January 15, 2018
Southernmost Homeless Assistance League Executive Director John Miller has resigned from his position and will be replaced by Interim Director Elicia Pintabona, who was previously Deputy Director.
Miller is leaving the Keys to pursue other opportunities and the decision has nothing to do with allegations of mismanagement at Key West’s homeless shelter, which SHAL will address at Wednesday’s City Commission meeting, Pintabona said.
Conveniently the accused will not be there to be asked questions by the mayor and city commissioners.
The agency, which manages the Keys Overnight temporary Shelter, will address claims of former employee Mike Tolbert who said the facility misused funds, had unsanitary food preparation and unsafe conditions under Miller’s watch.
Tolbert said bit more than that, which you can read below this article.
The presentation has been delayed twice, most recently due to a scheduling error by City Manager Jim Scholl.
Pintabona started her SHAL employment as a case worker and was promoted to Outreach Director before taking over as Deputy Executive Director. She has a background in municipal government and studied psychology, according to a press release.
What does "studied psychology" mean. I took a course in psychology in college. Does that qualify as "studying psychology"? Does studying politicians qualify as "studying psychology"?
Miller, who served as director for four years, drew scrutiny from City Commissioner Sam Kaufman in 2016 for expanding the scope of programs at KOTS, outside the guidelines that mandate a place to sleep for the city’s destitute.
Miller’s budget included $14,600 in funding for a Housing First program and $6,000 for an off-site satellite office.
Miller's budget also included the city paying SHAL enough money to not only run KOTS and the above non-KOTS progroms, but to allow SHAL to finance a construction loan for it to build KOTS using a no-bid contract, which I heard would be given to SHAL's board member Teri Johnston, a former Key West city commissioner whose line of work was building contractor.
The agency would like to keep and expand other programs in the community going forward, but those decisions rely heavily on grant funding, Pintabona said.
But for being paid by the city to manage KOTS, SHAL would go out of business. Maybe SHAL should lobby the local SPCA, which recently raised circa $8 million for a new Taj Mahal homeless animal shelter on free city land, to raise money for a decent $1 million homeless people shelter on free city land.
Pintabona, who said she is “deeply rooted in the community and organization,” will pursue the Executive Director position permanently and said she is excited to continue SHAL’s mission.
What does "deeply-rooted" mean? Most days in the Citizen, including today, I see a new "citizen of the day", who only recently moved to Key West. 
“I definitely look forward to fostering good relationships within the community,” she said. “I look forward to a great year and all good things for SHAL.”
I hope Pintabona spent some nights at KOTS and in that way got to know the shelter and its clients. The city mayor and commissioners have not spent the night at KOTS and don't know what they are paying SHAL to operate.
Miller was not able to be reached for comment.
Gosh does this kinda remind me of previous SHAL executive director Randi Cohen Brown's glowing send off in the Citizen after I had outed Brown at my website and my skinhead admirer Mike Tolbert, who still seems to read everything I publish, then called me and said Randi Cohen Brown was an idiot, and I said I was glad he finally had come around to seeing that and would he please put that into an email to me so I could publish it, and he said he would but he didn't.
I had outed Brown by reporting what the homeless woman Kari Dangler had told me she had witnessed when she stayed nights at KOTS and was a morning volunteer client gathering up used sheets and towels and washing and drying them in the KOTS laundry, which resulted in her catching scabies, which I have endured and you for sure don't want to follow suit. Google imagine "scabies" and see for yourself.
Dangler said she witnessed Brown tell KOTS staff and volunteers to open all unclaimed homeless people's mail and remove the contents and shred it. Kari then saw that happening. Correspondence from family, friends, creditors, government agencies, checks, etc., were shredded. Any cash money found was set aside. Kari reported it to the US Post Office in Key West and was told to report it to the US Postmaster in Washington, D.C., which she did - which I published.
Brown called me and left a really angry voicemail. She was a former New York State prosecutor! She had a file several inches thick Kari Dangler! Call her back immediately! I was in a meeting and called back after the meeting was over and got Brown's voicemail and left a message that I was returning her call and my telephone number. She never called me back. Not long after, she got the glowing send off in the Citizen.
Before that, Mike Tolbert had told me he had looked into it and there had never been a complaint filed with the US Post Office. I told him I did not believe that; Dangler was banned for life from KOTS because she had reported Brown to the US Postmaster.
I gave Tolbert a handwritten public records request, under Florida law, to see Dangler's KOTS file. Tolbert did all sorts of stalling, including saying KOTS did not have Dangler's file. But in the end, Tolbert showed me Dangler's KOTS file, which was at KOTS in two manilla file folders all together maybe 1/4 inch thick, and there was nothing in the two files about Dangler being banned from KOTS for life.
Here's what Tolbert posted on Facebook about Miller, after Tolbert was fired by Miller soon after Hurricane Irma kissed Key West.
"Mike Tolbert to The Wall of Shame 37 mins · Indian River Estates · This Drunk right here! Spends 3 days predicting fucking hurricane Acting like arrogant fucking asshole just over 2 yrs here from KY lot of hurricanes there.. If its not his way its not right. When Offered refuge from storm refused. caused KOTS to be closed a full day earlier than need be. Was on island with satellite phones never used them to help anybody if they existed. Lied to SAM KAUFMAN and city about number of people banned from KOTS when I ask a 100 times to please be forthright with the numbers around 300 plus. covers up a outbreak of scabies. Refuses to buy mattresses' to replace the torn and fucked up mattresses' because he is blowing the money on Case management services which one case manager got bogus ID for a Fugitive Tried to send a SEX OFFENDER. and burglar both wanted on Bus outta town after she was told they were actively wanted by kwpd. Instead of Job SHAL is paid to perform SHELTER MANAGMENT Has also ran the rural health network into the ground almost complains daily about key west people. Now tells me I am FIRED as Sheller director at KOTS Because I made the PROPER management decision to open before city approved because communication was down and those beds were needed. FUCK MR JOHN GRIFFIN MILLER very much. Sam Kaufman and city manager wanna see the proof to this post feel free to contact me. OFF OUR Island if your going to put our friends and family in harms way MILLER Drink another box of wine and ring your hands Asshole.If SHALS Board chair has a oz of backbone he will quit covering for Johns dumb shit. You wanted a fight well you should have stayed on the porch with the Little dogs. Buddy. Jamie J. Snediker Nicole Scott Jason Covington Michele D'Addio Drew Miller Share far and wide. all my Thankyou all for the support over the years"
Here's what Tolbert emailed me maybe a week ago.
"You care to see the timing of my firing and my whistle blowing almost 25 hrs BEFORE I was terminated I wrote OUR BOARD With My Concerns! As soon as John Miller Learned I wrote our Board I was terminated. Email and his Text are TIME stamped and dated electronically."
Here's  what someone then emailed me, which I sent to Tolbert:
"Words running Thru KOTS that John Miller is Leaving. This comes Right after City Audited Books. And Chris Sparrow known stock island crackhead who buys from Paula beumont The girl that was involved in the recent stock island murder committed by 3 KOTS residents is now shelter manager. Whats wrong with these people?. I hope Mike comes backs soon This place is horrible now. Wonder what this means for Mike and Tonys Lawsuits against SHAL with John up and Running? Looks like Mike was right? Going to be interesting summer in homeless arena for sure. Did you know Mike and some local people have filed letters of incorporation and will be seeking 501c3 status with help from outta town agencys as well? Keep this quite I don't need trouble."
Here's Tolbert's reply to me:
"1st i heard johns leaving, rest none u biz."
All of which I provided to the Key West Citizen.
Fake news ain't confined to Key West:

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Kenneth Klauss Perdue and Cotton have both changed their stories from "I don't recall" to the Douchebag "never said it". They've exposed themselves to be liars. You'd have to be an idiot or a Douchbag voter to believe what they've said, then or now.
Sloan Bashinsky Yeah, I saw online news reports and on TV that their memory had "improved".
Kenneth Klauss Sloan Bashinsky, their first statement was an obvious lie because there is no way you could say "I don't recall" if the Douchebag uttered the words "shithole countries" when in a meeting with only a few people in attendance. It insults my intelligence when they say shit like that. I have zero respect for anyone who would lie to cover for a pathological liar.
Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps Trump should start writing his next book, The Art of Lying. Maybe he could get Hillary to ghostwrite it for him.