August 10, 2017
The city of Key West has tentatively given it blessing to another multiday music festival in town, but the event coordinators still need to obtain a city permit that has to be approved by the city commission. 
On Tuesday, City Manager Jim Scholl sent a letter to the coordinators of a proposed festival at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park stating the event could benefit local businesses and be enjoyed by locals and tourists.
Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which oversees the state park system, requested the coordinators of Mile Zero Festival obtain a letter from the city giving its blessing. The DEP is currently reviewing the group’s permit application for use of the park.

Money trump$ everything in Key West and Florida. Imagine what it's gonna be like in the state park for people who use it regularly, as a nature getaway, while that loud music is blasting their psyches to shreds. Imagine what it's gonna be like for the many varieties of birds that hang out in and around the park. Imagine what it's gonna be like for the park rangers and the park volunteers. Do ya think Governor Scott, DEP and the city government even care?
“The city of Key West supports events that can be enjoyed by residents, appeal to visitors and benefit local businesses,” Scholl wrote. “Based on preliminary information provided, the Mile Zero Festival at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park appears to meet those objectives.”

A park ranger at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park told me about 2 weeks ago that this particular "festival" went through Governor Scott's office first, since it's a state park, I suppose, which greased the way for approaching the city about it. The ranger said all the park rangers are against it. I told him the rangers should call Governor Scott and tell him that.
The city will require a Special Event Permit from the festival organizers, which requires approval by the Key West City Commission, Scholl said. The organizers will also have to coordinate with the city and state park officials about handling traffic and security and to comply with all of the city’s regulations for events.
Event organizers Diversified Solutions Inc. applied earlier this year to DEP to hold a three-day music, food and art festival in February called Mile Zero Festival.
However, the event could tie up sections of the park several days before and after to set up and tear down tents and stages, according to the application.
The group has proposed paying the park a “$10,000 minimum donation” in addition to paying other costs and fees, according to its permit application. The event would not, however, require building a permanent structure at the state park.

$10,000 is peanuts. The group is looking to make a heap of money. Otherwise, the group would not even be a group. Key West is addicted to letting "groups" put on events in Key West, which end up costing the city a lot more money than what the "groups" pay it. This is justified by the economic benefit to local businesses, who pay nothing for the benefit to them.
Ironically, the group wants to hold its festival roughly a week after another group wants to hold a musical festival of a similar name, Mile 0 Fest Key West, at the amphitheater at the neighboring Truman Waterfront.
Roughly 10 days after The Citizen first reported details of the Mile Zero Festival, the organizers of the other concert announced it was changing the name of its festival to the Mile 0 Fest Key West to “avoid confusion” and “better reflect” the spirit of its event, according to that festival’s Facebook page.

Pure D horseshit. The name change, and back to back LOUD music festivals on Truman Waterfront. Money trump$ everything in Key We$t.
The second event, which has been approved by the Key West City Commission, had been called Music Fest Key West.
The organizers of Mile Zero Festival do not want to use the new amphitheater because it might not be big enough and may not accommodate other aspects of the festival, said Tony Driscoll, a festival organizer.

Just what are "the other aspects of the festival"? Florida State Parks were funded by the Florida Legislature, to hold "rock concerts" with all manner of other money-making features?
Neither festival has announced a lineup for their concerts. 

Golly gee whiz. Don't you think the city government should know who's in the lineup before approving the events?

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