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Has Roy Moore confused Icarus with the Holy Spirit? Captain Precious and other pre-Thanksgiving homilies

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Former Chief Justice Roy Moore [official portrait, Supreme Court of Alabama]
by Thomas L. Knapp…….
It’s hard to be objective about Roy Moore. Ever since his days as circuit judge of Etowah County, Alabama, he’s been a hero to religious conservatives and the bane of civil libertarians. The former powered his two elections to the office of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, on his promise to “return God to our public life and restore the moral foundation of our law.” The latter effected his two removals from that office over his insistence that his religious beliefs trump the law (including the US Constitution).
That Moore is one of America’s most controversial political figures shouldn’t distract us from the most obvious and important question concerning the latest controversy: Did he, as alleged in a Washington Post expose,  engage in sexual activities with a 14-year-old girl (and other minors) while he was a thirty-something prosecutor?
Moore’s enemies and the Democratic Party want it to be true. They weren’t able to beat him at the ballot box in either of his two runs for Chief Justice, or in this year’s Republican primary for US Senate. And removing a US Senator is harder than beating him in an election before he becomes one.
Moore’s supporters want it to be false — not just because election results depend on it, but because no one likes to learn he or she was conned by a supposed moral exemplar.
The Republican Party NEEDS the allegations to be false. Unless they collapse in a spectacular manner, the GOP loses. They lose a Senate seat if Moore loses the election. If he wins it, the party’s Senate majority is faced with the choice of seating him and thereby publicly owning his alleged sins, or refusing to seat him and facing the ire of his supporters. If the allegations stand up at all, that thin Republican Senate majority is in danger next November either way.
The most sickening aspect of this whole thing is that some of Moore’s supporters tell us the truth doesn’t matter — that it was a long time ago, that he isn’t accused of forcibly raping anyone, and that hey, the Virgin Mary was young too, so no biggie. That dog won’t hunt.
I personally loathe Roy Moore, and don’t hold with a “presumption of innocence until the charges are proven beyond a reasonable doubt” standard when it comes to personal reputation. Public opinion is not a criminal court proceeding. My personal biases push me toward believing Moore’s accusers.
On the other hand, the timing is suspspect. Why are we only now hearing things that, if true, would have sent him home in disgrace, possibly even to prison, at previous points during his long career?
That it took a personal scandal to slow Moore’s advance toward Capitol Hill is the real embarrassment here. Roy Moore should not be elected to the US Senate because he opposes the values the United States is supposedly founded upon. Hopefully Alabama voters will make the election about that and write in Libertarian candidate Ron Bishop.

Thomas L. Knapp is director and senior news analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism ( He lives and works in north central Florida.

Response to “Election 2017: The Moore You Know …”

  1. I’m from Alabama. Moore’s religious views bugged me from way back when he was the Chief Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, before the rest of the justices gave him the boot for putting the 10 Commandments in the Supreme Court Building and refusing to then take them down.
    It seems all too often that the really self-righteous church folks have closets full of not at all righteous skeletons. 

Sloan & Sloan

From my Facebook timeline:

A couple of Key West homeless shelter morsels in today's “I had the unfortunate experience of actually sleeping in KOTS. Four nights! ...

Christopher-Marc Parenti Did they kick you out of the police lobby Sloan ?
Christopher-Marc Parenti Shut down your page too.
Sloan Bashinsky It's been quite a while since I slept nights in the police station. I reported why in a few posts back then and that I rented an apartment in Naja and Arnaud Girard's home. I explained in my 11/17/2017 post that, hoping to move forward from litigation, I was taking down, by reverting to draft, every post at this website, including that post the next day (yesterday). I also reported that I had very few readers and it looked to me I was publishing for reasons other than readers. That chapter of my life with this website is history and a new chapter, perhaps, is beginning.
Christopher-Marc Parenti Thanks for explaining Sloan. Hope all goes well for you. Take care.
Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Chris-Mark. It's been a hell of a ride for quite a while. Being poor and having no place to live certainly increased the load physically and psychically. The internal (spirit) load, however, did not remit because I was poor. Not during this most recent time when I was homeless. Nor different times before when I was homeless. And, now it seems the internal load is increased. That happened in 2006 also, after several years of homelessness ended. The future is not shown to me, as a general rule, although sometimes I am given heads up about something coming in or that i am to do. Typically, I am given several nudges that I am to change geographic locations or run for public office, before I do it. Frequently, I dream about something that doesn't make sense when I wake up, then something happens and I know that's what the dream was about. Such dreams tend to be about something I already am engaging and something new is in the works with it, or about something new coming in. Sometimes such dreams are about something recreational, like how the Alabama football team might fare in its next game. After a series of ragged dreams earlier this morning, I dreamt of becoming a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. Waking up, I thought of the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman," and then of Thomas Knapp's blue paper column on Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore, under which I had put a brief comment the other day after being wooed in a dream by Naja Girard toward something not explained by her. I woke up and went to the blue paper and found Rick Boettger's most recent vetting of the county commissioners and his announcement for the District 2 county commission seat held by 5-term George Neugent, under which I posted a few comments, ending with I was going to file for mayor of Key West race next year. And, I made the comment under Knapp's Roy Moore piece. Perhaps the 2nd Lieutenant dream is about that, and perhaps about more than that; a fresh start of some kind or kinds. Since Key West is an island in the ocean and it has a navy base, I imagine the dream is about me and Key West stuff. "Officer and a Gentleman" was about a young Navy pilot in training and his girlfriend, and his coming around to marrying her.
Christopher-Marc Parenti I have so much respect for you and your sharing of the truth. I actually need to pay more attention to my dreams. I tend to use them to contact family and friends whose bodies have left this physical manifestation.
Sloan Bashinsky For me dreams are about what I'm doing, or will do. Sometimes, I dream about what other people are doing or need to do or get ready to experience. Often, other people have dreams about me, which I need to know about, because they are heads up or instructive for me.
Christopher-Marc Parenti I really really hope you get to be the Mayor in Key West. What a great example you would set for the rest of your colleagues.
Sloan Bashinsky Right now, 4 people have dreams about me. Two of them nearly every night. One is my friend, Hoodoo Witch. The other is my homeless girlfriend, Kari.

I think you maybe just moved into the hoping for a miracle realm..

What I hear, and have heard steadily for years, is my talking about angels kills most people's interest in what else I talk about.

Yet, up Alabama way, Roy Moore has what appears to be an unshakable legion of evangelist supporters. Maybe his secret is he talks about his view of the Bible and does not talk about having anything to do with angels? Looks to me that he, and his political base, are pleasing to the demonic realms.
Christopher-Marc Parenti We could all use a miracle at this stage.
Sloan Bashinsky In the large sense, the humanity sense, yes. The angels don't clue me in about that sort of miracle. Nor for that matter, any kind of miracle. When one happens, that's when I am clued in.
Christopher-Marc Parenti It's been said that God works in mysterious ways.
Sloan Bashinsky I view the reunion with my daughters and their families and with their mother as a miracle, and the growing ever deeper relationship with my deceased brother's oldest daughter, Sloan, as a miracle. Yesterday, Sloan showed up at my 1st wife's home in Tuscaloosa just after I got there from watching college football games in a pub I love because it serves soul food. I had been hoping Sloan and my 1st wife would get to know each other, and same for her and my daughters. Lovely visit. Sloan's like a daughter to me. She tells it like it is, is curious, open to hearing what she does not know, even it's not pleasant.
Christopher-Marc Parenti That is great to hear.
Sloan Bashinsky Below are photos a childhood friend of mine took of me in court the other day in Birmingham. Maybe in a parallel universe the subject is a great trial lawyer. In this universe, he does not dress like that. The blazer and tie were borrowed from my 1st wife's 2nd husband. The trousers and shirt and shoes my 1st wife bought for me when I was a Hurricane Irma refugee in Tuscaloosa earlier this fall.
Sloan Bashinsky My niece, Sloan, took the photo below of a photo her father once had taken of my 1st wife, Dianne, on his motorcycle. After Dianne told Sloan and me yesterday, that around the airplane hanger where she once kept her airplane, she was called, "Captain Precious," My niece and I both pointed at this photo and she beat me to saying, "That's Captain Precious!" Looks like she had just swallowed a canary, I said. Circa 1971.
Sloan Bashinsky It's fair to say that Dianne, my niece, Sloan, and I are not in Roy Moore's camp. Just got off the phone with Kari, who said there's plenty on the radio about Moore and the Republicans don't care what he might have done, he's better than any Democrat. I said, they would prefer the Devil to a Democrat. Kari said she'd have to think about that. She said she dreamt all night about different figures in Greek Mythology, including the fellow who flew too close to the sun and burned off his wings. I supposed that was a warning to me to try to stay humble.
Christopher-Marc Parenti It seems most of the bible is from Greek Mythology. Good sign. You already have the humble part down in my opinion.
Sloan Bashinsky Ain't sure the angels agree, I know plenty of people who don't agree. Life continues.
Christopher-Marc Parenti I have come to believe the we are all angles of light. Some angles aren't worthy of the angel calling.
Sloan Bashinsky We are all children of God. How that plays out on this planet varies. Maybe it's Roy Moore who is Icarus?


  1. Law professor Clint McGee called Roy Moore “Fruit Salad”, a name that stuck through Law school. Apparently Mr Moore could not be swayed by reason.

    1. Professor McGee taught criminal law when I attended law school at Alabama. He had a sharp wit in class. I felt it a few times. He started out his legal career (I heard back then) defending Nazis at Nuremberg. He was so good at it that he was switched over to prosecuting Nazis. During a nap dream yesterday, the Birmingham judge in my court case a few days ago, told me that he agreed with my view of the 19th Amendment. On waking, I didn't recall what 19 was about, so I looked it up. It granted women in America the right to vote. Perhaps the women accusing Moore should be believed. Perhaps Professor McGee should be resurrected to prosecute Moore.