, on my website, is who I am. I'm an open book. I published that I had molested my younger sister when she was 5 and I was 15, because I was running for school board and that was all about children. The public was entitled to know that about me, therefore, and that I thought I had done a terrible thing and the karma was between me and God. The public was entitled to know Paul was homosexual, but he was only willing to tell them that he had a thorn in the flesh, which left it up to them to wonder about. 

      I am not trying to rescue or save anybody. I don’t know how. I’m not confident in what to believe or do to save anyone. Nothing makes sense. There are pieces that don’t fit. It’s all a puzzle. I don’t feel the mental torment I used to feel. I just feel empty. My mind is silent most of the time. I do have unwelcome thoughts at times like showering or eating or working at certain tasks. I don’t know why. This began shortly after Trump was inaugurated. It makes me uncomfortable as it does many. But I am not as out of whack as many people. To me Trump’s first year aren’t by in the blink of an eye. It seemed like we skipped over spring and summer and fall even tho I was following news through facebook & other channels. I didn’t feel secure in salvation before Trump.

      You are screaming for help in what you publish on Facebook and in what you write to me in private chat. Even as what you publish on Facebook comes across as you being very confident in what you believe, that what you don't like is crystal clear and should be crystal to everyone, and that there is something wrong with people who disagree with you, say, about Donald Trump. How do you know God did not prefer Trump to Hillary Clinton? How do you know God does not have in mind using Trump to further God's intentions for America, the world? In ways you cannot understand? Trump is a piece of work, for sure. He looks to me like a spoiled gifted brat in a man's suit, whose only really interests are sex and inflating his own ego and bank account and power over other people, and his image. Your dissatisfaction with the world is palpable in what you write. As if it is eating you alive. As if you would be a lot happier if things were really different. As if, almost, you are mad at God for how things are. If God were to take you over and work you like I'm worked, you might, at times, wish there were no God :-). 

      My advice to you is unchanged. Your internal female is damaged. You need help only God can provide.
      Sloan for mayor
      political advertisement 
      paid for and prepared by him

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