Friday, December 8, 2017

the whole world is watching Alabama, as are God and Thomas Jefferson

My homeless vodka addict prophet girlfriend Kari Dangler called before dawn this morning to report being woken in her sleep during the night by a lunar moth on her left ear, as if it was trying to tell her something.

I chuckled, said, like an angel trying to tell you something.

That's your department, Kari said.

Your department, too, I said. You are a shaman. Shamans relate to animals.

But I don't speak moth.

You need to learn to speak moth. Lunar is the female, the Holy Spirit. The left side of the body is the female side. Nighttime is darkness, the realm of the unconscious and the feminine. What is not known by the mind.

The moth had eyes on its wings, like it was watching me.

I never heard of a lunar moth before.

Look it up online. It was as big as my hand. I think they come out maybe every 7 years.

Like locusts?

Yeah, but bigger, with eyes, watching.

My post today will be about the whole world is watching Alabama. Roy Moore and his brand of Christianity think they are in control of women's bodies.

Oh. But why did the moth come to me?

Because you are a shaman and a prophet.

No I'm not.

Yes you are.

No I'm not.

Yes you are.

If that gets out, someone will shoot me.

It's gonna get out. I'm gonna report it in my post today.

Somebody's going to shoot me.

That tends to happen to prophets.

Last week, Kari kept bugging me about premonitions and dreams she was having about something awful going on in Alabama.

Last week, I dreamt of a train and all its cars jumping the tracks and falling into a deep ravine.

Last year, I published several times that Donald Trump was the candidate who would cause America's train to jump the tracks the quickest.

I hope Kari's dream heralds Roy Moore not getting elected on December 12 to fill Alabama's vacant US Senate seat. I hope Doug Jones is elected instead.

I introduced Jones in yesterday's post at this website.

Moving laterally ...

Sancho Panza commented on yesterday's 

I hope the December 12 special US Senate election in Alabama does not cause me to again be ashamed I'm from Alabama

at this website:

Really Sloan, 1/16th Jew? *:) happy  What's the other 15/16? This is really sad... think about it, who gives a fuck? Oh wait, Americans do! You know, we are mostly simian anyway, I mean, how many ways can we divide ourselves? We're really screwed! 

I replied:

Be happy, the guy you voted for got elected and you then bragged about voting for him, because you thought he would take America down to its well-deserved comeuppance the quickest. Then, he set out to prove what a true prophet you were. He set out to be The Great Divider.

Most recently, he endorsed Roy Moore, who represents a very large class of American Christians, who actually think my 1/16th Jewish daughter, who married a Jewish man, and then she converted to Judaism, and together they are pillars in their east Mississippi small city, Starkville, where he is Mississippi State's already highly-respected Athletic Director, after being their highly-respected head baseball coach for about ten years, insisting all along that his players attend church regularly, the church of their choice, which pattern mirrors my daughter and son-in-law's lives when he was the University of Kentucky, in Lexington, head baseball coach, SEC Coach of the year one year, and before that, the head baseball coach of a small college in Northwest Louisiana - they and their children are gonna die and burn in hell forever because Roy Moore, your president's choice for the now open US Senate seat in Alabama, and his ignorant, bigot, racist, religious-Nazi Christian cult all say so.

Da ya think maybe your president timed his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital with his announcement that he was endorsing Roy Moore, because Jerusalem is the most important city in the world to Roy Moore and his religious-Nazi cult, because that is where Jews had Jesus killed? Da ya think your president timed it that way to incite every last qualified religious-Nazi voter in Alabama to vote at least once on December 16, for Roy Moore?

The irony is, I agreed with you that Trump would wreck America quicker than Hillary, but I didn't vote for either of them, because I do not vote for evil. The Devil would have been thrilled if Hillary had gotten elected last year. The Devil is thrilled Trump did get elected. I mean that literally. No metaphor.

Moving laterally:
Recently at this website, I reported email conversations with a Key West resident, who is a born-again Christian and lifelong Republican, and cannot stand Donald Trump or Roy Moore, or Doug Jones, who, as a US Attorney in Birmingham once prosecuted KKK black church bombers, and favors abortion rights today.

The born-again Christian lifelong Republican (BACLLR) commented on yesterday's post at this website:

I am sure you would agree that it would be far worse both legally and morally had Moore actually murdered one of the children he had molested 

Well I am convinced beyond doubt that a fetus is as much a child protection as a teenager
While Moore's opponent has never murdered he supports those who do
Hard to rank the degrees of evil
But I do know this:  the lesser of two evils is still evil 
I would never endorse evil.  Never who endorses the murder of children or one who molests them

I replied:

I keep wondering why anti-abortionist Christians don't read their own Bible.

Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, 
and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; 
and man became a living being

Res ispa loquitur, according to the literal WORD OF GOD, according to most Christians I have known, before the 1st breath, there is no living being.

BACLLR wrote:

A total non equitur   Eve was never a fetus.   Are you not familiar with the verse that God knew the child even since its conception?
Science clearly demonstrates that human life begins at conceoption.
Jones supports those who would kill innocent children!! 

I replied:

Oh, so it is okay, sometimes, for science to override the WORD OF GOD, even though John, in the beginning of his Gospel, clearly equates the WORD with Jesus, and not with any scripture. It's like a serpent turning around and swallowing its own tail, then claiming only it has the formula for salvation, and all who do not use it will die and burn in hell's furnace forever, a far worse fate than Jews being burned to death, briefly, in Nazi ovens. In that light alone, without plenty of other evidence, Christianity, as Roy Moore and many Christians view it, is the Nazi religion on this planet. 
"Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you. 
Before you came forth out of the womb, 
I sanctified you. I have appointed you a prophet 
to the nations." GOD'S WORD® Translation 

That, also, is so. That was about Jeremiah's soul, which God knew in the womb and long before that. 

Back then, as today, there were concoctions that were known to produce infertility (birth control) and other concoctions known to produce abortions.

Today, the Robert Moores of this world, who are legion, think it is their duty to hold evil what was done before the Bible ever existed, and after it came into existence, which hardly could be scientifically claimed, or proven, was dictated by God.

I saw a TV panel discussion on Moore last night. 2 men and a woman, who said she is Christian and does not like Moore. She said, when Democrats are in control of Congress, there are less abortions than when Republicans are in control, because there is more sex counseling and more birth control methods available. So, if Republicans are anxious to reduce abortions, they should vote for Democrats. 

BACLLR wrote:

Interesting.  And then there was that antiabortionist. GOP congress man urging his girl friend to get an abortion.  What a hypocrite, aye?

I replied:

A hypocrite, indeed, if he is anti-abortion. A cad, too, if his girlfriend wants to keep the child. A rake, if his girlfriend wants him to marry her and be the child's father. 

Lately, two Democrat congressmen have been charged by women of sexual harassment and then asked by their own Party to resign. One resigned, the other announced today that he will resign. 

A number of journalists, including those accused by the fake president of producing fake news, lately were charged by women of sexual harassment and they were fired.

Only the nearer to God than thee Republican Party and their president seem above such trivial pursuit. 

BACLLR wrote:

Yes. He is all three. If he believes that an unborn is a person he was advocating what he knew to be murder 

Sloan please look up Bernard Nathanson. Famous guy.

Never having heard of Nathanson, I looked him up and replied:
Bernard N. Nathanson (July 31, 1926 – February 21, 2011) was an American medical doctor from New York City, co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the ...
Dr. Nathanson moved from being a pro-choice abortion mill male doctor, who helped bring about Roe v. Wade, to just the opposite. 

I hope, as part of his redemption, as he sees it, and his repentance, he has offered to adopt every unwanted unborn baby he has tried to save, to raise as his own child. 

I wonder how he would be with all of this if he were a woman, who was pregnant with a child she did not want, for whatever reason? 

I wonder what it's like for a fetus growing in the womb of a mother, who does not want it?

I wonder what it's like for a soul waiting to enter, or already entered, a fetus of a mother who does not want it?

I wonder what it's like for a fetus in the womb of a mother who is an addict?

Do you think that kind of trauma evaporates at birth? It exponentially increases over time after birth.

I wonder what gives any man the right to even imagine he has authority over what a woman decides to do with the parts of her body the man cannot possibly know or appreciate, because he does not have those body parts?

My second wife got pregnant twice and I told her there was no way I could raise another child. My physical health was poor. I still had two young children by my first wife. She got abortions. Very rough on her. 

Perhaps it was a mistake. I finally dealt with it by getting a vasectomy, because I did not want to see her go through another abortion. I think maybe my getting the vasectomy caused her as much distress, or more, as the abortions.

There is no easy answer in this area. 

Religion does not have the answer.

Any more than it has the answer to homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.

Yet, it pretends it has the answer. 

Doug Jones is a far better candidate than Roy Moore.

The whole world is watching Alabama.

God is watching Alabama.

If Roy Moore is elected, that will be a great disturbance in the Force. 

Caused by the dark side.

Moving laterally:

Thomas Jefferson

A reading of the United States Declaration of Independence reveals 4 references to Deity, reproduced down below.

Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them

endowed by their Creator

appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world

a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence

According to Roy Moore's brand of salvation, because Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, he died and is burning in hell forever.


At times, the Christian right has sought to rewrite history by posthumously converting Thomas Jefferson into a Christian.  Throughout his life, however, Jefferson strenuously denied that he held orthodox Christian beliefs or that he desired the mixing of politics and religion in government.  Instead, Jefferson's religious philosophy centered on 18th century concepts of natural law.  Jefferson placed significant value on the ability of human beings to use reason to understand their world.  In fact, Jefferson was so opposed to mysticism that he removed from his bible any account of the miracles that Jesus is alleged to have performed.  The resulting Jefferson Bible, contained only those precepts that Jefferson believed were integral to the moral philosophy of Jesus Christ.
The quotes from Jefferson collected on this page do not represent the sum total of all his statements on religion.  They make clear, however, that Jefferson carefully considered and then rejected basing his philosophy of liberty on any combination of religion and politics.  To Jefferson, liberty and democracy could only be maintained via the separation of church and state, even in public education ...

Sloan note:

Obviously, it was not God but was religion (church) that Jefferson felt needed to stay out of American politics and government.

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