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Will Montgomery, Alabama become America's new national capitol?

After publishing yesterday's  

the whole world is watching Alabama, as are God and Thomas Jefferson

I took a nap and dreamt I was playing black in a chess game, trying to use my queen to outmaneuver white's queen and a bishop, so I could take white's queen without losing my queen to white's bishop. Realizing my queen was in peril, I pulled her back to safety. Then, white's bishop ran down the far side of the board, with white's queen right behind. White's bishop reached my backline and became a 2nd white queen, which, in chess, cannot happen; only pawns that reach an opponent's back line can convert to queens, or to any other piece above pawn. Not to be outdone, I used my black queen to assist one of my black knights to reach white's back line and become a 2nd black queen.

I woke up wondering what in the hell that dream was about? I figured I would find out.

Later yesterday, banter with Sancho Panza started with him emailing me:
My Rezimay
I waunt to apply for the secritary job I seen in the Paper. I can type real kwik wit one finggar and do Sum Acounting 2.  

I think I am good on the fone and I am a pepole  Person. Pepole really seam to respond goodly to me.  
I'm lookin for a jobb as a secritary but it Kant be 2 Complikaited  
My spelling is not 2 good but find that I awfin get a Job Bcuz of my persinalety..  

My salerery is open so we can discus wat you want 
To pay me and wat you think that I am wurth, I can start imeditely. 

Thank you in advanse 4 yore Anser.  
Hopifuly I M Yore best aplicant so phar.  
Peggy May McBiggins 
PS : I half includeded a pickture of me B low.

Dear Peggy May:

Start on Monday, we have spell check.
  signed .  .  .  . 
Harvey Weinstein
 I think Matt Lauer was also interested. 

I replied to Sancho:
Dang, how do she keep standing upright? Imagine her as Trump's press secretary, explaining what his tweets really mean. After she is Roy Moore's campaign manager through the December 12 Alabama special election...
I then sent Sancho religious spam I had received yesterday, along with my comment:
Once you get your B.A. in Devil Studies at this heah Christian college, you will understand better why things is so messed up on this heah planet.

Subject: Fw: Pursue your dreams with a degree or certificate in Biblical Studies
Sancho wrote back:
Thanks for thinking of me, but at this point in my life I have no use for formalized education... see below!  *>:) devil

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink
I replied:

Perhaps some day, then, you will meet a pebble along the way you believe when the pebble tells you the Devil is very real and is the reason for most of what you lament about the state of humanity, compounded by the demise of the feminine in most people. Without her, it is not possible to access much of anything accurately. 

It came out yesterday that one of the Alabama ladies, who has accused Roy Moore, had fibbed about part of the the inscription she said he once made in her high school yearbook, and that her lawyer knew of the fib. I dreamt last night that the rose had died in Alabama. The feminine. 

What were those two women thinking, not telling up front what part of the inscription Moore had written, and what part the accuser had written? With even partially active feminines, they would have told that up front. That they say they had an independent handwriting analysis done, which proved the part Moore wrote is his handwriting, does not evaporate their lies and certainly will get Moore more votes in Alabama on December 12.

I found myself thinking this morning before the dawn's early light, that if Moore wins, I don't see me wanting to live in Alabama again. Nor, perhaps, in America down the road. God help my daughters and their husbands and children in a country that put your candidate into the White House and then Roy Moore into the US Senate.

Don Q

Sancho wrote back:

I feel your pain, just like I feel the pain of victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, cancer, etc, etc... when the conditions are ripe in a given environment, a Trump or a Tsunami happens... not need to look back or blame anyone or anything... even Kali, the destroyer, has a role to play... as to the  pebble and the devil metaphor, yeah, I would listen, just like I listen to you... but then I would let the pebble be and move on; It's the teaching that's important and that, my friend, goes on and on and on.........  *>:) devil

 Here is one of the teaching pebbles I found in MY path that everyone would have benefited from bumping into... maybe! 

I replied:

Yeah, maybe Kali is the solution. In the fall of 2002, I was told in my sleep, "Sloan, you married Kali!" I woke up, terrified. Then, she turned me every which a way but loose. Sorta reminded me of a female Jesus. If she does to humanity, what she did to me, oh, my, what a sight that would be to behold.

Meanwhile, perhaps this below will counter what those two stupid white women did - perhaps this is the black knight, which became a 2nd black queen.

Roy Moore's claim that America was 'great' during slavery resurfaces, sparking huge backlash

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has sparked outrage among many on the left once again after his comments on slavery from a campaign event earlier this year resurfaced this week. 
At the event, which took place when Moore was still facing fellow Republican Luther Strange for the party's nomination, an audience member asked Moore the last time America was great. 
"I think it was great at the time when families were united -- even though we had slavery -- they cared for one another ... Our families were strong, our country had a direction.," Moore responded, according to the Los Angeles Times
His reference to slavery appears to indicate that Moore believes that America was last great before the Civil War, when.

As many progressives on Twitter noted, while some American families may have been intact during this era, slave families were routinely broken up and as members were sold for profit. The report also noted that the question was asked by one of only a handful of black people who had attended the event. 
The comments were initially reported in September, but went viral on Thursday when a former Obama administration official tweeted about them. 
"Can't make this up—Roy Moore said in September that the last time America was great was when we had slavery," Eric Columbus said in his tweet.
The remarks come as Moore is locked in a close race with Democrat Doug Jones to see who will become the next member of the U.S. Senate to represent Alabama. Republicans Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions were both elected in the 1990s, and Luther Strange has been serving in Sessions' place since he was named Attorney General earlier this year. 
President Donald Trump has repeatedly called for voters to support Moore over "liberal" Jones. He did not reference the slavery comments, but tweeted his support once again Friday. 
"LAST thing the Make America Great Again Agenda needs is a Liberal Democrat in Senate where we have so little margin for victory already. The Pelosi/Schumer Puppet Jones would vote against us 100% of the time. He’s bad on Crime, Life, Border, Vets, Guns & Military. VOTE ROY MOORE!" the president tweeted.

Moving laterally ...

This syndicated Op-Ed below, carried in today's Key West Citizen, perhaps was written before the author learned what the two stupid white women had done:

The party of Lincoln has devolved into party of Trump

December 08, 2017

WASHINGTON -- We need to prepare for the eventuality that the Mueller probe catches President Trump, family members and associates red-handed -- and Republicans in Congress refuse to do anything about it.

This is beginning to look like a possible or even probable outcome. With its cravenness matched only by its arrogance, the GOP is Trump's party now. It no longer has any claim to be Lincoln's.

Witness the cowardly about-face on the subject of Roy Moore's candidacy for the Senate. The party initially took a position in line with its purported values: that a credibly accused child molester, who haunted the local mall seeking dates with teenaged girls when he was in his 30s, is unworthy of the high office he seeks.

But then Trump endorsed Moore -- given that more than a dozen women have accused the president of sexual misconduct, the phrase "birds of a feather" comes to mind -- and Republicans changed their tune. The flow of money from national party coffers to Moore's campaign, briefly interrupted, was resumed. Moore's fitness became a matter that no longer troubled the GOP's moral conscience, or what was left of it; only "the people of Alabama" could decide the difference between right and wrong.

Here is the distinction between our two major parties in 2017: Democratic leaders are forcing Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., both accused of harassing women, to resign. 

Republican leaders are trying to put Moore, accused of harassing teenagers and molesting a 14-year-old, in the Senate.

Given that context, it is naive to assume that anything special counsel Robert Mueller uncovers will lead Republicans to choose principle over political advantage. Trump boasted during the campaign that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose support. As far as the GOP majorities in Congress are concerned, he may be right.

Ultimately, that's what Trump is counting on. He has been using his Twitter feed to try to create the impression that Mueller -- the straightest of straight arrows, and a lifelong Republican -- is somehow biased against him. Trump's aim isn't so much to pull the wool over the eyes of his base; rather, it's to give House Republicans an excuse not to start impeachment proceedings if and when the time comes.

I realize it seems premature to speak of such eventualities. But if there really was no collusion with Russia to tilt the election in Trump's favor, I wonder why one of the president's lawyers, Jay Sekulow, is arguing that such collusion would not constitute a crime. And if there really was no obstruction of justice, I wonder why another of Trump's lawyers, John Dowd, is arguing that the president by virtue of his office is incapable of obstructing justice.

Perhaps Trump and his family are just getting bad legal advice. I'm wondering who gave Donald Trump, Jr. the bright idea to cite attorney-client privilege in refusing to answer the House Intelligence Committee's questions about conversations with his father -- conversations that might bear on both collusion and obstruction.

Neither Trump nor Trump Jr. is an attorney. Conversations between Trump Jr. and his lawyer would be privileged, but not conversations Trump Jr. might have had with someone else while his lawyer was present. And Congress is not compelled to honor attorney-client privilege anyway, though it often does.

At least Trump Jr. gave a reason for his stonewalling. Other administration officials called to Capitol Hill to testify about Trump's possible obstruction -- including Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- have relied on some imaginary privilege not to discuss conversations with the president.

The GOP-led committees investigating the Russia affair could subpoena witnesses, compel them to speak and hold them in contempt if they refuse. I'm not holding my breath.

Those of us who care whether the president worked with a foreign power to influence the election and then actively impeded an FBI investigation do have recourse, however. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: If this Congress refuses to stand up for justice and American ideals, we need to elect a Congress that will.

The Trump presidency poses a challenge beyond politics or policy. Wrongheaded trickle-down tax policy is a matter of arithmetic; it can be corrected by moving numbers around a spreadsheet. But once corruption has become established, it takes Herculean effort to root it out; once respect for the rule of law is lost, it takes generations to restore.

Mueller is doing his job. Ours is to elect Democrats and independents next year who will hold this appalling presidency to account.

(c) 2017, Washington Post Writers Groups
Aw,  shucks, Eugene. If the Democrats had run anyone but Hillary last year, they would control the White House, Congress and the US Supreme Court. Same might have happened if all of America's black voters had voted for Hillary, Will all of Alabama's black voters go to the polls and vote for Doug Jones, against Roy Moore? If not, will Roy Moore be America's next president? Will America's national capitol be moved to
Are we having fun yet?

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