Friday, January 19, 2018

homelessness, sexual child abuse, addiction, religious and political extremism, and where else do ya suppose Hell actually is located?

A dream before the dawn's early light this morning left me thinking maybe I can wind up my tour of duty in reporting and commenting on the Key West homeless trenches sector of Hell.

I figured the dream was prompted by three emails from Mike Tolbert, the former manager of Key West's homeless shelter, responding to what I had reported about him and the city's homeless shelter in yesterday's hyena sightings in Key West and D.C. post at this website. 

The text of Tolbert's 1st 3 emails:
photo from Mike Tolbert's Facebook page

(1) I have a lifestyle I have rent I have to work for a living I was working I was watching while I was driving back from Key Largo right now I'm on Seven Mile Bridge I just dropped 5 homeless guys up a marathon to work all day and what are you doing what I thought f*** you

(2) And don't worry your little head about me I ain't done yet the legal wrangling  ain't even started they wine all they want what Casey said he never knew about that list he knows even less about the phone full text I got from John and how John said you still have a job now don't write the board again and then I wrote the board and he fired me that's called retaliatory whistleblower offence offense they don't know how to work John was they're going to find out though I was just waiting for him to leave to drop a lawsuit I don't give a f*** who it hurts I'm going to come out smelling like a motherfuking rose no matter what f*** the dumb s***yep careful what you wish for why you think I was in Key Largo this morning I only had to go to Marathon I had to go drop money on my attorney in Key Largo watch the newspapers around my birthday April 27th I told her I wanted to file around my birthday for a present oops so go back to being a dick head while I go back to living life I  hop shal Insurance is still up to date

(3) Here's a little gym I'm saving for a better time. Underneath every bed platform at kots is a half inch of black mold can't pressure wash under their worth a s*** without blowing the beds up so it never got done just the one time I did it. I want to drop that on the homeless guys and let them get a class-action going see I'm a smart redneck two prong attack

I replied:

What the fuck am I doing, Mike? I'm trying all the dirtbags put in front of me, including you and me, in God's court, which ain't nothing like human courts, cause lying ain't allowed and what everybody really thought and did, and didn't think and do, is in plain view.

I look forward to reading all about your whistleblower lawsuit against SHAL in the Key West Citizen and your buddy Gwen Filosa's articles at the Keynoter, where citizens are allowed to chime in. 

Might be your Key Largo lawyer ain't too excited about your case, if you are having to pay her to take it on. If she thought she was going to get you a big money damage$, she would charge you a percentage or bank on a big court-awarded legal fee. I hope she soak$ you good.

Might be there ain't a lot of damages you can collect from a deadbeat, ass-etless non-profit like Southern Homeless Assistance League. 

Might be YOU darn well ought to hope SHAL has liability insurance that covers violating whistleblower law violations.

Might be you'd have had a much stronger whistleblower case, if you had blown the whistle in one human family pretend city hall and in the local newspapers, instead of to SHAL's one human family pretend board of directors.

Might be there ain't no black mold class action any lawyer with even half a brain would take without homeless people having their doctors saying they were, in fact, injured by black mold. There has to be injury to get money damages in a civil lawsuit.

Might be, if you really gave a shit about the homeless people staying nights at KOTS, you would have filed a black mold complaint with the county health department, city hall and the local newspapers.

Not blowing the whistle on that black mold back when you discovered it under those sleeping platforms, was unconscionable.

I wonder how much money you made off those homeless men you drove to Marathon, to work there?

It's all about Mike reeks.

Maybe if you do sue SHAL, it will pay me as an expert witness to testify against you and against it and against the city, to spread the liability.


Mike emailed back:

OH your Panties are in a WAD I absolutely LOVE it! More Important question Is How much those homeless guys made and are they gonna be better off at independence Cay than In Key west at KOTS or FKOC. Although I have 2 past couple weeks in FKOC too. I  am Helping them get outta KOTS And off the streets. I don't work for a Non profit.. I am not Ripping off Govt grant moneys and performing Worthless service and failed programs. I am helping Guys that know the value of hard work and that appreciate the help. So Keep on living in that make believe world of yours with your perverted twisted little brain. trying to feel important but in actuality your just a stupid ass old man Who is lucky he was not convicted of child molestation.. Poker Run is coming soon. You ready for all those loud noisy Trump voting Harley Riding Guys and girls?  I sure am This oughta Piss you off when I ran KOTS those Bikers donated significant cash VIA our website to SHAL. OH GOD Tainted money from Outlaw 1%er Bikers! I am a BAD MAN going to hell. Well theres a seat in hell for me ASSHOLE its called a THRONE. See you there because your going for sure! 

I replied:

I think it's great you are helping homeless people earn a living, I've told you that several times recently in emails. But you don't do it out of the goodness of your heart. You wrote to me the other day that you are making 6 figures. I really would like to see what you make off them for a day of their hard work. Not holding my breath. Nor did you manage KOTS out of the goodness of your heart. You got paid to do it. I recall when you told me you got promoted to manager and I told you that they should increase your pay because of the added responsibility, and you said you weren't in it for the money, but you got a raise and you didn't give it back. I've been doing free public service work since I arrived in Key West in late 2000. I did it elsewhere before that. I've done it elsewhere since then. If not in this life, in the afterlife, you will see very differently. As will everyone. Including the bikers. Did you tell them yet about you not doing anything about KOTS clients sleeping on top of back mold? How do you figure it goes for SHAL, if they disclose in their grant applications that their homeless clients are sleeping on top of black mold? That KOTS is a great place to catch lice, scabies, MRSA, influenza, TB, hepatitis? It is good that you declare who is your master and where you will reside after you die. People who run with and adore you might wish to give that some thought.

Mike emailed back:

Don't sweat it bro will be seeing you there.

I replied:

I don't know where I'm headed, but if I knew it is where you say you are headed, I'd be sweating plenty.

Mike wrote back:

Theres no forgiveness for those that harm the innocence of a child!You are going straight to hell on the express ramp. No worrys their Of this I am sure! Say what you want spin it how you want to. But your souls is damned! You are going too hell. 

I replied:

Sounds again like you were sexually abused when you were a kid. 

Mike wrote back:

Nope wrong tree learn a new trick. Almost everybody that is a FREIND knows about my Seriously fucked childhood But it did not include sexual assaults! Quit projecting its getting redundant.

I replied:

It's you who has sex on the brain. You reek of it. Out of your own mouth. Something put it there.

Mike wrote back:

Dude get real a strong happy sex life is a normal thing. Raping children like u self confessed is  a one way ticket too hell. Baby rapers do not deserve due process.only speedy execution. you cannot fix them

I replied:

Group sex with your wife and local strippers is healthy sex life? What happened to you when you were a kid to turn you in that direction?

I outed myself for molesting my younger sister when i was 15 and had not reached puberty and was insane because of that. It was short duration. There was no repeat with her or any child

You learned about that from me and have been fixated on it ever since. You bring it up whenever I piss you off. This is a classic sign you were sexually molested when you were a kid. Also called projection.

I have a lot of experience working therapeutically with people who were molested in their childhood. Part of the training was being healed of my mother repeatedly molesting me. 

If you are going to beat me up and condemn me to hell as if you are God almighty, do the same to my mother. 

The angels healing of what my mother did to me took several weeks. I emotionally and psychically and physically relived every infraction. Each healing session, lasting perhaps 20 minutes, 2 or 3 of them a day, the angels induced in me, terrified me. If two people were not basically holding my hand as I went through it, I would have gone insane, I suppose. 

Based on all I have read and heard from people I knew well and from mental health practitioners, about 1/2 of American children are sexually molested. You have a huge population to prosecute, Mike. Start with the person who did it to you, which is not me.

Mike wrote back:

Remind me of a dredal u do Spin and spin and spin. Your going to hell theres no eternal forgiveness for coming clean your are going too hell

FYI being a hedonistic Heathen is not against the law. You just jealous as fuck old man. 

I replied:

I told what happened. 

Spinning is you twisting what I told, to suit your own agenda. 

I'm fortunate you are not God, although you seem to talk like you are.

In that way, and in the hedonistic sex way, you remind me of Donald Trump.

Given how he behaves today, I can imagine somebody did something truly awful to him when he was a boy. He reeks of it.

Sloan note:

I had told Mike in an email last week, after he went on and one about me and my sister, again, that he was acting like he was sexually abused in childhood, and many people today were sexually abused in childhood and now do not remember it. 

Most long-term homeless people, booze, drug, sex, gambling, etc. addicts, religious and/or political extremists, violent criminals and/or insane people were sexually abused physically in childhood.

My mother was sexually abused in childhood, not physically, but by her Puritan parents treating her like she was a whore simply because she was a girl.

My mother told me that; and she told my father, if he did not marry her, she would marry any man who would have her and save her from her parents; and after their wedding ceremony, when she was packing to leave with him, one of her girlfriends explained to her what was going to happen that night, which was news to my mother, and into the room walked her mother, who overheard it and got really upset and left in a huff.

I really loved my mother's parents and they really loved me, but they did a horrible religious number on my mother, which played out in her smoking 2 packs of Pall Malls a day from the day she turned 15, to rebel against her parents, she told me; to her being sexually inhibited with my father, she told me; to her becoming a vodka addict; to her dying of lung cancer at age 45 to get a divorce from my father and her parents, which she was not able to do the regular way, because, she told me, she had been told by her mother, "If you divorce Sloan (my father) it will kill me (her mother)."
Moving to the church of the Right Reverend Gwecko W. Phlocker, aka Soundman From Hell, of Key West, testimonials from which were reported in yesterday's hyena sightings in Key West and D.C. post, then the good old time revival shifted gears - maybe the Right Reverend oughtta run for mayor, or president:
"Trump has brought a lot of deadly poison to the surface. But divisiveness, racism and hate? He didn’t create it. It was all already there. He just shined a light on darkness. For that, I’m thankful. He’s terrible, but in a way he might be the best thing that ever happened to us."

Gweko W. Phlocker "The more I view the news of actual current events.....

The More Angry, and Pissed off I have Become."
Reverend Gweko
Sloan Bashinsky Go back to Norway, I hear it's a lot nicer.🤣
Gweko W. Phlocker Sloan Bashinsky - It's a Model Country, but I'm from Malmö, Sweden
Sloan Bashinsky Where did I get the notion you are from Hell, Norway?

Gweko W. Phlocker You believe what you see on Facebook ?Manage

Deno Brandon I thought Hell was Michigan 😈

p.s. most of Gweko’s neighbors agree with me.

Gweko W. Phlocker Facebook does not recognize Hell, Michigan.
But they do allow the SOUNDMAN from HELL from Hell, Norway....
It's a Train Station.
....actually -
I am from Miami !
(aka Hell)

Deno Brandon I’m in Hell, Ohio, but we renamed it Dayton...which might be Hell in Norwegian.

Deno Brandon And Hell is fucking COLD, lemme tell ya!

Sloan Bashinsky Thank you for elucidating my ignorance. Some church you pastor.

Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, that's a relief, you are not that kind of reverend 😎

Key West has such reverends, though, believe it or not.

Quite a place.

As for mayor, attending the first parts of Wednesday night's city commission meeting was like being in an insane asylum. I got so tired of it that I just up and flew right out of that cuckoo's nest and missed what I later learned might have been the best part, which was when the local SPCA folks defended trying to get out of paying the 1 percent Arts in Public Places fee for their new $8 million Taj Mahal animal shelter, by saying they had gotten all of their contractors and subcontractors to discount their work on the new facility, meaning, I suppose, that it might actually cost $9 million, or more.

As for our great white hope in D.C., I wonder how his evangelist base will field this ?
Sloan Bashinsky Then, there is Trump's very own deep throat, Steve Bannon, gagging on his own wagging tongue. Oprah interviews Michael Wolff in the video embedded in this article:
Don Brown If people want to know what's going on watch Hannity at 9pm. The corruption in the highest ranks of the FBI and Justice Dept are being exposed with the publishing of the classified memo naming people and acts. Disgusting.
Sloan Bashinsky you have a link for that?
Don Brown Sorry. It's on Comcast right now.
Don Brown That memo is blowing everything wide-open. Holy shit.
Sloan Bashinsky Is there anything new in this?
Deno Brandon I said SAY it, not drink it!
Don Brown There was a classified memo presented to Congress today for the first time. It is a summary document naming corrupt people and actions within the FBI, department of justice and the Clinton campaign. It is broad in scope and deep in depth. They are trying to get it released to the public now.
Sloan Bashinsky a classified document produced by a federal or congressional investigation is one thing, Hannity is something else altogether. Spin doctor would be far too kind for him. I will be looking for the classified document itself to be made public.
Clare King Baloney.

Sloan Bashinsky Rev. Gweko, I nominate you to run for mayor, but then, I think you'd make a great president, maybe Oprah your running mate.
Comic relief from's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum:

[Conspiracyman] Let me be the first to imagine that Saturday’s Hawaii missile alert was intentionally sent by our government to see what people would do in a real nuclear emergency. There’s no way someone pressed or bumped the alert button by accident. I doubt that button is just sitting on a desk waiting to be pushed without some sort of cover or two-step procedure. The button pusher was only transferred and not fired. That’s another reason I think the government set this up; they didn’t want to have him lose his job as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Next year he’ll get a promotion as reward for keeping mum.

Stay tuned.

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