Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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I dunno, based on the low number of page views per day at this here fool website running at about the number of votes I received in the 2016 mayor's race, 110, and .5 - .6 percent of the page views per day at before it got shut down by the lady who sued me in Key West, and now in Birmingham, Alabama, I've been a wondering: 

What's the point? 

Maybe the main audience is in other dimensions? 

Maybe the main audience is in my fantasies? 

Maybe I'm crazy as a loon. 

Apology to the loons.
Meanwhile, my erstwhile homeless girlfriend Kari Dangler called this morning, 
said she was on a city transit bus on College Road. Had just passed the new animal shelter under construction. The new HUGE 3-story animal shelter. $5 million price tag on free city land, sort across the street where there has been talk for years of building the city's new homeless people shelter, but the city claims it doesn't have the $1 million price tag covered. 

Kari said, maybe if after the new animal palace is built, she will buy a leash and a dog collar and put it around her neck, and I walk her on her hands and knees, like animal, into the palace, and she is is put in a nice cage and fed good food and given clean water and is not hot in the summer or cold in the winter. She thinks she's a cat, should fit right into the cat house in the new animal palace. Maybe someone will adopt her, she's a great mouser and rat cat, and she once was an escort for a short while, but that's gonna cost a lot extra.

Hoodoo witch emailed an update on the heaven-sent lawyer who set up his law office in her head, to advise her how to advise me re my responsive pleading to the Birmingham lawsuit.

Thought I'd heard the last from the attorney when this morning he popped in to say you should double check the page numbering in your response. 

This attorney, is a good guy, and very smart.  He also has a swanky office, though recently he's been popping in here (in my subjective universe) rather than dragging me into his office.  I'm fine with him.  Like him a lot.  Just hope those other angels leave me alone.

I'm trying to figure out how to receive the message without having my energy drained by the experience. 


I replied.

Good luck figuring out how to do that. Just endure and trust the angels are protecting you. They are what's behind it. Welcome to a taste of what my life's like all the time. Hee, haw!

There were several places the numbering in my response was messed up. Imaginary beings, my blooming ass!, is what I say to who imagine they know what is going on. 😊

Quit worrying about this ruining your reputation. Nobody knows who you are, so you have no reputation, but if you did, and it got ruined, then you'd be free, like ... me.

Hee, haw.
Anonymous on the mainland, featured in yesterday's post at this website, in a comment I made under the hidden in plain view city park article in Key West the Newspaper (, emailed me about that.
Hey, Sloan -

I'll kiss your ruddy red, homeless ass if Naja approves that comment.

That's a fucked up place you live Sloan. When the truth gets too inconvenient go rank and file and perform the Schultz Shuffle "I know nothing." Can't ruin New Eden can we?

Naja and co-publisher hubby Arnaud, of the blue paper 

I replied to Anonymous yesterday:

I told a visitor from London, England, on the shuttle bus into Key West this morning, that Key West is not part of America, it only pretends to be, to get federal funding; it's actually a banana republic.

I emailed Anonymous this morning:

Naja published it, but I decline you kissing my ass, the $60 you offered to help me with lawsuit printing, copying, postage cost will tickle my ass plenty.

Select excerpts from the blue paper skirmish, which don't seem to be tickling nobody's ass with a feather:

      • Bill Volpain, 
        If the bathrooms are not open at night at the new park, [at Truman Waterfront] except during special events, say at the amphitheater, then was was the point in building the park?
        There was no disagreement at city commission meeting that opening Admiral’s cut to the new park was crucial to success of park. City manager said negotiations were underway with Wash family, which owns Westin and Sunset Key, re getting Admiral’s cut open, and indication was Walsh would go along with it after seeing plans for new park.
        Right, might as well stop talking about affordable housing. Nothing can be done but shore a few drops of water at it.
        Perhaps the city commission passes an ordinance making it illegal to mention affordable housing at city commission meetings.
        Naja did not clear my other comment made during the wee hours this morning. I suggested you check out Bayview Park on nights when people are playing softball at the ball field, tennis at the tennis courts, basketball at the basketball court, and the bathrooms are locked up to try to keep homeless people out of the park at night.
        I suggested you talk with city parks staff who take care of Bayview Park and learn how homeless people trash and tear up the public bathrooms, and how that was explained to Mayor Cates, when he asked about it and was told the only way to stop it is to close the bathrooms. Or so, I heard told by one of those city parks employees, who said he told that to Mayor Cates. A city park employee I know works at Bayview Park, and other city parks, keeping them up.

        • “If the bathrooms are not open at night at the new park, except during special events, say at the amphitheater, then was was the point in building the park?”
          Generally, the Park will be closed at night and off limits, so why would bathrooms have to be open at night? The point in building it? The point is to have a nice park area for locals and our guests and families to enjoy the outdoors; good weather; throw a picnic blanket down and relax – eat a sandwich and drink a soda; a place to enjoy life and get away from hassles; a fun place to go to for recharging; have a great, uncluttered and unbuilt out area like many other cities, etc.; a sanctuary.

      • Seems that KW thinks the solution to homeless is not to have benches or restrooms.
        They need to figure out that when the homeless need use a restroom and they are locked that they will use the ground . As for benches just put dividers in them and problem is over.
        Most homeless would prefer to not live like that but often they have no choice. Many live off of SS or disability checks of $1,000 or something near that number. Now where can they live on that ? Are a few towns they might manage but the woods look better and if on drugs or beer then they prefer the life of KW . The cops have tried to run the homeless off but failed. At best they arrest them and get a bed to sleep in , some food and medical help all on tax payers money.
        And yes if you create a new park the homeless will find it and hide on it at night.
        Few months ago when walking in Ft Zack in the wooded area between the fort and the beach seen someone had stashed a few items to sleep in. No did not touch it or turn it in as see no harm in them trying to live another day.

        • The City is well aware of dividers for the benches, and I presume that style will be used.
      • Talked with someone yesterday afternoon who recalled being at a city commission meeting I recalled attending, when it was proposed from the dais that the new homeless shelter be put near the old missile base and the city manager said that land was deed-restricted and could not be used for residential purposes, had to be a public park, or something like that. Perhaps the city clerk has a transcript of that meeting.
        Perhaps related, perhaps not, someone on the mainland, who wishes to remain anonymous, perhaps the reason is seen in what he emailed to me yesterday last below. I recall Ron Demes, the Navy’s civilian spokesperson, who attends local government meetings when the Navy’s interest might be involved, at a city commission meeting told me there were toxic materials in the ground on Truman Waterfront; the Navy had cleaned up the ground on the ocean side of the road through Truman Waterfront; the rest of the ground on Truman Waterfront could be cleaned up, but the Navy was not going to do it; on Truman Waterfront ground that was cleaned up, the Navy would not object to affordable housing being put there. During closing citizen comments, I told the mayor and commissioners what Demes had told me, and suggested that ask Demes, who was still in the audience. They did not ask Demes.
        During a Pirate Radio interview of mayor candidates that year (2014), I recounted that on the air. The DJ was wildly enthusiastic about putting Housing Authority rental units on Truman Waterfront. City Commissioner Jimmy Weekely called in and said a lot of affordable housing could be put on the Bahama Village 6.something acres.
        From Anonymous on the mainland:
        “In regards to the Blue Paper- I think the WWW-3 is a bit off base, but it does speak to what needs to happen to facilities that were ex-military. Need look no further than abandoned silos in the mid-west nor to Anniston AL and Gadsden AL, or even UFOlogy favorite Area 51- the military industrial complex dumps whatever it can, however it can, the easiest way it can and then other people feel the consequences. BLM doesn’t want anything to do with the issues of Key West for two reasons: 1) The land/development lobby and 2) they would have to acknowledge and handle massive hazardous waste cleanup. Example: Workers at Area 51 got sick from the 70’s-late 90’s- why ? The military would dig trenches and treat toxic waste like they did human waste- they would mix in diesel and burn it. They burned it such that the wind blew the fumes back towards workers. Workers were then told in Federal Court they had no right to know what was burned. Why is Area 51 called Area 51 ? Because that is how it was designated on BLM Maps and it’s on a section of BLM Land that was designated Area ##.
        "I can almost guarantee you there are PCB’s in the land. God knows what else. There was hardly a place where the US Government handled nuclear materials that they did not have a leak or a spill… Is there documentation for nukes in South FL ? Is there documentation for a lot things that went on in South FL ?
        During the Cuban Missile Crisis most of the US nukes in play were in Turkey- and that is why the USSR hooked up with Castro- you remove your shit from my backyard(Turkey), I remove the shit from your backyard(Cuba).
        “But the US was in a game- they way they saw it- and there was no end to their one-ups-manship. So could there have been ? Yes. Consider the drive from Oakridge is only 21 hours, the flight in a C130 was much shorter…”
        On the telephone last night, Anonymous told me that the Key West Hawk missiles could have been coordinated to fire at anything in the air, on the sea, on the ground, and there were Hawk missiles elsewhere in South Florida, aimed toward Cuba.
        I have heard there is left over US military toxic material in the ground on Wisteria Island, and Demolition Key toward Stock Island, which I saw up close in 2009, from a friend’s skiff, once was an explosives testing site, thus its name. Demolition Key was a beautiful wild-looking island with bird rookeries. It was a park and people were not allowed to set foot on it. I think, but am not positive, Demolition Key is a spoil island, like Wisteria, Sunset Key, Truman Waterfront, Ft. Zachary State Park.

        • Affordable housing on Key West’s last remaining public open area? The key word not mentioned in your writings is “foresight.” Nothing else is relevant.
          The truth will set you free if you read and study the 100’s/thousands of pages, reports and legal documents about the Waterfront property and surrounding areas. Hint: Your answer is within page 25, I believe from memory, of one of the documents.
          • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            Foresight? Truman Waterfront Park? Hee, haw!
            Generating no revenue to pay for itself or its ongoing maintenance.
            No parking.
            People have to walk or bicycle or taxi or Uber into it.
            Can’t get straight to it from Mallory Pier and Westin pier.
            Maybe there will be benches to sit on, bathrooms for park visitors to relieve themselves. Maybe not.
            I been watching that “foresight” since the locals were blocked from going out to Truman Beach and the Outer Mole Pier in 2003. While cruise ships docked several days a week at the Outer Mole and Ed Swift’s conch trains, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by the city, shuttled those cruise ships’ passengers into Old Town and Swifty’s conch train and Old Town Trolley terminals and maid-in-Asia genuine conch republic gift and trinket shops – what a deal! For Swifty.
            Always looked to me that what actually drove the “development” of Truman Waterfront was, is, the power boat races. The park had to accommodate parking for that annual mega LOUD monster boat and trailer and truck event. Those megas will be parking in the new park, on the grass, allegedly paying for their damage to be fixed.
            Foresight certainly defines the city’s approach to affordable housing. Hee, Haw!
            I doubt one of City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley’s Faustos Food Palace store employees can afford the rents at Perry Court, for which Jimmy led the charge for the city to give a mainland developer his $12,500,000 down payment, so he could buy it totally with other people’s money, to save that market rate rental housing I doubt any city employee below department head or assistant city manager can afford.
            After reading the latest comments under this blue paper article, Anonymous on the mainland, who wrote to me about the missiles and toxic waste in the ground, which I shared in my comment yesterday, wrote to me:
            “That’s a fucked up place you live Sloan. When the truth gets too inconvenient go rank and file and perform the Schultz Shuffle “I know nothing.” Can’t ruin New Eden can we ?”
            I wrote back to him:
            “I told a visitor from London, England, on the shuttle bus into Key West this morning, that Key West is not part of America, it only pretends to be, to get federal funding; it’s actually a banana republic.”
          • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
            Meanwhile, Key West continues to welcome with open arms the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships. (Said by Key West Chamber of Commerce president during run up to the widen the channel to bring in bigger cruise ship referendum, which the Chamber strongly supported and the voters crushed)
Moving to the Big Top ...

The world leader against leakers and anonymous sources proved his metal to the great tribulation of everyone he has working hard to keep plugging all the leaks in the dikes he keeps punching gaping holes through with his tweets.

Trump tweets link to Fox News story based on 'classified' intelligence

Julia Munslow 8 hours ago 
My fool thoughts:

The North Korea situation is a mess. 

Does North Korea really have nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, which can reach Japan? Hawaii? California? the White House?

If so, will North Korea launch those missiles at the White House?

Remember America going to war in Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction? 

Remember America going to war in Vietnam to save the world from communism?

Exactly how did America going to war in Afghanistan save America from Islam?

Yet, North Korea is not Islam. North Korea seems a heap stranger than Islam.

I wonder how the Chinese leaders really feel about North Korea? 

I wonder if the Chinese leaders are really hoping Make America Great Again will blow North Korea back into the stone age, or off the world map altogether? 

With conventional weapons. 

Bunker busters. 

And neutron bombs, which only kill people and leave buildings, roads, etc. alone for the invading army to use.

I bet if Make America Great Again does that, he will be as revered in America as George Washington.

No chance then, to get rid of Make America Great Again.

He might be made King because he led America to finally win a war against a midget with as big an ego and mouth as his.

I ain't joking.


  1. Well, I saw that your anonymous buddy said he sent $60, doesn't know when it will clear though. I figure that is as useless as tits on a boar hog.

    Personally I think the guy needs a daily dosage of depakote and thorazine, at least based on what you have published.

    I hope good fortune comes to you soon. SOON. REAL SOON. And then you can have your Key West Underground Bunker ?

    Ever considered finding out what the domain names would cost for Good Morning Key West and Good Morning Florida Keys and then using them to point to this blog ? There is probably someone who could help you with that. You'd just need to buy the domain names.

    Saw the film "The Caveman's Valentine" about 1:30pm today. I thought of you. It was the type of movie you cry through. The sadness for me is because others inability to conceive and process that one person's reality is different from their own. They rely on science for witty rebuttals, but implicitly what do quantum events imply ?

    I am leaving the Keys and heading down to Mexico with Pike Bishop, Tector Gorch, Lyle Gorch, Dutch, and Angel. Supposedly there is some work there for a General. Maybe he is gonna ask us to build a wall to keep damn gringos out.

    You are a good man, a good friend, and the rarest nut to crack: honest to a fault and equally determined. Vaya con dios.

  2. Good journey south of the border.

    I own the domain name. It's for sale, if someone wants it at a price a domain name that rare justifies.

    The anonymous donation cleared in a couple of days.

    I imagine you would enjoy getting to know the anonymous donor, whose views of the establish kinda remind me of your own skepticism.

    If "The Caveman's Valentine" comes to Key West, I will see it.

    Saw Al Gore's "Inconvenient Sequel' yesterday. Fell asleep for a while during it. When I was leaving, one of the theater volunteers asked what I thought of it? I said, Overwhelmed.

    No doubt the planet is warming. No doubt humanity is causing some of it. What I don't know, or wonder if can be determined, is the planet also in one of its natural warming cycles? At one time, Florida was mostly under the sea. At another time, there were glaciers down into the middle of what now is America. That cycle repeated a few times, as I recall ancient history courses in school.

    Al is so worried about burning fossil fuels, but his wealth came from tobacco farming. I figure, pound for pound, a habitual cigarette smoker puts out much carbon air pollution as any car, truck, ship, factory, commercial airliner. And, for sure, cigarettes keep the medical profession, hospitals and pharmacy companies robust.