Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gobble, gobble, from Starkvegas, Alabammy and Key West of Weird

Yesterday, my 1st wife, Dianne, and I caravanned to Starkvegas (Starkville, Mississippi), for a family gathering at our daughter Nelle and her husband John's home, where I got to meet their daughters Jordan and Avery again. Last time I saw them was in mid-1998, when Jordan was maybe 3 and Avery was just walking. 

John's mother and one of his sisters and some cousins and inlaws also arrived - "the lost tribe of Israel," I affectionately named the gathering. Nelle set up a poster board with a line drawn down the middle of it. On the right side of the line is what we can and cannot talk about This Thanksgiving Day. 
Meanwhile ...
Last night, John drove several of us to the Mississippi State basketball coliseum to watch the boys Bulldogs eke out a victory over Stephen A. Austin, which did not go quietly even after losing its best shooter to fouls with State just 3 points ahead and about a minute to go. We sat on the front row, maybe 5 feet from the out of bounds line. No barrier between us and the players. Exciting (intense).

John is Mississippi State's Athletic Director. Before that, he was State's head baseball coach. He had played right field for State's College World Series runner up team many years ago. Seemed everyone in the coliseum, who works for Mississippi State, knows and loves John. And Nelle. They are happy, have found their niche. I'm so happy for them.

Jordan and Avery are wicked cool hilarious. Dated family photo below. The rest is top secret.
Meanwhile, tonight a bus is coming to get the entire tribe and take us to the football stadium to watch State play Mississippi. I hope my insulated winter coat, double-lined skull cap and winter gloves will keep me from freezing to death in the luminaries stadium box high up. It was about 25 F when I went for a short walk around 7:30 a.m. today.

Hail State!!!

We all have cow bells with our names written on them in magic maker. I never thought I would have my own cowbell, or ring it at at Mississippi State game. Cowbells are not allowed in the basketball coliseum.

Here's John and Nelle's cowbell.
Over in Alabama where that which cannot be mentioned in Starkvegas today, 
Roy Moore

some picturesque reinforcements (sleeper agents) thankfully arrived from Key West after I put up yesterday's post at this website. 
You can see the rest of them by clicking on this Facebook link.

Three blue-ribbon fake liberal news morsels, anchored by George Will, paint my home state's religico-politico psyche pretty darn well, a...

Other reinforcements also arrived yesterday. The New Yorker article about how Roy Moore came to be known as "Fruit Salad" at the Alabama School of Law, is hilarious. As is the mockery Moore and his political base make of everything Jesus stood for when he walked on this planet.

Down in the Florida Keys ...
Different views in Citizen's voice of today's Key West Citizen:
“I think it’s pathetic that the county essential workers weren’t acknowledged by Al Roker with a gift too! If it weren’t for the essential crew clearing the roads and checking the bridges none of these others could have made it down the roads to do their job! People need to know they worked tirelessly to make roads safe for everyone. At the end of long 10- to 12-hour days they didn’t go home to AC, water or sewer. They didn’t get to take showers to freshen up for the next day of hard labor cause they were still working during the small window of water usage. A huge thank you to them is definitely warranted.”
“It is sad that the Public Works employees were not included in the ‘Today’ show recognition because they greatly contributed to the speedy restoration of our city. The FKAA was no better because they sent employees to the ‘Today’ show who had evacuated and did not even work to restore water service; those employees received money and valuable gifts. There are many hidden heroes in the community who were omitted from this generous recognition program. It’s up to the city commissioners and the FKAA board to right this wrong.”
In yesterday's Citizen's Voice was a big thanks for someone Key West's mayor hopes will pay a heap of wampum to have the city's new amphitheater named after him (someone who has done far more for Key West than has the 5-term mayor):
“To the mean Voice writer who said Jimmy Buffett didn`t give anything to hurricane relief, hope you watched the huge ‘Trying To Reason’ benefit concert Sunday night. Jimmy got a lot of his superstar buddies to join in the effort and together they raised millions! What a great concert. We wrote another check to support his efforts. And make no mistake, the Keys didn’t make Jimmy famous, he made the Keys famous through his hard work, wonderful singing and songwriting and great business sense. Yes, we owe Jimmy, not the other way around. So thank you, Jimmy!”
Gobble, gobble.

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