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"The Darkest Hour", Key West Dispensable Church Sunday homily: the Devil loves war and humans can't seem to live without it

Winston Churchill

Last night, I broke down and saw "The Darkest Hour" at Tropic Cinema in Key West. I had resisted seeing it, because I saw a Winston Churchill movie last year.

"The Darkest Hour" is set during the Nazi quick overrun of Belgium and Holland, and France's ensuing rapid surrender with 300,000 British troops trapped in France, fleeing to Dunkirk.

Churchill is the only member of his ruling American Republican-equivalent party in Parliament, whom the oposing British political parties will accept as Prime Minister. 

Churchill is despised by his own party, which has not heeded Churchill's repeated warnings about Hitler and Germany.

The King doesn't like Churchill but goes along with it, since there is nothing else he can do, being only the King, who after serious soul-searching, finally tells Churchill he is with him.

What brings the King around to that switcheroo is he grows increasingly angry about being told to flee to Canada with his family and to abandon his subjects and country. 

The King becomes increasingly sympathetic to Churchill's steadfast refusal to agree to negotiate a settlement with Hitler, who cannot be trusted to stick to any settlement agreement, with the likely outcome being swastika flags flying over the Royal Palace and Parliament, a puppet Nazi government. 

That was the point of the film for me. Do not negotiate with Evil. Resist it to the end. To the death, even. 

Which, it turns out in the movie, is the view of the British common people and the American Democratic Party equivalent in Parliament that opposes Churchill's own party. 

The film ends with a flotilla of private ocean-going privately-owned boats headed to Dunkirk to save nearly all of the 300,000 British troops, who were essential to defending England if the Germans tried a sea invasion. 

The Dunkirk rescue was designed by Churchill, who, it is noted at the end of the film, was ousted as Prime Minister after Hitler was defeated. 

U.S. President Roosevelt and the U.S. Congress get no favorable mention. You will understand why if you see the film.

Nominated for best film of the year and other honors.

Looks to me a worse war might be brewing in America: Americans vs Americans.

Where does what Jesus said in the Gospels fit in: Resist not one who does evil?
Yesterday brought an email from an old member of The Resistance in the Florida Keys:

Subject: Get your old website back!

I think you should . 

And the archives and content are your property and right to free expression. 

If nothing else an historical record needing conservation.

I replied: 

Thanks -

Am moving toward putting back into action using Go Daddy as site host, which has a reputation of fiercely defending Amendment 1.

Retrieving and transferring 3,500, or so, daily posts from the old will take cooperation from the fellow who built that website for me, as he is who Bluehost views at the site's owner, even though I was paying Bluehost every year for some time, and the domain name is registered to me. Retrieving all of those old posts will require IT specialist help.

So to start off, the re-born site will start anew, with no archives or pages containing historical stuff that at one time was really important to me.

As far as I know, I'm the only publisher in the Florida Keys, or anywhere, who allows readers full freedom of expression, as long as it doesn't break the law.

As you maybe saw already, yesterday's post at afoolsworkneverends led off with this cover my ass, and maybe that's how all future posts at that site will lead off. Ditto columns at re-born

Reader comments are welcome. 

Reader comments are published verbatim, untampered. I do that even if I don't like the comments. Even if the comments slam me. 

I respond to reader comments, and sometimes my responses are well-received, and sometimes not. 

Sometimes I publish commenters' real names, sometimes not. Tell me if you don't want your real name published. 

I publish commenters' real names and contact information if they seem to want to be contacted by the general public.

If someone sends me a comment slamming another person by name, and the comment is especially nasty, vile, cruel, threatening, etc., then I just might publish the commenters' name and contact information.

I view anonymous slams of other people as cowardly, degenerate, vile, unAmerican, anti-God.

I have no problem publishing 4-letter words, and use them myself.
I noticed this morning that afoolsworkneverends had received two recent prickly reader comments:

In reverse time order, comment from Mike Tolbert to 

redneck shaman politics in fake one human family Key West, aka the fiefdom of Ed Swift

  1. Quit hanging out with Kari Dangler you are lying as much as her and SHAL. Theres no reason she does not go to KOTS! She aint banned! You know this yet you lie about it. Just like Elicia claimed at city commission meeting the soup kitchen still brought food too kots when soup kitchen is closed waiting demolition and KOTS is making Bullshit meals themselves against the health codes! Goddamn man are u Daft?
  2. Gosh, Mike, everybody involved in city homeless politics, but you, lies.

    So, I lied when I told the Key West City Commission that I bet my life that you told them the truth about KOTS, John Miller and SHAL, whom you had long defended before they fired you.

    What's it like to only have one public person in these parts, me, who is a liar, according to you, vouch for you?

    Do you have any idea how that makes you look?

    Do you have any idea how it made you look to sit on all of that you knew about KOTS, Miller and SHAL until they fired you, before you went public with it?

    Kari does not go to KOTS for the very reasons you slammed KOTS. It's a shithole. Lots of local homeless people do not go to KOTS for that reason.

    A shithole you managed until you got fired for finally ratting out KOTS and Miller to SHAL's board of directors, who, good citizens that they are, never spent one night at KOTS and don't know shit about it, but act like they were born and raised there.

    Elica told me herself at a city commission meeting that I am on the banned for life from KOTS list.

    I don't know if Kari is on that list, but it won't surprise me if she is.

    I hope you nail SHAL and its board of directors and John Miller and the City of Key West in a whistleblower lawsuit.

    Aw, but how can you win without witnesses beside yourself? No judge or jury would believe me after all the times you accused me of lying and making things up. So I cannot be a witness for you in that lawsuit, even though I am the reason KOTS was built, and you are the reason I still am banned for life from KOTS, because of lies you made up about me, because you did not like what I was publishing about KOTS and you and Miller and SHAL, and about you and your wife whose hobby and sport, based on what you and she both told me, is group sex with Key West stripper ladies.

    Why don't you toss your hat in the ring this year for city mayor? Given how many strippers, escorts, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and other dirtbags there are in Key West, you might get elected.
Anonymous comment to, 

Da ya think maybe Donald the Great has multiple personalities?

  1. WTF?? When will you stop trashing Trump? Has there ever been a President you liked? The US markets are going crazy, the foreign markets are going crazy. Me thinks you are doubting your decision to give up your "silver spoon" life to be homeless and whine about your situation. If you had worked and paid taxes you would be getting enough SS to live on.
  2. I do love anonymous bashers. Real bravehearts. Real red-blooded make America great again heroes.

    I give Trump credit for putting his name on his bashings. But my goodness, does he whine, whine, whine, about being treated unfairly by the news media not controlled by the Republican Party. And he's got billion$. Perhaps he should be nicknamed, Crybaby." And his whining lemmings, Crybabies.

    Gosh, what nickname would then fit the Democrats? Gosh, Crybabies seems to fit them, too.

    And gosh, whoever you are braveheart, Crybaby seems to fit you, too.

    I tend to view loud squeals over something I publish as evidence that it hit the nail squarely on the head.

    The more Trump squeals, the more convinced I am he is guilty of colluding with Putin.

    In fact, the person who gave Trump's recent state of the disunion address is not the person who had been tweeting like his very life and soul depended on it since he was sworn into the offal orifice a year ago. There clearly are two of him. At least two. Three, if you count the demon running him. Might be the same demon running you, Crybaby.

    As for me, I did work and pay into Social Security. Otherwise I would not be getting it today. About $850 a month, after Medicare is cut.

    I stopped working for pay after my physical health became so awful that I thought I was dying and I started trying to do something about that, which I was able to do because of inheritances I had received. Turned out to be a waste of time, energy and a lot of money, because the cause of my distress was way out of medicine and psychology's depth to address. Way out of alternative healing modalities' depth, too. And, way out of religion's depth.

    Recent dreams involving my father and my 1st wife, who lives in Tuscaloosa, where I attended the University of Alabama School of Law, have left me thinking once again that the root of the malaise goes back to when, out of fear, I went to work for my father's company instead of going into the private practice of law.

    The malaise arrived in one day, without any warning, in the spring of 1969, and it resisted all attempts to treat it, and often reacted fiercely to attempts to treat it, which led me to finally conclude it was intelligent and I needed to stop trying to treat it, which is what I did. Today, it is not nearly as troubling as it was in the past, but it is still there, and I am much older and have other physical ailments, and so I just get up each day and do what is in front of me, which tends to bring occasional squeals.

    (to be continued)
  3. I also receive $3,000 a month, as a loan bearing interest against my inheritance from my father. All of that is tax free by IRS rules. That came about after a very good lawyer in my hometown, Birmingham, came to me in a dream and told me I was not getting paid nearly enough for the hard work I do.

    I had never used this lawyer when I practiced law in Birmingham after I had quit working for my father's company. I had never been up against that lawyer in a legal matter.

    I'd had only had one significant encounter with him, which was in the church he attended, in 2001. He did not agree with me that President G.W. Bush's wars responding to 911, were evil.

    But then, he had not been asked in his sleep 3 nights before 911, "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?"

    Nor had he been told about a week later, as he walked out of the post office in Key West, that America should get out of the Middle East altogether and let Israel and Islam work it out, or fight it out, and in that way learn if either of them were God's chosen people.

    When I called this very good Birmingham lawyer and told him about the dream in which he had told me I was not getting paid nearly enough for the hard work I do, he said he had put me on his prayer list in 2010. I said that was interesting,because that was when my brother went missing and I started publishing about that in ways that brought about a great deal of squealing in Alabama.

    The squealing started when I published that angels had told me and a Birmingham News award-winning journalist at the same moment, nearly 1000 miles apart, that it was suicide made to look like murder. That happened about an hour after I was called by two Birmingham friends and told that my brother had gone missing.

    One of those friends, whom I had known since childhood, called back to say the Birmingham News journalist wanted to interview me. When the journalist called me, he told me that he had had the same thought right before he called me: that it was suicide made to look like murder.

    He wrote an article based on his and my conversation about my father's company. He said it would be published the next day. It never was published. His bosses at the News killed it.

    I then started following near-daily News online articles about my missing brother, whose body had not yet been found, and I started commenting on those articles, and pretty soon I was blocked by the News.

    Back toward the future, my dream about the very good lawyer saying I was not getting paid nearly enough for the hard work I was doing led to my father's estate graciously sending me $3,000 a month, which was the amount I had been told in a dream to request.

    I imagine if that very good Birmingham lawyer lived in my skin for one day, he might wish he never heard of God.

    I also imagine he would never believe there is a block on me earning a living wage by the sweat of my brow, which became evident back when I practiced law in Birmingham, but it took me a few more years to accept it, like it took me a few years to accept there was nothing I could do about the illness but endure it.

    If I had to hazard a wild-ass guess, I would say the block on me earning a living wage goes back to when I went to work for my father, instead of going into the practice of law.

    And, the block also might be rooted in my using inheritances, which came later, instead of trying to make a go of it strictly from my law practice.

    I told my 1st wife last week when I was in Tuscaloosa, that I resent having to rely on an inheritance to get by, because I am blocked from earning a living wage.

    But that's how it is, and maybe that will change, and maybe not.
  4. What I doubt will change is me pissing off bravehearts like you.

    I thought Jimmy Carter was a decent president. Not perfect, but decent. In the fall of 2004, when G.S. Bush was running for re-election, against John Kerry, I was told in my sleep that God wanted Jimmy Carter to be president. Carter had only served one term. He was eligible to run again.

    No way I could vote for Bush.

    Although Kerry came back from the Vietnam war and started protesting against it, he much later wrote his memoir of his participation in that war, TOUR OF DUTY, I think it was named, in which he extolled his swift boat captain service.

    He wrote that book to use to prove he actually was a patriot when he campaigned for president.

    He was a patriot when he came back from that war and protested it.

    He doubled back on himself when he wrote the book to try to get elected. It blew up in his face, when other swift boat captains tore into him.

    I didn't vote for him, because he had doubled back.

    In 2016, Donald Trump, the candidate, said the Iraq war was invented, there were no weapons of mass destruction. I was impressed by that. But did he follow through when he was elected and end that fake war? Nope.

    The Devil loves that war, and the war in Afghanistan. The Devil loves all wars.

    The U.S. Congress and Trump just passed massive tax cuts, which mostly will make the rich a lot richer, and help the middle class some.

    Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan boasted in a tweet that the tax cut gave some low income secretary a $1.50 a week tax break. After getting bashed online, Ryan took down the tweet.

    Yeah, the secretary got relief from the standard deduction being increased, but Ryan was a fucking idiot boasting about the $1.50.

    Pray tell, how does America cut taxes and increase military spending and build a wall between America and Mexico? What's going to be cut to pay for that?

    The merchant of venice must be really shaking his greedy head. 
  5. Sloan BashinskyFebruary 4, 2018 at 5:09 AM My pardon, after my brother's body was found, the Jefferson County Medical Examiner and a Birmingham Police Department detective were reported by the Birmingham News as saying my brother's death was suicide made to look like murder.
2008 Key West Citizen editorial cartoon

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