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Do ya think Divine Providence had a hand in disturbing Klingon invasion of Alabama? While US District Judge rules prayer at Florida county commission meeting is unconstitutional

In the first edition of yesterday's post at this website, I mistakenly reported that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, above, had announced he could not back Roy Moore in the Alabama US Senate special race, and he had written in a vote for a prominent Alabama Republican.
In fact, it was Alabama's US Senator Richard Shelby, above, who was reported to have made that announcement, while Jeff Sessions was reported as saying he would not disclose who he voted for in that race, the secret ballot is sacred.

As for the Klingon invasion of Alabama yesterday ...

If you are a regular Key West Citizen reader like myself, you had to look elsewhere this morning to find out how that invasion turned out, so far, as word has it on the Internet that the Klingon commander in charge of capturing Alabama refused to concede defeat, the election results are still up to God.

Here is a link to several very good articles on how the insurgent Alabama Earthlings barely out-pointed the Klingon birds of prey yesterday, mostly due to Alabama women and blacks turning out in perhaps record numbers against the Klingon invasion commander:

However, lacking in those  news reports, I think, is it appears the reason the Klingons did not win yesterday was nearly 23,0000 Alabamians wrote in a candidate not on the ballot, and the insurgent Earthling candidate's margin of victory, as of these news reports below, was slightly less than the write-in votes.

Doug JonesDemocrat671,15149.9%
Roy MooreRepublican650,43648.4
Total Write-Ins22,8191.7
Perhaps the write-in votes were cast by disgruntled Republicans, who were tired of being called Klingons? 

Perhaps the write-in votes were inspired, to some extent, by Richard Shelby announcing he could not vote for the Klingon Party candidate and had cast a write-in vote for a prominent Alabama Republican?

In fact, the Supreme Imperial Klingon invasion fleet Commander-in-Chief himself said as much:
“Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win,” Trump tweeted. “The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!”

I followed the invasion results yesterday on several Facebook threads. This one coming out of Key West was the most fun:
Let's get real.....Roy Moore is an accused pedophile. These woman aren't all lying. He is a known racist and anti-Semitic through his own words. People actually don't care. Evangelicals actually believe the current administration in DC will lead to the second coming of Christ (aka zombie apocalypse) through war and armageddon and that it's a good thing. It's not a good thing to hope and pray for for the death of humanity. This is why I'm numb to the whole "thoughts and prayers" and "G-d" thing because of what's being shoved down our throats by preachers with millions that sit back in their mansions while the homeless sleep in the streets. Preachers validating child molesters under the guises of scripture and their sheep followers holding on to their shepherds every word like it's their last life's breath. Wake the fuck up America, snap out of it!

Cathy Dolezal Drummond America elected a sick fuck for president 

People don’t care 

If I was a gambling woman I would bet Moore will win.

But I’m a faith filled woman and I’m praying he doesn’t because if he wins MY God has some extra questions to answer when I meet him at those pearly gates
Sheri Pogue Amen.......😜
Sheri Pogue Now let's have faith that Jones will win!
Sheri Pogue Good will prevail over evil...
Cathy Dolezal Drummond I sort of lost my faith in that In 2016
Sheri Pogue I can guarantee if Moore is elected Franken won't resign and I don't blame him one bit
Cathy Dolezal Drummond didnt he already resign?? Pretty sure that happened last week
Sheri Pogue He stated his intent but said it would be a few weeks.
Sheri Pogue There's a method to his madness. The governor of Minnesota can actually reinstate him. Catch 22
David Sieminski The former Governor (R) called for him not to resign
Claire Phillips I'm getting sick and tired of Facebook friends that post anti women (they're women) anti Semitic... anti Muslim stuff. I have Jewish and Muslim friends and it's getting to the point where I don't feel comfortable reading my news feed. I have lots of American friends so I know this is a minority because 90% of them are good decent people who happen to have common decency. I have been unfollowed on Twitter by people who support trump (No great loss) and I was attacked personally for not being American and actually giving a shit about a country that I love (I only got 1 question wrong on the citizenship test and have been described as more American than some Americans that have been there for several generations). This is destroying the fabric of all societies because it's seen as acceptable for the president of the USA to get away with stuff normal people would have been imprisoned for.

It's literally killing my soul to see what is happening to a previously tolerant and welcoming society. I'm not interested on what political divide my friends fall but I am getting sick of having hate shoved down my throat by so called Christians. America has a cancer of hate and it needs treatment but it appears the people who cause it don't want treatment for it.

The constitution says to build a new government when the old one isn't working just a little further out west... I wish for a Calexit and a Texit and Independence for new York. See how the rest of the economy does then.
Seriously I saw someone post about the California wildfires that it was in debt and it was a liberal state yadda. It's the third largest economy in the world. One state. The third in the world. And these people were all but saying it was liberal Hollywood and gays fault for the fire. Really really pisses me off. I'm not gay. I'm not Muslim. I'm not a Jew. I'm a fucking alligator that is sick of human bullshit to the back of my 80 odd teeth and is thinking of chomping these MFs out of my news feed. I am done with this shit. Fin.
Sheri Pogue You know what....I absolutely love you and you're spot on.
Claire Phillips Also 🐊💔
Sheri Pogue I can guarantee you got a higher score on your citizenship test than Trump would.
Claire Phillips What's with the neos going on about famous women who have been attacked by men as well? They're human. They're women. They didn't become famous to be harassed and raped by guys 'to help their career. There's good people in Hollywood too but they end up getting smeared for being boring, for not doing the parties, drugs, women that they are expected to because they are decent people. Yet it's always these people who get maligned for standing up for co-stars and fighting for equal rights etc and it's the women who are blamed. For everything. For example TG (I mention him because there are stories/ lies etc) he is a good guy. Always when filming love scenes he makes sure that there's adequate coverage and when a director wrapped he made sure someone got a wrap to the lady first and kept her covered while they did. He would also never tongue a co star and reserved real kisses for his wife. He is described as captain vanilla because he was raised right. He also didn't cheat on his now ex wife and never cheats on anyone he is with. Why can't more people be like him. He has 3 lovely kids he puts first in all situations. As it should be. Yet gets sacked for a shin tap on a guy who was coming at him shoulder barging into people when he raised his foot in self defence. There is no justice in this world. However the rate that Hollywood is dropping scumbags like hot potatoes he might just be the only employable one at the end of the day. Grrrr. I am a ranty bitey gator obsessed today. Maybe I just need a hug. *snuzzle*
Sheri Pogue Doug Jones for Senate....because Santa says so..
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
Anthony Lo Pinto Everyone has ingested to much Fluoride and Corn Syrup. Everyone is numb.
Jay Clements Don’t be shocked if he wins today. I spent a little time in southern Alabama and they are probably going to elect him in.
Chris Robinson wolves in sheep clothing -and not very well tailored
Bob Galaher I’ve had enough of all of it...just can’t take this shit anymore....
Sheri Pogue Then don't look at his tweets this morning. You'll go off the deep end
Bob Galaher I’m likely to not look at ANY FUCKING THING anymore....fucking had it and people are fucked....
Janet Cherry Vitarelli He’s a sick disgusting president!! I’m weary waiting for something to be done but I’m weary.
Kathleen Jamrog Well said.
Sloan Bashinsky Roy Moore's sexual history is bad enough, but his religious history and endorsement by Trump is worse.
Anne O'Shea I will tell you that there are many college educated, well-to-do business people in Alabama on both sides who don’t want him because they for see the same thing happening to their state (after years of courting businesses into that state to raise up the economy) that happened to NC over the controversial bathroom laws. It will be once again a matter of ignorance winning out over knowledge. Sad
Mark S. Watson You got that right, Annie...NC took a huge financial hit, and it, quite frankly was the people that live in their own rural bubble that don't understand the state wide ramifications of their decisions that caused it...who cares if Bruce Springstein cancels a concert in Raleigh? Well, eventually, you will.....
Spike Pierce Roy Moore is probably going to get elected. One thing those in 'Bama hate more than anything is any outsiders telling them what to do. But I think it is a win/win situation. This shows just how far outside the mainstream the GOP has become IF Moore wins. And most Americans don't like either parties if the they feel they are too extreme. And IF Doug Jones wins, than Democrats can say the Tide is turning. Either way, the GOP is not "wining" anything. Sessions was the last Senator, and the GOP held the seat for decades. What the GOP gains is another loudmouth, extremist, who will alienate many Republicans and Independents.
Spike Pierce I may have to eat some crow. Jones is up, only a few thousand votes with 91% reporting.
Spike Pierce Sweet Home Alabama. The Skies just turned Blue.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home…

Spike Pierce Happy to Eat this plate full. Did not think Alabama was gonna go Blue.
Image may contain: food
Sam E Huber BOOOOOOOOOOM I am shocked by Alabama voters today!
Sheri Pogue Hahahahaha you beat me to it!
Anne O'Shea I am shocked but thrilled! Can’t wait to see the tweet storm tomorrow! 😂😂😂
Sheri Pogue Oh within the hour I am sure
Anne O'Shea Sheri Pogue oh give him a few hours to rant around the WH 🤣
Sam E Huber ^^actual video from the rose garden
Sloan Bashinsky Doug Jones did much better than Moore in Alabama's larger cities, and that seems to have made the difference.

View election results and exit polls in the special election for Alabama's open Senate seat.

Sheri Pogue Thanks Sloan! Good job ALABAMA!!!!!!
Sheri Pogue I bet there is a weird energy there right now.
Sloan Bashinsky The Jones side has to be deliriously happy, the Moore side is not in the least happy. I hope those numbers hold. And, I hope those numbers represent a trend, although I can't say I'm happy with the Democratic Party generally (nationally), at least they started calling out and doing something about their own who were accused of what Roy Moore was accused of. Might be, though, Alabama's other US Senator, Richard Shelby, Republican, saying he could not vote for Moore and would write in another Republican might have what tipped the scales, given the 22,000-plus write-in votes.
Sheri Pogue This is just the beginning! Keep resisting! Keep supporting Dem candidates! We can keep winning! We are on the right side of history my friends and this is only the beginning!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!
Sloan Bashinsky The Democrats need to stop fielding bad candidates like Hillary Clinton. They would have beaten Trump with a number of other prominent Democrats. They gave the White House and Congress and the Supreme Court to the Republicans by running Hillary.
Sheri Pogue He is tweeting here we go!!!!!!

Sheri Pogue Donald J. Trump‏Verified account 


1m1 minute ago

Congratulations to Doug Jones on a hard fought victory. The write-in votes played a very big factor, but a win is a win. The people of Alabama are great, and the Republicans will have another shot at this seat in a very short period of time. It never ends!

Sloan Bashinsky Maybe next time the Republicans will field a candidate who doesn't make most of them wretch in their private closets.
Sloan Bashinsky Congratulations to Alabama's other US Senator, Richard Shelby, for announcing he could not vote for Moore and had written in a prominent Republican. almost 23,000 write-in votes. Jones won by less than 20,000 votes.
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Meanwhile ...
A little birdie asked me yesterday if there was any chance the vote in Alabama will be rigged? 

I said that I was not aware of Alabama elections being rigged in the past.

However, I don't recall ever seeing an important Alabama election this close.

And the Klingon candidate has refused to concede.

Meanwhile, this syndicated Associated Press fake news story is in today's Key West Citizen ought to have the Klingons in Florida seriously dithered up:
US judge bans prayer at Florida county's commission meetings
A federal judge has barred a Florida county commission from opening its meetings with prayers.

A Florida Today report says U.S. District Judge John Antoon II said opening Brevard County commission meetings with religious invocations violated both the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution.
County commissioners voted unanimously to appeal the Nov. 29 injunction. While that's pending, they are opening meetings with a moment of silence instead of prayer.
The Central Florida Freethought Community, the Humanist Community of the Space Coast and the Space Coast Freethought Association sued the county in federal court in 2015 after commissioners declined to include atheists, agnostics and other non-religious people in a rotation of clergy members delivering the opening religious invocations.
Commission Chair Rita Pritchett said Antoon's ruling "takes away the freedom of speech of the Christian community."
Information from: Florida Today (Melbourne, Fla.),

This former Birmingham, Alabama practicing attorney's thoughts:

Perhaps the US District Judge was remiss in not also banning prayers in the the Florida Legislature and the US Congress, and the reciting at government meetings of the Pledge of Allegiance, because it has "under God" in it?

Perhaps the Klingons and the US District Judge should freshen up on Amendment 1, US Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment 1 was aimed at religion, not at God.

Amendment was aimed at what mimics, usurps, lauds over, confuses and milks the people.

So, I have no problem with government meetings being begun with a non-denominational prayer.

Aren't these references to Deity in the US Declaration of Independence?

Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them

endowed by their Creator

appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world

a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence

Should a US District Judge declare the Declaration of Independence violates Amendment 1 (which was passed some years after the Declaration of Independence was signed)?

Have Atheists ever sought to have the Declaration of Independence voided because of those references to a Deity?

In denying God exists, do Atheists admit what they deny, for if there is no God, then the subject never would come up, would it?

Do ya think Divine Providence had a hand in disturbing the Klingon invasion of Alabama?

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