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America: a nation of cults - not Nazi Germany yet, but ...

A longstanding member of The Resistance commented under yesterday's post at this website:
  1. Two things on your page counts, Sloan.
    First, do you count how many people receive the email? The post generally can be read without going to the link
    Second, your former url, goodmorningkeywest, was more likely to attract the curious than your current self-effacing moniker.
    I am glad you will continue to write whatever the numbers say. In this case, I am on the side of your commanding angels.
  2. Thanks, Rick. About 200 people receive the email blast containing each day's post. I figure maybe 20 of those people might read it each day. Over the years, the numbers at steadily grew, until they were running 2,000-4,000 page views a day. Yesterday, there were 81 page views at afoolsworknneverends. Not too far back, I was getting maybe 200 page views a day, on average. The angels keep pushing me to write and publish it, I keep doing it.

    Talked with Bill Hunter at last night's Key West city commission meeting. He said he definitely is looking at running against Republican county commissioner George Neugent next year. Bill said he, too, is a Republican and, if he files, he will be in the District 2 Republican primary next year. He said two new candidates already have filed. One is Republican. The other is Non-Affiliated, which closed the Republican primary to only registered Republican voters. I think if a Democrat files for District 2 next year, that, too, closes the Republican primary.
Sancho Panza replied to yesterday's post at this website:

Thanks to Roy Moore and Donald Trump, American evangelists should know that it ain't just other countries, Putin Russia, North Korea, Syria, ISIS, for examples, that have a demonic possession problem, and thanks to Moore and Trump, Americans should be looking at what's going on in other countries, such as India

You call it demonic possession... more like devolution! Humanity is devolving!  Satan is a lot smarter than what you see happening to people... everybody is becoming so myopic that they can't see past their noses! *>:) devil
 A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied:

If you factor out the young video girl's ignorance of what English money is called [pound], maybe she knows what an EU dollar is, her reasoning, based on her ignorance, actually is pretty scientific in a bizarre sort of way. 

I wish it were so easy as to blame it on American stupidity, than on the Devil. 

America has turned into a nation of cults. The Trump cult. The evangelical cult. The Party over country cult. Jim Jones has been rendered a molecule in the kool-aid factory. 

'Course, de Devil ain't got nothing to do with any of it. Humanity is doing it for him.

The Republican born-again Christian mentioned in my post today, wrote:

Thanks, Sloan, for the reference.   It was a great talk last night about Putin and his murders and ties to Trump
It ought to be clear to any Christian, evangelical or "main-line", or for that matter any Jews or most Muslims that you did not "get into bed" (no pun intended) with anyone with Moore's background unless perhaps he humbled himself and asked for forgiveness for his sins.  
Ivanka had it right.  I am convinced there is a special place in hell for child molesters.
Was it JFK who said that sometimes party allegiance asks too much?
Although I strongly disagree with the politics of Moore's opponent, I hope against hope that the voters reject him.
I am ashamed of the RNC.  It would be nice if some GOP stalwarts would condemn its endorsement of Moore.

Later, he forwarded what could happen, but would I live to see it? Not sure I want to live that long.

December 5, 2017  by Chris Cillizza and Saba Hamedy

Jeff Flake, 2020?

Sen. Jeff Flake tweeted the picture above on Tuesday afternoon, the most visible sign yet that his break from the Trump-led Republican Party may not only be permanent but also could lead to a national bid for the Arizona Republican down the line.

The check is made out to Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee against Roy Moore in next Tuesday's Alabama special election to fill the Senate seat of now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And it carries the now-familiar refrain of the anti-Trump wing of the GOP: "County over party."

Flake's decision to cut a check to the Democrat Jones comes 24 hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed Moore's candidacy -- despite the fact that the Alabama Republican faces charges of pursuing inappropriate relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

It also comes hard on the heels of the Republican National Committee's decision to reinvest in the Alabama race just weeks after pulling out following the bevy of accusations against Moore.

What is Flake up to?

On the one hand, he undoubtedly believes that Moore -- given the allegations against him -- should not be in the Senate.

On the other, Flake's decision to write a check to Moore's Democratic opponent -- coupled with his book published this spring in which he blasts the Republican Party for accepting Trump into its ranks and his willingness to repeatedly hammer away at the President over the past 10 months -- suggest that the Arizona senator may have his eye on a third-party presidential bid in 2020.

And Flake's answers on whether he might run in 2020 have been very cagey. Check out this back-and-forth with CNN's Jake Tapper on the day Flake announced he wasn't running for reelection to the Senate earlier this fall:

TAPPER: "(Should) somebody in the Republican Party, perhaps you, should challenge the President in 2020?"
FLAKE: "I won't go there. That's a long time away."
TAPPER: "So, you're not -- you're not discounting it?"
FLAKE: "Certainly, I didn't support the President in the last election, and -- but it's early. That time will take care of itself."

Which is, um, not a "no."  And if you did want to run a third-party party bid for president in 2020, casting yourself as a conscientious objector to Trumpism and a voice for "country over party" isn't a bad place to be.

The Point:  Flake isn't actively planning to run for president. But he's doing things -- like releasing the fact that he wrote a check to Moore's opponent -- that he knows will draw attention to him and raise his profile as a Trump rejectionist. That's not by accident.

-- Chris
Sancho replied:

Oh, I see, a cult like "my football team is better than your football team" sport cult?! *>:) devil Like I said, myopic! 

Why not Trump and Moore? They are perfect representatives of the heart and soul of this fake country... of this fake World! You don't see that yet? I suppose you must be possessed too! *:D big grin

I replied:

Yeah, just like the football team mine's bigger and better than yours cult, except a bit more dangerous.

Many times I have agreed with you about what had become of America, including Trump and Moore representing what has become of America.

My dreams around dawn today pointed me toward Krakow. Poland. My 1/8th Jewish ancestry. My oldest daughter's Jewish husband and in-laws. Their more than half-Jewish children. 

Today's Republican Party and its president remind me of Germany during the ascension of Adolph Hitler. Most Republicans today, who know better, or ought to know better, are sticking with Trump and his Christian religious fanatics and white supremacists. Party over country. Party over God. Party over everything. What happened in Germany before I was born in 1942. 

Wonder if there will end up being a Nuerenberg Trials fascimile in America? Or will the Nazis win?

On micro scale, reminds of what I observed about how Key West's homeless shelter was run by Mike Tolbert and his bosses at Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL).

Kari told me yesterday that Mike came by in his  white car with the darkened windows and stopped and stared at her, before moving on. Several times she has reported him doing that since he was fired from managing the shelter. 

Today is her 56th birthday.

Last night, the Key West City Commission proclaimed December 21st the city's Homeless Memorial Day. The backstory is, on that day every year, officials from Florida Keys Outreach Coalition (FKOC) and elected city officials, and local ministers, and local citizen activists gather at FKOC's vault in the city cemetery, where the luminaries, with somber expressions, wax on about how the city needs to memorialize its homeless people who died during the previous year, who had no one to claim their remains, so their cremated ashes are put in FKOC's vault, instead of a wherever.

As if those now liberated, finally, souls care about such a ceremony, when the city treated them somewhat like Germany once treated its Jews. Not killing them in ovens, but making their lives miserable otherwise. No sitting down anywhere. No sleeping in public. No drinking in public. Not that it's fair to compare the city's homeless people to Jews in Nazi Germany, who, for all I have heard and read, were good citizens, contributed to their society, whose sin was being Jews.

The current director of FKOC went on for a while last night in the city commission meeting about how having the longest day of the year, she did not call it the Winter Solstice, the Coming of the Light, as the city's national homeless day, coinciding with FKOC's annual memorialization of the recently died homeless in Key West, as a beacon that "WE" will never stop doing what we can to end homelessness in Key West and America.

I said there wondering how out of it she was. There is no way to end homelessness in America, other than the Nazi solution. If she does not know that yet, she is blind, deaf and dumb, or brainwashed - a fanatic in her own way.

During closing citizen comments last night, I told the mayor and commissioners, one of whom, Sam Kaufman, is Chairman of the Board of FKOC and my dear friend, that I had attended a number of FKOC's annual dead homeless people memorializations, and had heard the city officials and ministers talk about what they had no clue, because they themselves had not been homeless. I said it would enhance the ceremony, if homeless speakers led the charge. I am not now homeless, I said, but I have been and am willing to speak at the ceremony, but I need to be invited to do that ahead of time, so that I sit up front with the other speakers.

During his closing comments, Kaufman told of homeless people attending the event in the past and breaking down and crying. Yet he did not say homeless people being the keynote speakers, so to speak. There truly is no way to know what being homeless in America is like, unless you have done it. I wonder if there are homeless people, who back President Trump? Still? I wonder if they ever wonder if some day America will simply put its homeless people into ovens?

Kari backed Trump last year. You told me that you voted for him, not because you liked him, to the contrary. But because you thought he would bring America to its well-deserved reckoning the quickest, and I agreed with you that he just might do that if he got elected. 

Sancho replied:

I think that's crazy, Trump is no Hitler, he doesn't have any conviction... he's the Flin-Flan man... look at how he's the lap dog of Israel, moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem... man, you are getting old, time to retire from politics! *>:) devil

I replied:

Trump is a cult leader, is my point, and his staunch followers are fanatics, regardless of his being a flim-flam artist through and through. A non-religious MEGA-church TV evangelist. He's in it for the fame and to make as much money as possible. His cult followers, though, are in it for something else entirely. To rule America as they see fit, and if they want him to be king, then he will do all he can to oblige them, and they will love him all the more, and fight for him all the more. That's how cults operate, behave. That's how Hitler took over Germany, after he was enhanced by a demonic entity.

Right now, it looks to me that Trump's two worst enemies are the free press (fake news) and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That's why Trump and his gang leaders keep attacking the free press and Mueller.
Related Facebook thread yesterday:
It infuriates me that the Douchebag is trying to distance himself from Flynn and trying to blame Obama. Obama fired Flynn and went as far as to warn Shitler not to hire Flynn but Shitler ignored Obama's warnings and hired him anyway. This is entirely on Shitler but I'm sure Shitler's supporters, like the cult members they are will believe every word he says and they will continue to prove what dipshits they truly are.
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Debra Peirce Absolutely true

Sloan Bashinsky Having practiced law, it's about impossible for me to think Flynn would be prosecuted by Special Counsel Mueller, for lying to the FBI, unless Flynn lied about something the FBI thought was important, and it's even more impossible to think Flynn would ...See More
Sloan Bashinsky So, what's Trump's lawyer doing, having access to Trump's Twitter account, unless Trump GAVE his lawyer access knowing that would create an "alibi" for anything the lawyer tweeted pretending Trump had tweeted it, after the two of them had discussed what the lawyer would tweet.
Sloan Bashinsky A place in this one is hilarious. Trump says an illegal leak of classified information did Flynn in. Gosh, if it's classified, then it's not illegal.
Kenneth Klauss I don't believe anything Kellyanne Conway says. She just may be the biggest liar in the Shitler administration.
Sloan Bashinsky Best I can tell, everyone in Trump's circle of advisers is an accomplished liar. Birds of a feather, starting at the top.

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